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  1. Keep the beef canned, dont let it interfere, and I think you would be fit for an admin, as someone constantly interesting in popping the server. Just as long as you dont take anything personal, I think trial admin might be best fit for a case like this, just to give you some time to iron out the issues. +rep
  2. btw I dont care if your british, also that night I was drunk so my apologies, was having a bit of fun I was simply responding to your constant talk about "bigfoomini grooms kids" and "Birch sitting on me doesnt count as a fight fatass" I have nothing against you, just I think you are a little unstable.
  3. You and sam made alts to shitpost and do dumbass stuff so you didnt get punished for it on your main. You have no interest in making the server a better place. All you would do is slay someone in the discord call and say "haha that was funny" and sit on ur ass never do shit to help anyone out. I really don't think you need anymore power than what you have right now. Face it, you only want power so that you can abuse it so your little friends can shit on everyone else on the server not in the discord. big ol -rep Lets see how many of ur friends bad post me lmfao
    "he is literally hacking" *Proceeds to spray everywhere but where you are standing.* If you can't aim dont judge lmao
  4. satu was really a 30 yr old cougar. You heard it here first folks.
  5. nice one retard :PepeCopterPls:

  6. +rep def deserves it and is active on the server. Good luck boss
  7. +rep my homie is mature enough and a long time player. Fully understands the george lopez lore as well. plz dont add vip But gl on a serious note
  8. I dont see him often (probably because i'm not on often anymore) but from what ive seen hes pretty chill, does his shit. Wouldn't hurt to get another person on the event team. +rep Hopefully you can bring something interesting to the table
  9. +rep Active on the server, not a bad choice on the team considering we dont have many events for jb, which is his main server. Can we get a high grav day hellooooo...
  10. +rep the good old days of death run From what I remember he was chill and was Pog
  11. 1v1 me grinch simulator Cya broski

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