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  1. +rep He's had it before and i'm sure a good candidate to have it again =)
  2. +Rep No hesitation! good guy, plays frequently! positive he'll be a great admin!
  3. +REP Tubby is more than qualified to be JB Operator. He's been on for Eons and is one of the most responsive and informed JB admins! (Really, you've got it in the bag) Goodluck!
  4. Nairb

    señor admino

    Glad to see another Mexican climbing the ranks! Excited to see what you can do! Love ya bud and Congratz!!!
  5. Happy birthday! Here's for more to come! :lol:

    1. Joshua


      Thank you so much!

  6. Rebelling is supposed to be a High risk/ High reward scenario. Blood hounding (though annoying) is necessary and should prevent more rebelling. As rage stated, excessive blood-hounding is a punishable offense. A good balance between having good competent Ct's, Sneaky T's and Sheep actually makes the game entertaining.
  7. Something really tells me that you're blank's brother?
  8. -Rep No beef big guy, personally don't think you're quite ready. I'm down for getting competent people to maintain Jb but from what i've seen/heard it isn't looking too hot. JB already has an extensive rules list (down to hear some suggestions if need be) but it seems you always find your self in this position. I'd just say Lay low, take/enjoy your time.
  9. Nairb

    New Server

    Idk about you but I hear we got this really cool server called Mini-Games! I know, I know... it's not like JB, TTT or H&S but the one thing it's got is a whole bunch of random maps all with different games to play meaning (unless you play the same 3 maps ....like some other player basses I know ) , it'll be less likely that you'd get bored! Take some friends and give it a try!!!!!! IP:
  10. Nairb

    i am operator

    I personally think yellow is a pretty nice color! Gongrats Broge (bro-gee/bro-guh)!!!
  11. Nairb


    Congrats Chicken007! Goodman and well deserves the promo!!
  12. Glad to see your hard work paying off! Looking forward to your continuous growth!
  13. Nairb

    Super Admin App

    Well if August and George said so i guess i have no choice. +Rep
  14. Nairb


    Congrats! The teal looks good on ya!
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