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  1. Hello, thanks in advanced.
  2. You could have waited 2 more days to appeal. I am going to lock this appeal and wait to see if other staff think you need to wait a little longer. On your next appeal (If you're granted another), please take some time to fill the form properly and make sure it is easy to understand (for your sake and the communities). Denied.
  3. You got banned by console silly! :)
  4. Nairb

    Cya homies

    Damn man, Gonna miss you bud! as this chapter ends I wish you knowledge and strength in your future endeavors! Take care of yourself and even feel free to hop in the discord or pm me if you need someone to talk to every now and then. See ya in a while Bottom! :)
  5. That AWP looking quite nice
  6. Honestly just earn form both forms of credits naturally, if you want to avoid situations like this. Cut out this specific interaction entirely by being active ofc, or having gang members who are constantly active and depositing points. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience but hopefully you became a lil more aware! (:
  7. Helle Ye! Been waiting for this for a while! Good man, big brain JB/MG player and has been playing forever! No doubt this man would know what to do! Good luck! +REP
  8. Nairb

    Disco Music

    YEs. Thank
  9. With lack of evidence, Nairb has approved this appeal.
  10. -Rep I do believe that your behavior has improved, and I'm look forward to it getting better but I personally don't believe in people changing overnight. As an admin you are representing a role of leadership and newer players will generally look to you for advice or how to act in the servers, and seeing how some of your posse has been acting on other servers after their "Reformation" doesn't lead me to believe that anything has changed. Its good to have fun and you should be enforcing that as well as rules. I think you still need a little bit more time. Good Luck.
  11. Just a small update: Added: + mg_crazykart_v4 - Mario Kart in Mini-Games! + mg_mario_party_v3_1 - Mario party Multi-Games map! + scoutz_skylands2_rc1_nogt - A unique SK map with Ramps and floating islands ! + sk_transcend_cf - A unique turn on Typical "FWS" maps adding a second layer onto the map! + scoutzknivez_mario - A classic FWS map with a mario texture!
  12. We'd like to add some maps back once we get a steady player base. The maps we removed were due to their difficulty to newer players (we don want players to get frustrated and leave, because waiting the ~6 minutes for clock to end cos no one can beat Grands slide race isn't that much fun). We'd like to add them back when the community becomes bigger and more competitive. We're are open to suggestions from the community, So please feel free to drop them in the thread.
  13. +Added: +mg_arcs_multigames_v3 +mg_modernworld_multigames_v1.bsp +mg_piratewars_island +mg_pudding_multigames_v3_2 -Removed: -Smee Tower -Grands Multi
  14. Nairb


    Congrats big guy! you've been a longtime time player and its good to see your influence and hard work paying off! Looking forward to seeing what you can do as an OP.
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