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  1. congrats, excited for future things!
  2. here’s my current, I change it a few times a year
  3. I’m not talking about +right nor the +strafe you mentioned above at all, lol
  4. he meant when you come out of your strafe i believe, nobody's really talking about teleporters hacks can absolutely change how you move on any server. 64t was just being used as a baseline for my calculations Surely it would be ludicrous to suggest that after happening to smack his dpi bind he completed three sets of almost tick-perfect strafes where he consistently returned his pointer to the same screen position, no? It's not like there's only one red flag here.
  5. The result even if you could go that high would presumably just be skipping, unlike in the video where he’s pinpoint turning about 110degrees and back again consistently on-frame (while still maintaining his speed and continuing his strafe!). It’s literally just a dogshit autostrafer or he has his settings wrong. I’ve tried what I can at this point, I don’t think I can make it any more clear
  6. I doubt that significantly. if he could do a recording proving that I’d take back everything I said above.
  7. I got bored at lunch so I did the math on my napkin. On a 64tick server, it is impossible to turn any more than 39 degrees in a single tick even with maximum yaw. So let’s use 40 as a threshold. edit: as far as I know. This premise is being argued below but I received this information from a trusted friend of mine who is a cheat developer and claims this has been the standard for years to stay just below overwatch detection. This has also been tried and tested in some anticheats i've used in my personal experience continuing... 1/64th of a second / 40 degree t
  8. i exaggerated a bit but that's the gist yea. regardless, demo above ^ Wasn't included for being sus just let the clip play out until he died.
  9. I was thinking spread, but let me give more detail. Generally speaking, it's very difficult to balance server quality with server popularity on combat surf. You can either have scrollhop/falldamage/spread and have a classic, competitive experience but no players, or alternatively autohop/nofall/nospread and get tons of players but a lower skill ceiling and more stale gameplay. I think we can find a balance. For example, we could set WASS (weapon air spread scale) to a super low value like 0.03 or 0.04 such that weapons are only marginally less accurate midair than they
  10. I will dedicate my life to not letting that happen :^)
  11. Preface: @Champi0n approached me with the idea of a combat surf server. He was going to make this application originally but due to my experience, naturally asked me for help. His time is limited and thus he will only be able to assist with set-up in small ways, and cannot commit to operating this server in the future. I figure if I don't do this someone else probably will and I'm definitely the right guy for the job, so....here I am. Name: [SNG] 24/7 Combat Surf | Ranks | Store | !knife !ws | 102.4 Tick Collaborators: None, but may request help from developers i
  12. hey hey hey its old clips, if there was access to MG GOTV demos you know I would do that >:PP