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  1. Nairb


    Congratulations Proobs
  2. Gimme the cheat sheet. we all know it's rigged....
  3. MASSIVE +REP He's LONGTIME member of this community. I can only assume he has high hopes for the community explaining his dedication for the servers !
  4. YO! haven't interacted with George outside of TTT but when ever I see him on he is a great admin ! and if him being 11 isn't a meme then i'll say that he's only gonna get better in the future! Goodluck! +REP
  5. Bottom is one of the most active players i've met! He's a great admin and an even better person! I have no worries on Bottoms admin skills and I find him deserving on the position! Goodluck bud! : D + REP
  6. I dunno if it's a map thing but soccer balls do not damage players on maps with games like (1hp/100hp soccer).
  7. We've got our banter between each other but putting that aside, I have no doubt that feels would be a good super! generally friendly (generally....) , knows his rules and has been here forever! ] Goodluck! +Rep
  8. Nairb


    Am e-girl too! welcome and buh-bye!
  9. Hoping to bring a bit of light to the forums ... However, not sure if this has been a previous question before but i'd like to know the community's current opinion on boardgames and "TCGS" (Trading card games). What are your favorite ones to play? I've been playing a Trading card game called Magic The Gathering since 2010. As far as gaming goes, Magic has been my favorite game due to the complexity and the ability to play however you choose (colors, tribal, combos) and its a bit odd to think about but magic has some of the most expensive cards in the business which is cool if you're an investor too! What are your favorite boardgames or Tcgs? What makes them appeal to you? Lookin forward to seeing your replies!
  10. "DAILY DEAL! Offer ends in xx:xx:xx" Bless your soul warden!
  11. It happens to us all. Aside from that , Welcome aboard! Hope to see you around TTT and might I suggest , our Mega-Gamer (Mini-Game) server?
  12. Nairb


    Welcome to the forums!
  13. Honestly Im just tryna get in this rut i'm currently in now. But career-wise id like to pursue Law or Music. Life is kinda funny where you can have all the time in the world to think about what you wanna do with your life (depending on your outlook or position). Being happy with the little things, and taking it step by step is how i've been trying to achieve happiness.
  14. +Rep Was previously on vacation. also previous super!
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