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  1. big +rep Theirs only 2 supers active on mg at the moment (me included) and i can see you look fit for the roll, lets get mg popping again.
  2. 903

    hello im trump

    congrats rat bastard.
  3. hows it going man, make sure to check out the mg server.
  4. 903

    Hide And Seek Event

    alright I might stop by.
  5. 903

    New theme

    Yea, they are only accessible from your profile, (on Firefox). pretty sure that's an opinion.
  6. To not care about stuff as much anymore tbh.
  7. that would be fun, I think bringing both back would be a good idea. would it be in team speak or discord?
  8. 903

    Favorite Anime

    a promised never land is pretty good if you have the time.
  9. +rep would be a good addition to the super admin team.
  10. I don't care that much to be honest.
  11. Danny phantom, code name kids next-door and Ben 10 still hit different.
  12. allergic to all seafood, never tried it.
  13. Kids that grew up going to McDonald’s are either in jail now or psychopaths .
  14. 903

    Credit Giveaway!

    im not a fan of overweight people.

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