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  1. Nairb


    Congrats big guy! you've been a longtime time player and its good to see your influence and hard work paying off! Looking forward to seeing what you can do as an OP.
  2. I think this is actually good thing brother! You're on a road to health and recovery! You've been subjecting yourself to this abuse for so long its actually good to see you be let free!
  3. Heyo boyos!....and .01% women. They decided to make me an orange man! I want to start by saying thank you to all those I have befriended on the servers, providing countless laughs and memories! There are an extreme amount of people I appreciate! If i forget to add you please bear with me, i'm writing this at 3am! @ August, @ Mr.Derp, @ KingjiN, @ Extacy,@ Diam0ndz,@ proobs, @ Ballistic Bacon,@ Hachi, @ Character, @ MERICA, @chicken007, @Jensyl, @Patman, @Satellite, @Jako, @Mythin, @rage, @KING KAZMA, @Noodlesssss, @Aries, @Tubby, @Jayyyyy, @Klitch, @Blueberry, @Bottomfraf, @M17, @Bork Bork Doggo, @Blueberry, @Azecko, @tie, @why, @B0xerZ, @lloyd, @Ryan, @CurryAssassin, @Thing 1™, @Sixredfish, @smeg, @Voidhorde, @BooM-, @Rich, @The Golden Medic, @wooper, @HellHound, @FeelsBαdMαɴ, @Sunless, @Yoseph925, @❃SaltyMeatBalls❃, @Chiken, @Comf, @Earthling, @Epi, @Aiden, @Loft, @Ron, @arrows, @Alex, @redderfry, @Darth Elmo, @erik :], @george, @Colours, @Warden Frostwater, @Samy, @Duckyy, @SoH_Flipz, @gir, @Flowey, @Toko, @Elegy, @Random Toaster. If you were not mentioned please take it to heart you filthy scum....... I kid, you are also loved! I look forward to the future of SkyNetGaming, and making new friends along the way! See y'all, and stay safe!!!
  4. Nairb

    Orange man

    This promo was no big surprise really! You really deserved it! congrats promo pal!!!
  5. Congratz! Good to see good men go up the ranks! Looking forward to seeing what you can do! :)
  6. I do think that combat surf is a fun game mode, but there is a constant theme of asking for servers, those servers being worked on, then the server dying within a week. Might I suggest possibly hopping on to the MiniGames server? The closest thing we have to Combat-Surf at the moment, is tower maps like Velocity tower, Super tower and more! The great thing about our MiniGames server is that there are so many maps worth playing and being on the server shouldn't grow stale, other than combat surf being on the same map for the entirety of that server's run time. MG, I feel, Serves as a Variety server where you can play essentially any game mode! Want to play ScoutsKnives? There's a variant of it in some maps! Feeling like running a casual Course or Climb? MiniGames has that too! With the current population being very low, I't has a high potential to be what the community wants it to be, For those casual or competitive alike! Please do consider bringing friends and adding any feedback!
  7. +Rep I think that Toelu could be a good addition to the admin family. I've seen you on AWP and mostly JB & having more active admins on the servers is always nice, however, my only concern is your current relation with those of MLG. Seeing past interactions between the two parties, this could possibly mean that your job only becomes a little more difficult. If you need any help in regards to this please feel free to ask me! Also feel free to add me to your recs! Goodluck with the application and hope you continue to have fun on the servers! (: Great to hear !
  8. ff

    he bad post all of mine I need to bad post him back but if he doesn't post in that thread i gotta find a new post to bad post

    1. BlackBlood


      I  guarantee you'll win some stupid prizes :) 



  9. Chikey, I love ya man, But what size brain you rockin? But to answer, I guess I play slightly angled ("CuRvEd").
  10. Please read what you type before you post. Jb has always had it's own brand of Chaos, its part of the game. but rage is right, observing "MLG" & your actions in-game has been pretty unpleasant. From cheating LR to targeting other players that don't agree with you even extending into forums, as a T you manage to make the experience unpleasant . Though it may not ruin the game for you, there are different perspectives, please be considerate of that. -Rep
  11. +Rep Has been really dedicated to the servers and Has been very active! Goodluck :)
  12. +Rep Good man, well liked by the community! Goodluck! :)
  13. Nairb


    Big guy sharing the luck
  14. Congratz!!! Never had any convos with ya but you seem like a big brainer so its well deserved!

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