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  1. +rep he really cares about the server and wants to make it the best as well as being very very active
  2. +rep hes the best person for this position and i think he'll do great things for jb
  3. Jayyyyy

    best albums 2019

    Straight Bangers 1.) AI YoungBoy 2 - NBA Youngboy 2.) Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial - Roddy Rich 3.) Kirk - DaBaby
  4. Jayyyyy

    Selfie Topic

    youre the clown right?
  5. Jayyyyy

    Free Skins

    right on for the skins
  6. Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry other than that y'all trippin
  7. I was walking and a girl kicked me in the back of me knee so hard that my knees buckled in the middle of everyone in the halls
  8. Purple and yellow are hard asf
  9. Jayyyyy


    That’s where all my other y’s went
  10. Jayyyyy


    So you’re just gonna leave your colored niggas behind but fr congrats bro
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