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  1. I don't care that much to be honest.
  2. Danny phantom, code name kids next-door and Ben 10 still hit different.
  3. allergic to all seafood, never tried it.
  4. Kids that grew up going to McDonald’s are either in jail now or psychopaths .
  5. 903

    Credit Giveaway!

    im not a fan of overweight people.
  6. Lately mini- games just isn't like it used to be. So I generated just a few ideas to hopefully repopulate it a bit and bring some people back into it. Plugins: Fortnight damage popups. (plausible) Kill assist, (gives sufficient credits and or point for assisting a teammate for a kill). Partial steam id search, (an easier alternative than /who to get their steam id to help inexperienced admins on mg to increase and aid them). Power ups, ie jump boost speed boost or health boost (things to spice up maps like supertower, oaks cruise ship, smee tower). Join/welcome sounds. Specific map change, when there aren't enough players (Changes to maps that don't require a lot of people so server does not die quick like it does now). Head shot explode, (like in awp). Songs wile map-change, ( Plays a song while the map is being switched, if crashing problem can be fixed) Spawn protection, (for maps like ski mountain or Super tower) Bounty, (once a player gets a x number of kills in a row an automatic bounty gets placed on his head and whoever gets the kill on him receives extra credits or points towards their rank). Welcome sounds,, (plays welcome sound to connecting players). Events: Tournaments (2-3 teams that have the opportunity to pick the game mode that wants to be played, ie low grav scouts, moving platform , bhop, course, strafe). 11 rounds, team with most wins advances to the next round - similar to the awp tournament-bracket. Implementations: Better ranking systems, (give rewards to the top 3 or top 10 to create a goal for players to reach to and give them a better reason to play. Rewards like player models (plausible) , credits or special titles/cosmetics). Course maps ( on some of the other bigger mg servers course seems to be popular, so it might benefit us if its added, also plausible). Level up system ( Similar to the KZ level up titles, but titles like newb mini gamer , advanced mini gamer etc). Maps add: Some popular maps from the other big servers. Course map MG map Mario party MG map MG map MG course MG map Course map Maps remove: Some of the unpopular maps that kill the server when map switches. mg _minecraft_multigames mg_creative multigames mg_jacs_multigames mg_jedi wars_beta1.bsp mg_quepinatore.bsp mg_twisted_theme_multigames mg_pauls_teambattle_v3_p.bsp mg_struses_games_csgo_v2_1.bsp
  7. +rep seems mature, would be a good super.
  8. @Cabbage I have gotten this before, go to your csgo map folder and check for duplicate's and or delete the map and re-download it and it should resolve the error.
  9. As a super I’ll have a bigger say on things and my voice will be heard by the majority. I’ve tried before but nothing much has changed through communicating with the operator. I’m not just saying this for my application.
  10. Player Name 903 Steam ID STEAM_1:0:123110572 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198206486872/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 16 Why would you be a good Super Admin? I have been a member of Skynetgaming for over a year and an admin for a good amount of time. Through experience I know how to handle situations that normal admins have to deal with from time to time. Being one of the most active people on mini-games I feel that if I put more time and effort into this server slowly it will revive but to do this the super admins on the server need to be more consistent and dominant and I believe I can fit this role. I have a lot of ideas that I want to implement into mini-games and hopefully make it into a reality. Do you understand you are applying for advanced MG permissions? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  11. Big +rep Operator mentality Idk why you aren't operator rn.
  12. 903

    Questions .v3?

    ‣ What is something you have put-off doing? (procrastinated) Talking to certain people. ‣ What was your first job? - If you haven't had one, where would you apply for? local restaurants in the area. ‣ What brings the feeling of nostalgia to you? Playing old video games / listening to old music. ‣ Is there anything you are saving up (ya monies) for? Just being conservative in general to buy new clothes etc. ‣ What do you spend too much time doing? Homework/Schoolwork. ‣ Paste whatever is on your clipboard! Or what, are you a little bitch? Guess im a lil bitch. ‣ What's the last news article you read? Tay-K's case.
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