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  1. Already super, thought this is really where he belongs! +rep
  2. Honestly, The meta is just remembering or calling out or typing the name of the "whistle blower" if an inno is executed. of course it's not that obvious but look into it!
  3. Please remove or update Miki's Multi-Games. Winner of lobby mini-games (Slide, B-hop, Obstacle) gets locked in waiting box while everyone else other than winner can choose maps.
  4. +rep Seen 'em around and seems like a good fit! definitely doesn't go around calling every one a rando, so you've got my vote :)
  5. Nairb

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    Gamer grind don't stop, even in the restroom
  6. Nairb

    :Candle:Merry:DonaldPls: Birthday BrK!:FeelsBirthdayMan:

  7. Happy birthday Head Honcho! :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  8. I've had this problem with every other updated MG map and fortunately I do know how to fix it however, it requires you do it manually every-time you encounter the problem. If it says "Missing map/Error Blah Blah" you go into console on main CS:GO menu and copy the "https:---------------.bsp (or bsp2)" (one of them will require you take it out of the folder) and put that link into your Url bar. After doing so (in my case Chrome) it should auto download from our databases. Go into your Cs:go Property folder in steam/maps, and drag the .bsp(2) in that folder (replace an existing file if prompted) and VIOLA it Should download the map! I hope this helps you out and good luck Gamer!
  9. Despite his rep with some of the higher-ups of the community, I feel like Wooper would do great as event member. Though he may not have access to a certain platform (despite it being kinda his faultthe man has stayed with the community. +Rep
  10. It's a bummer to see you go! however, I respect your decision and hope you success on your future endeavors! Take care out there!
  11. Id say my favorite color would be blue!
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