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  1. i think i see where you are coming from but if you look at it from this way it looks a whole lot more like this so basically its all meant to be this instead of that if you know where im coming from and in the end i think we could both agree that if it was built more like this way instead of the other way it could work but maybe not if you dont understand where im coming from
  2. Wow, that is sad to hear it is really sad that you got denied my good friend Nak. I hope I get to see you reapply soon and get the position of Server admin. Like you wanted!
  3. Jayyyyy

    Hey, I'm Gay

    congrats my youngin <3
  4. just look at him like thats a good looking man no homo
  5. they closed the door and the ghost locked it
  6. +rep i think Amanda has served her time and should be let back into the community as she is reformed @Amanda
  7. Best starter pokemon ever, also my favorite
  9. +rep he was a great admin before so why not have him back Also I was in the 501st serving full time and I can testify that Nak was the greatest LTC of all time
  10. we still gonna r6 tho <3