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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Kawaii-Desu


    someones back from sitting on the train /3/
  3. Looks like a rabbit with the buck teeth /3/ i wonder who eheheh
  4. Oh shit. uhm. This is awkward. B4 u fite just say she looks bootiful liek de angels in de skies
  5. This is why you don't trust in strength, Only a fool trusts in strength. If you're in a fight show agility, dodge all the hits and hit the vital points .3.
  6. 10/10 I understood this. Developers please fix this bug ASAP, this is urgent!
  7. +rep Extremely friendly towards players, great personality. Can't wait to see how he improves .3. <3
  8. You want a better chance in getting unbanned? I suggest you to ask someone to lock this and create a new one and you apologize there aight?
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