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  1. nice one retard :PepeCopterPls:

  2. +rep def deserves it and is active on the server. Good luck boss
  3. +rep my homie is mature enough and a long time player. Fully understands the george lopez lore as well. plz dont add vip But gl on a serious note
  4. I dont see him often (probably because i'm not on often anymore) but from what ive seen hes pretty chill, does his shit. Wouldn't hurt to get another person on the event team. +rep Hopefully you can bring something interesting to the table
  5. +rep Active on the server, not a bad choice on the team considering we dont have many events for jb, which is his main server. Can we get a high grav day hellooooo...
  6. +rep the good old days of death run From what I remember he was chill and was Pog
  7. 1v1 me grinch simulator Cya broski
  8. +rep active and always blocks me in the t tester. definitely has the time and the knowledge to admin.
  9. +rep not trying to circle jerk him since we are friends but I genuinely think he has his best intentions towards the server. Trial would be fine.
  10. happy celebratory time of the time your were first birthed that we mark once every year to celebrate your birth date. also nice one
  11. naw I think you need a decade or 2 jk jk +rep

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