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  1. Nah actually I still played for another few months after being Unsilenced but I lost love for csgo so I moved back to source. Love the game and I’ve been playing it for 10 years
  2. Hello, not sure if anyone remembers me but I used to constantly play jb about 2 years ago and just recently found sng again.. after I stopped playing csgo I went to css and played jb there but I might hop on the servers once in a while
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. He was on earlier today and he was a complete retard mfking and screaming in his mic
  5. +rep knows rules but u need to be more active.. P.S. carry me on fortnut nig
  6. Neutral, you Mfked and tbh to me sometimes u were toxic for no reason and u didn’t put much effort, also u are afk a lot of the time when u are on.
  7. I appreciate my friends and family
  8. Phones dead rn so I’ll just post my iPad one That Bart one Is my home screen and the supreme glitched one is my lock screen
  9. Uhhh if im going out I wear off white shirts/hoodies and like black ripped jeans usually polo or Tommy Hilfiger and nmds and vans... then if I go my to my friends house or someone close to me usually like Nike,puma,adidas or true religion sweat pants then like a north face jacket with some nike shoes why am I getting hate lmao I just said what I wear