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  1. Ban is going on 9 months. I'd say thats a pretty long time already. Tbh Im going to be neutral on this matter leaning towards a +rep hoping that you've actually changed for the better. With that being said, If you were to be unbanned and caught banning or just being toxic that could lead towards another banning without a chance at appeal. just a heads up :). I'd also like to see what the the community thinks. Some context from last appeal below: VvvvV
  2. Welcome to the servers! Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself, and please feel free to enjoy our other servers! See ya around on AWP!
  3. Nairb

    Moving on

    Wishing you the best of luck in your future! Hope to see ya around every now and then! much love big guy! Stay safe out there!
  4. I hopped onto the servers recently and i can say that you certainly don't need to be unbanned. You tried to pull a quick one over @Noodlesssss really insisting that you should be unbanned. Clearly the topic hasn't been closed by a staff quite yet, and I personally do not feel like you are ready. -rep
  5. Nairb


    Been advocating this for a while now! Glad to see this finally happen! Looking forward to seeing what you can do fellow Mestizo!!!
  6. My folks would beat my ass if they saw me sticking my whole ass arm in the bag...
  7. Salty's Been with us forever and has always been a good guy to play/talk with! Really, I'm surprised he hadn't applied earlier. One of the only guys that I feel would help keep servers like JB under control. Goodluck I know you don't need it!
  8. Thank you much for the chance!
  9. Nairb

    MY INTRO!!

    Welcome to the forums! See ya around!
  10. Neutral, Never had any real interactions with you on the servers however, It's obvious that you're excited with the return of of course. I will have to agree with Lawl, seeing that your activity hasn't been the strongest. Anywho, wish ya the best of luck on your app!
  11. Interesting announcement, theres no doubt about it! Bigger events sounds really exciting so I'm looking forward to this new connection!

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