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  1. operators dont get shit. Anyways I think it’d be a good idea to have him as “trial” operator at the start. @ staff (if he does get accepted ofc)
  2. ur lookin kinda cute jakub :flushed:

  3. ur lookin kinda cute nathaniel :flushed:

  4. Yeah my bad on the 2nd and last mdx’s, wasn’t looking carefully. My point was that hyperscrolls do work, I’ve seen many people use them in csgo.
  5. As far as I know CONSOLE wouldn't ban you for macro/hyperscrolling, it would only ban you for injected scripts/hacks. I could be wrong though @staff ? What's that supposed to mean
  6. george


    ?????????????????? ily
  7. there is no fix to dying to props you noobs stop asking, just remove the shit prop throwing that we currently have and re-enable prop boosting and everything will be fixed
  8. george

    informative video

    thanks, wooper.
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