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  1. Nairb

    hi im new here

    Obligatory: "If you have any questions feel free to let me know! : ) " Post
  2. Nairb

    Waddup Yall

    Howdy! Glad to hear you like hanging with us so far! Hope you continue to have fun and see ya around! :)
  3. Congratz big guy !!! A well deserved promotion! Love you much!
  4. Nairb

    bonjour, homies

    Howdy! Any friend of tie is a friend of mine! I haven't been too active recently but I look forward to seeing you around! I welcome you to our community and hope you stick around to enjoy it!
  5. Oh, I cant read! I thought actually you gave us a riddler esque puzzle! Big fan of Bat man so i really dig it! However, I Agree with bung adding some shadows beside them or adding a little contrast would really make the design pop. The riddler also wears purple! Perhaps the shadows in purple? Hope you find this bit of constructive criticism helpful! (:
  6. You could have waited 2 more days to appeal. I am going to lock this appeal and wait to see if other staff think you need to wait a little longer. On your next appeal (If you're granted another), please take some time to fill the form properly and make sure it is easy to understand (for your sake and the communities). Denied.
  7. You got banned by console silly! :)
  8. Nairb

    Cya homies

    Damn man, Gonna miss you bud! as this chapter ends I wish you knowledge and strength in your future endeavors! Take care of yourself and even feel free to hop in the discord or pm me if you need someone to talk to every now and then. See ya in a while Bottom! :)
  9. That AWP looking quite nice
  10. Nairb

    Scam report syke

    Honestly just earn form both forms of credits naturally, if you want to avoid situations like this. Cut out this specific interaction entirely by being active ofc, or having gang members who are constantly active and depositing points. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience but hopefully you became a lil more aware! (:
  11. Helle Ye! Been waiting for this for a while! Good man, big brain JB/MG player and has been playing forever! No doubt this man would know what to do! Good luck! +REP
  12. With lack of evidence, Nairb has approved this appeal.