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  1. @Aries @huh @Noodlesssss @Voidhorde @Chiken @Sixredfish @Ron
  2. Player Name kahn Steam ID STEAM_0:0:88536246 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198137338220/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 16 Admin Recs Aries, Ron, Huh, Noodle, Void, Chikey, Sixred Why would you be a good admin? I believe that i would be a good admin because i play on the servers a lot to know the rules and i show respect to others most of the time for people to not hate me. I think having me on the admin team would be a good choice because i do as i am told by higher ups and i follow the procedures for admin. I haven't had any background on being admin on any CS-GO server but i have in other games. I am here to change that and make SNG a better place with me being here. Please take this into consideration, Thanks Active Servers Jailbreak, TTT Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  3. never played these sort of games but i am sure its fun if you are into it
  4. kahn :)


    So, now that summer has officially ended how was everyone's first day of school?
  5. tbh i would like to see something like this the zombie day in jb isn't the best so i think it would be fun to have something like this
  6. wow i didn't expect to have the most on jb but then agian i have been on a shit ton.
  7. Welcome broski i have seen you on jailbreak a couple times.
  8. +rep most people do not like the day as it is boring and all the people alive do is camp
  9. wifisfuneral recent album
  10. damn bruh very sorry keep that head straight. dont have memes rip
  11. i don't buy any of these i just think they are worthless but it is all up to you.
  12. i don't do that sports shit
  13. +rep he obv knows most rules, but i just wish he was more active!
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