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  1. VLONE

    Selfie Topic

    this is the real me, the other one was my friend lmao.
  2. VLONE

    Selfie Topic

    might be me who knows IMG_0415.MOV
  3. That's facts. Ts or Cts call zombie day and if theyre the zombie then they slay or jump off the map. Bring back Freeze Tag Day and Hide and Seek Day. +rep
  4. This Minecraft server will probably not last long. Also probably will be dead after a month.
  5. Many of the SNG JB maps have a disco in it. The music is being blasted which caused people not to hear orders and LR rules. People try to use !stopmusic when the music from disco is blasting but doesn't work so the game is messed up and LR rules can't be heard and someone will cheat in LR. Which cause problems of slaying next round for cts.
  6. Been listening to a lot of the same music on the radio and my playlist. Feeling bored, what are some good music yall listen to? Share yall taste in music.
  7. VLONE

    im an awper

    We need a part 2 and man youre a god.
  8. It as pretty dead. Maybe you should suggest a Combat Surf server.
  9. +rep. Knows and enforces rules. Pretty active. Always there when something is wrong. But you need to use your mic asap.
  10. VLONE

    Poll for next event.

    Everything but TeamFightTactics and Towns of Salem.
  11. varsity basketball and varsity football
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