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george last won the day on February 4

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  1. happy bday, member alex???????????????????????????????????:FeelsBirthdayMan:

  2. +rep most qualified for this position
  3. george

    Cya homies

    good choice if i say so myself if you got your discord acc back you best talk in the server
  4. dumb idiot fuck bitch fuck you mother fuck

    1. george


      you bloody bastard you think you come here and say stuff to me ? bitch fucker shut up before i come to your house

  5. george

    giveaway time

    ill be taking that nitro classic from you :')
  6. can we get an edited version that isn't 10 minutes long next time -.- i only watched half of it to know he's not cheating unless one of you give me timestamps of what you think is sus +rep
  7. :FeelsBirthdayMan::50cent:

  8. ya, "soon"?, was said to be made 2 months ago.
  9. george

    New theme

    Hitting more drops down the "Bans" section. No clue where to add profile music This? idk vv Off topic but can we add spoiler short cuts in the messages like we have with bold, italicize etc Change the default background to something with another colour, blue on blue doesn't look good imo Change the font/increase the size? kinda difficult to see some words Maybe change the main forum colour? Please let me apply for editorial team. Needs a black background When scrolling up, the top navigation bar doesn't show up.
  10. i think mine was some 2010 blackberry -> ipod 3rd gen -> shitty andriod phones -> iphone 4s -> iphone 5s -> iphone 7 rn
  11. happy bdjay u moneyk noob man!11!1111

    1. george


      ty, shit operator!!!!!!!

  12. HBD main!:pepoD:

    1. george


      ty salty:pepecowboy:

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