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  1. Suggestions? --- Increase amount of bullets you get for Silent AWP OR reduce the price of it. (Unless the amount of bullets you get is random then for sure reduce the price) --- Add a 10s timer to the c4 (right now it's pretty much useless) --- Why the fuck do you jump so high???? And remove this shit assistedhop/make it less --- Shorter the time limit for each round (there is always some retard delaying, no one wants to wait a whole 5 minutes) --- When you're dead, bodies that get id'd don't get shown in chat. --- Remove Axe, Hammer and whatever the fuck else is useless in T menu --- Bring back prop boosting ....................... (promise i wont abuse it ) --- timeleft command doesn't show correct information. --- Reduce the starting time you get to pick up weapons from 35s(or whatever it is) to 20/25s. I'll probs add more later.
  2. gz and i see how it is ...
  3. +rep Friendly to everyone, very passionate about TTT, would fit in great lol
  4. happy bday....

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      u gotta edit it for it to show gorg

  5. george

    Season 7

    If c9 play how they did at lan they can def take rlcs. if not NRG is second IMO.
  6. I just wanted to say happy birthday to my day 1 homie @peter by making a thread instead of a status post. He deserves more than a stupid comment on his profile. He really brought out my true personality, the lovely, kind and beautiful one. yo chill with the ddos (tb to this day @peter) (i did not ddos him)
  7. Congratz on this great promotion sir
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      ttt fag btfo sng 

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