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  1. Congrats kiddo! Told ya it would take some time! keep working hard!
  2. Praying for the best big guy! Stay safe out there!!!
  3. Yeah? whats up? Shortest +Rep.
  4. It's back!!! Good luck Mega Gamer!
  5. Nairb

    A short report

  6. Nairb

    A short report

    Although I very much enjoyed the read, I am a terribly busy man. Seeing perhaps, a "TL;DR" at the end of your lengthy report will supply us admins with the gist of the message and we'll surely be mindful on what to fix! I will have to agree with you on multiple points that being #1: Lucky charms being "one of the best cereals on the market". Although we do have some excellent admins on JB, they unfortunately cannot be on 24/7 and with that being said there is times where we have some admins who fall a little short, perhaps they don not main JB, bad day, It's been a while, or perhaps, they enjoy playing too much they forget to monitor other players and maintain the quality of the server. However please understand that this is not an excuse for them, rather, labelling out some possibilities to address @ potential future "JB Admin Meetings". Might I also suggest Group rule study? (Like bible study). I will also formally @ the current Operator of the server. That being said, @Extacy. With this information I hope that administration will be sorted out and you can come back to a better experience! Thank you for your insight to better the community and I personally hope to see you around the servers!
  7. There are many levels to this particular argument. #1 If AWP isn't offered on maps I PERSONALLY don't think you should have the ability to spawn it in (there is a reason why the map maker didn't put it in the first place) I.E map being very open or too crowded to even consider the AWP viable. I also think that rebelling and maintaining a group of T's is dependent on "skill level" Either making it WAY TOO easy to kill an active rebeller or WAY TOO easy to rebel after rushing a guard...Who doesn't know how to AWP/ space themselves.... Theres a thing called balance and the mapmakers (assumingly) had this in mind. And what is a JB server without some Chaos here and there? If CT's are over bearing then it doesn't make it fun for the T's and vice versa. Just be a mindful CT and deal with the "standard" guns given, if theres and AWP, go HAM, watch angles, have fun. Lastly... A round with every CT using an AWP doesn't seem very practical/fun.
  8. +Rep! Is a very fun player to play with across the servers and knows the rules to the ones listed! Although another No-Mic-er, I would like to see ducky added to the admin roster and another addition to the secret no-mic-society. (Would recommend getting a mic though)
  9. Hiya! Hope to see you around and good luck with you endeavors in SNG. However, You will need to read up on some forums articles regarding server rules (If not done so already) and applying for admin! I will say that you will need 20+ non spam post counts and an Operator+ rec with 2-3+ server/super admin recs!
  10. Nairb

    AWP Tourney

    I need a team! Not bad But Certainly not the Best... #Top100 GANG @Me if you need me (:
  11. The real question is why does the Hand have a head? Why Is hand off of arm? And Hand sweater is Glove so #1??????
  12. WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!!! Hope to see ya around! Also Realy Nice PFP!!! HAHAHA
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