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  1. Nairb

    Thank You

    Am genuinely confused... Read a book and take some time to exercise, It helps with brain development and health. Take it easy.
  2. +REP I truly believe Wooper is one of the best candidates to run for DR. Op. The Man Has been dedicated since iv'e known of him, and has always wanted the better for the server/community. Im interested to see his work as an operator!
  3. This has been an Idea in the past when CS:GO first introduced prime and made it free. But like Forge said, We really cant afford the servers to drop on the Pop. You can help single out some of the cheaters by having valid video evidence of someone in the act and a Steam ID. Other than that
  4. Yikes! Chill it a bit bud! I genuinely think this is a good utility for warden! For example, 2 Beacons when separating groups for team based games like soccer. (perhaps make them color T's Too?) and another function i can think of is giving other Ct's a general direction on where active rebellers are. Im sure there are more potential uses! P.S. Also what Denonax said, it cuts time on digging in warden menu
  5. +REP One of my favorite TTT regular on the servers! Positive in his potential ability to become a really good TTT admin! You can add me to your recs as well!
  6. When you are specifically epic! Also, much appreciated Warden! Hang in there Pal and Happy Holidays !
  7. Both are trash! where i'm from, WhataBurger reigns supreme.
  8. When I was around 10 years old my little brother (8 @ the time) we're playing tag in my city's airport. To escape from him I slid through a pillar next to the wall, and he followed right behind, However, this dummy manages to get his head stuck between the pillar, Only 15 minutes till we had to het ready to board the plane. The kid caused such a big scene we had all sorts of people bringing lotions, butters, essentially any lubricants people could find to get this Big headed mess out from between the pillar. In the end, him and I both got our ears PULLED off of our heads as punishment
  9. "I'm gonna ban this kid" and "Im gonna delete this server...yadda yadda...cant till after 8pm" . what was the point of even saying that though? I might not be the funniest guy but yikes. "not funny, didn't laugh". Nice improvment on the recording @Sunless! (Is Joke). Situations a lil messy, admins need to think before you hastily act.
  10. Toko! big fan but I consider you part of the sweaties, and at this point, what majority of mini-gamers? besides, we don't really have a consistent player base so we kinda want to attract the "non-minigamers" with hopes that the servers keep their interests
  11. Some of the stuff is listed is already in the server. I do agree that the ranking system needs to either be re-vamped or taken away cos it was mostly for the sweaties back in the day. I've been recommending to remove the majority of the tower maps cos some of them just aren't as fun anymore, (I.E. Super tower and some other's that Im currently forgetting). Oaks, skii, and velocity grant a fair bit of randomness and are actually fun. Power ups could be interesting but given to the wrong people I personally feel like they can be really oppressive to others in a lower skill level. IMO, Bounty can promote a toxic level of targeting. Like you, I also really care for SNG MG, but in its current status, I think its in dire need of some community feedback. Despite the rebuttals, I really appreciate the dedication and suggestions 903, keep em coming! Whenever you get the chance, try to mass populate! shoot, bring on some Irl, or online friends just to get the attention high and going!
  12. Already super, thought this is really where he belongs! +rep
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