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  • Birthday March 2

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    I am HOEle
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  1. Plz delete my account from this website ty
  2. In-Game Name: MeGhoul Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:522061295 Name of the Admin that punished you: Console Reason why you got punished: idk it said it was ban for missing particle Length of your punishment: Permanent Reason why the punishment should be lifted: i never did nothing wrong i found out that i was ban for missing particle when i tried sng zombie map also all the maps and particles in sng i have to download manually for me idk i have tried everything only sng server i have to download manually maps and others
  3. Spellbreak braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  4. Happy Brithday lol

  5. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198879556623/ LUCAS BR #NEYMARFCB this fag is cheating and targets me everytime he is on. You guys might think i am joking but i am not he hits wallbang like nobody. he hits jumpshot always hs on me. Since he has been on this server i have been targeted by this guy. I reported a lot of admin and they think it is joke cuz he literally plays like bot. They dont know he is hacking cuz they never been targeted by this guy. I have died withing 5 sec everyround and admin thinks still i am joking. One time admin supported him saying he lined up in awp_fort. But i still died when i change my location with in 5 sec wallbang hs. if u guys still think joking maybe then this server is joke. ask a lot of people who thinks he is hacking. like koris, j4 and gravity. they knws
  6. supreme lmao he is good i think he should be admin +rep him its my opinion don't judge me
  7. Bro, watch this video this might fix the server load making people crash games https://v8.dev/blog/cost-of-javascript-2019 View full suggestion
  8. MeGhoul

    Redo Scripts

    Bro, watch this video this might fix the server load making people crash games https://v8.dev/blog/cost-of-javascript-2019
  9. BHooom Bhuddududu tussh pu tushh pu Vhududuudu du Vhudududu You can do anything
  10. Bro who is up for beatbox
  11. MeGhoul

    sng me me

    all loster gets to 1v1 me :))) https://imgflip.com/i/3ap7wt
  12. Bro u guys all know the server is laggy as heck. It's getting worse and worse daily and we losing new players buy a new server ?? or get more VIP

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