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  1. +rep Salty knows the rules very well and is fun to play with. He helps others and does his best to make the environment he is in fun.
  2. +rep dude finally u apply been a year since u said u would. Sam is very active and knows the rules. Fun to play with and hang out with. Add me to ur rec if u want <3
  3. I was here when it happen i dont think they were going rogue m17 said it was a accident and im pretty sure alex was just trying to finish the round since it was already screwed @Warden Frostwater
  4. Happy Birthday Void! :peepoLove:

    Hop off console and come play some PC :)

    1. Voidhorde


      Ive been on PC lol just not cs. Also i got my new headset today


  5. Just got my mount in classic.:pepoD:

    1. Warden Flamewater

      Warden Flamewater

      gg. hunter life sucks + no inspiration to level atm even though I have to use my rested XP now

  6. I know this is kinda late but i will be inactive the servers. I started school on Monday and i started my first job. Since WOW Classic also released on that same Monday i want to put as much focus on it so that is why i wont be on the servers. I will definitely hop on every now and then to play and say whats up. 

  7. Server:Mankrik Race:Troll Class:Priest I got the name Void Which is really cool. I’m going to play it with my dad , friends and family. I think we have a group of like 12 people so is going to be fun!!!
  8. Basically all the maps with climb cuz the CT’s just sit near the end and slow the zombies down causing them to fall
  9. Remove it is just a boring day