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  1. You do tend to bend the rules into your favor, for example asking for ct slays when they were doing their job. Staying in the middle for this one
  2. He the messiah cause he brought the post back
  3. I will make sure to check it out, thanks for the info kind sir
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday


  6. I'm staying in the middle on this one. While I think that 1 week is a little extreme, like said, he didn't learn. You should really just listen more guy, so a fat PERM doesn't head your way. If you want people to see things do it outside the server, even if you think that it's a stupid rule or that "oh they won't really do anything about it", that's the wrong mindset. The only reason for a week ban is its not based on what you did, it's the trouble you have caused beforehand. The commbands have been less frequent recently, so I think he is learning, hopefully nothing else will come up after this
  7. +rep Is cool and also epic Been an admin a long time is def fit for the job
  8. +rep good friend of mine, would be a great admin. (Be a little more active tho)
  9. Honestly, this guy is the best. I play on jb and ttt a lot and he is there so much, he definitely knows the rules. But I gotta be honest, you really only try to enforce rules when its against yourself, and that leads to Nazi admins. I'm not saying you WOULD but I feel you wouldn't care as much if some guy broke a rule against someone else besides you. However you have the sense, know the rules, is active, and friendly to newer players. GL bro +rep

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