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  • Birthday 04/12/2001

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  1. Yerm

    retired btw

    bye gamers iwant make official post but me is retiring fromsng bye babeis and fuck u @proobs @staff give me retired staff tag man
  2. Player Name Yerm Steam ID STEAM_0:1:75902939 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198112071607/ Age 18 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? idk because i was super and im super good Active Servers sg awp man
  3. Yerm

    Yerm will stay

    if Sg awp gets removed make me central admin I am more than capable I love Sng and I love august
  4. Thank you @August for what you have done for SNG. Also thanks for being a good Friend. See you real soon bud
  5. said i baned 20 players in the span of a week for hacks to tell everyone that the number of hackers entering the server on a daily basis is crazy. its not even normal anymore
  6. Since sg awp is solely dependent on aim i feel that making the server only for prome players to enter would be a good idea. Literally banned over 20 players the past week for multihack and with this it will def reduce the number of hackers.
  7. Yerm

    Happy New Year

    Happ New Year gamers. Let's get this bread in 2019. Wishing everyone a good year ahead and most importantly staying healthy and having fun. It's already the new year in Singapore so by my rules we follow SGT instead of your bitch ass timezones. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! PCE
  8. Yerm

    Grats Rain! Well deserved. :blobdance:

  9. 2018 iz coming to an end and its been one hell of a year. thx guys for good year and me hope 2019 is gooder. here some people that made my 2018! @Pedro Deuces@August@B0xerZ@Diam0ndzx@Warden Frostwater@Ballistic Bacon@xen@Sixredfish@Rachnus@Jensyl@HellHound@Tay@wooper @Alex@Rose@lexa @Noelle @MERICA @proobs @DeathShadow@Jako@Zarn@Hachi@winter and @Ryan is a bnitch 2018 was a great year for me in sng, i got promoted to server admin and afterwards super admin a few months later, i even got an award at sng award ceremony today so thank you guis for all the support this year. i iz looking foward to the new year and since its new year we should drop the tina joke but the spoon joke is fine coz i know its impossible to drop that meme. sorry if u were not mentioned i have bad memory
  10. Congrats diamondz on your senior admin. Well deserved and I am really happy for you. Thanks for the mention bud
  11. grats bud. well deserved :peepoLove:

  12. thanks for voting me as most popular international admin i appreciate it #singaporenumber1. grats to everyone else that won

    1. Satellite


      Fuck you spoon rapist. 

    2. B0xerZ


      spooning nigger 

  13. Yerm

    Ban Appeal: Nylox

    -rep nah dude those threats are off the limits. And you being a donator doesn’t give you an advantage to anything. You did it own your own free will. It will not affect your ban time whatsoever

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