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  1. So I have been playing SNG JB since 2017 and I hardly go on ct bc im bad at it. But for the past few weeks, this guy named Macaroni and Cheese or also known as Leo as most people on the server know him as has been playing on the server on guard but I dont think he knows the rules very well. When I am on and he's on and a few others, he tends to freeshoot me and like say i m kos hen im not a rebel or i do the orders.
  2. hello im §toned i am applying for server admin . My real names Tyrone and I'm currently 16 years old, my birthday is on January 16. As you can see I'm pretty bad at playing csgo with my trash pc lol. I've been playing ong SNG for a long time and joined during 2017 and I just recently thought of applying for server admin. I just wanted to say wassup to to all the SNG members out there lmao . It's that time I announce that I play on a laptop with 10 fps which causes my lag. I am always online and I mostly play on JB and sometimes on AWP. I would be a good server admin because I know the rules on the JB server and I will keep the toxicity away in JB lol. Also if Im not on then I'm in school or outside fucking bitches . Oh yea thanks to the homie Sixredfish for streetcredits😂. PM me if you need anything 🤷
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