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  1. sounds like from tango but its a great idea. +rep
  2. VLONE

    I Need Help

    So I have wanted a new mouse and a headset and idk what is good for a decent price. for all the gamers out there, pls lmk what are some good suggestions. Thanks.
  3. og of dr. it was fun when he was admin during those times. +rep.
  4. imagine having csgo player models before sng player models
  5. Happy Birthday G!


  6. Congrats on SA on TTT. 

  7. VLONE

    Happy Birthday G!


  8. Happy Birthday to the myth the legend and the one and only one iCamp!

  9. Happy Birthday G!

  10. Nooooo. Don't go. We're gonna miss you.
  11. Happy Birthday G!


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