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  1. 903


    Cant wait for you to apply for admin after hitting 20 points on the forums........ Welcome to SNG.
  2. 903

    School Stress

    some good advice is to actually study and stay away from entertainment or friends that will distract you. but at the end of the day your still growing and you'll hurt yourself if you stress too much over anything. School is very important don't forget that, but life is short so remember to have fun while still in school and just enjoy life, school isn't everything.
  3. 903

    PC or Gaming Laptop?

    If you move around a lot and still want a gaming experience then get a gaming laptop (make sure to look at the specs of the laptop to not get ripped off) . But if your in one place i would recommend just going all out to get a PC. if you wanna have some fun then you could build your own PC (buying custom parts etc) or if you wanna be lazy like me just get a pre built which still does the job.
  4. 903


    Lmao I’m starting school September 3rd, But I’ve already started doing work for my upcoming grade so I’m not worried for anything. Im just not exited to wake up in the morning.
  5. 903

    Cheer me up

    I take selfies when I’m sad.
  6. pokemongame.html pirate speak.html Heads or tails.html Number guesser.html In my computer science class our teacher gives us a wide variety of choice of what to hand in for marks. In my COMP SCI experience so far I've created many games and I just wanted to give you guys a taste of what I can do by showing off some semi basic games that I created. feel free to play them just click on the link for the game that you wish to play and if you want to see the actual coding for the game just use inspect element once you're in the game. Making these games from scratch, I am very proud of the results and how they turned out. Leave your opinion on each game! Thank you for reading.
  7. is this a joke? 1. you joined 2 hours ago 2. you didn't follow the admin application format 3.you don't have 20 posts on the forums that aren't shit/spam posts 4.don't have any rec's from 3 admins and 1 operator+ Right now you don't meet the requirements buddy.
  8. +rep understands and enforces rules.
  9. Big +rep Very active, enforces rules and overall more mature. I think its about time that you become admin.
  10. Neutral: With my few interactions with you you've only been toxic with me and trying to start useless arguments for no reason.
  11. Smh fuck this game bruh, I hate this game with a passion.
  12. 903


    imagine catfishing looooool.
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