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  1. They are new around here give them a chance bro
  2. WASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA yes it was good fix ur server 3head
  3. yo everyone, its been about a year since I was active on sng, most people I remember probably won't even see this but I wanna check up on everyone real quick cuz im bored. Idk if this is against the rules to post something like this but i don't exactly care, I understand though. Anyways how's everybody doing?
  4. whats up gaymaster3000

  5. absolute brain dead retard but yes i dont see a reason not to unban +rep
  6. Isn't the "haha funny free kill guys!!" MLG member anymore, I don't think any of us formers are except a few. +rep He should have got it last time tbh
  7. 2 of my teacher tested positive, as well as the 2 kids who sit in front of me monkaS. Stay safe and stay tf away from people. :)
  8. Why not, the servers are dead anyways so a girl should get them popped again All jokes aside +rep I dont think you have any intentions to repeat yourself. I think everyone would agree with me on that lmao
  9. How is this even a question +rep get this man on the crew rn
  10. Keep the beef canned, dont let it interfere, and I think you would be fit for an admin, as someone constantly interesting in popping the server. Just as long as you dont take anything personal, I think trial admin might be best fit for a case like this, just to give you some time to iron out the issues. +rep