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jesus on a motorbike2

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  1. i dont who tf matthew young is lol
  2. some new trucks for da board mine rn are grinded to the axle :/ https://shop.boardertown.co.nz/product/independent-stage-11---thrasher-ttg/sb-ind93277.aspx?c=831 i aint a trendy kid that likes thrasher btw, just cos they are the same price as the normal ones.
  3. MASSIVE + rep wave has been on the servers for ages and should know the rules real well. He’s a really nice dude and the sever needs a lot more admins cuz someone gotta control all those toxic Aussie cunts. Nah but winter is the only admin on and wave would be perfect for it.
  4. 90s rap is sick if you into that stuff. Tupac, notorious BIG, wu-tang clan, Ice cube ya know Definitely recommend it
  5. Also my waifu. Nah but fo real, Ryosuke from initial d
  6. Not many of you care, but for the small amount of AU players on here who do, im resigning from the admin rank to member. I just feel i wanna play casual and not have to deal with tryna stop spammers and hackers and always acting mature and people messaging me saying this guys sus and having to spec people and stuff so yeah. I just wanna have fun i guess. I have also been real inactive on the server for around 5 months and just started to hop on again and i feel like i wanna play more relaxed now. Ill still be playing tho, just as a member. (btw i am an admin but i dont have the rank on forums cuz i lost my password to main forums account. I have admin perms on AU AWP. Hopefully someone like Smiles or Winter can prove it if needed) Steam id:(if necessary) STEAM_0:0:203290491 Yeah so if someone can take my perms away that would be sick.
  7. Yeah I played with you earlier, your nice and friendly and are always active as far as I can tell.
  8. guys chill you can’t say anything cuz the big boys are smarter than you in every single way smh
  9. Personally I like pocu because there isn’t as many people camping at spawn. On the topic of removing new maps, the only bad one is ikoc_baspa because the glass makes everyone’s frames drop by like 30-40 and they get lag
  10. Thanks dude we really did need new maps cuz we haven’t gotten any for ages If you want feedback: All these maps are decent, another great map is awp_vietnam:)
  11. Although I like the idea, I think the headshots would be to hard for some new players, resulting in them knifing you the whole time. I reckon this would be a good idea if knifing in noscope rounds were disabled.
  12. Am studying so i dont get on that much. 4 more weeks and ill hopefully be back.

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