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  1. this guy is a full skits cunt, would be a great super admin +rep
  2. springpizza


    I work at Hungry Jacks, this is sometimes known as Burger King in some nations, currently it's the best job i've ever had. At 17, i've banged 3 chicks in the storeroom + one of my managers in the span of a year.
  3. Congrats to @B0xerZ plz claim your prize on Sunday xoxo
  4. Giveaway entry has now closed
  5. Soz babe, what do i do instead?
  6. Had some extra $ left in my account, so i bought a neon revolution, i'll give it away to some cunt who comments this post. Once the trade cool-down is finished i'll choose a person at random. Date can be found in picture below: <3 soz for the accidental like whoring <3
  7. springpizza


    I really love the community of AU AWP and SG servers and i've met a lot of great people and long time friends through sng. But i feel as if its time to resign. These past 3ish years of playing csgo have primarily been influenced by sng and the community surrounding it. However i dont feel as if csgo is for me, i dont get much enjoyment from it, and over the past couple of years, i have lost much interest in games in general. love you cunts <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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