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  1. I was very active previously before the server (including mini games went down). I stopped playing in this time period, but when the server went back up I began playing awp from time to time. Now that my main server is back up I plan on being very active again like I was before.
  2. Player Name 903 Steam ID STEAM_0:0:123110572 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198206486872 Age 15 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? Minigames Has been slowly reviving by the day, but all the admins that used to be active have either left or stopped playing due to the fact that the server died. As new players joined, exploiting the rules preferably ghosting has become a second nature for inexperienced players, as they are not familiar with the rules. As the server continues to grow more and more popular, it will attract mischievous players that want to ruin the fun of normal players. Therefore, an admin is needed to be there at that time to stop them or punish them. I’d like to think I am extremely active on the server and on whenever there are more than zero players online. I find mini games more fun nowadays and I am finally ready to invest my time into the server and help it become a better place for new players. I've been a member of Skynet Gaming for almost half a year now. Creating a more mature mindset for myself extinguishing my shyness and boosting my confidence and making my decisions smarter. being in high school surrounds myself with kids, giving me the advantage of how to speak to people my age whether they are older or younger. I have made powerful connections with regular members and admins throughout my time on the server, and I feel like I am well respected within the Minigames community. Hopefully this shines some light on why I would be an ideal admin for Skynet Gaming and you can see in my perspective how I can fit this role. Thank you. Active Servers minigames
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