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  1. You can't change love :p if u love someone u keep giving em chances etc, i love her i forgived her, but still ,kinda miss skynetgaming :p Back very soon
  2. It was with my wife, so i rather smashing the wall then smashing my gf :p
  3. Hello, some of you might seen me a while offline , thats because my hand broke so i cant game ;'( had a accident with someone & smashed my fist against wall & it broke xs so now i had to sit 4 weeks & rest, but now its my 3rd week so normally i should be active again from next week i missed you guys xs Glad to be back soon Greetingz KaZiK
  4. Hello, this might be an idea for !lr on jailbreak Russian Roulette 50/50% that T or CT Wins both teams have bullets in the gun, but one will just fire after couple clicks but nobody knows who it is? this seems stupid but it might be fun at !lr Like T clicks, no bullet goes of Ct clicks, no bullet goes off T clicks no bullet goes off CT clicks, Terror dead or T clicks , CT Dead Support or not? Greetingz KaZiK
  5. Same shit over here dude! :p Greetingz KaZiK
  6. Hi , ive been on jb and god was the only ct online, so i joined jb Seems like his afk for over then 5 minutes as T & CT I think afking for farming credits is not allowed? Sorry for demo (PlaysTV doesnt wanna be played on my pc :D) STEAM ID ✪ GOD" STEAM_1:0:8800973 Evidence added Thankyou Greetingz KaZiK godd.dem
  7. Hi my friend! i am happy to help you out with that information I live in Belgium ( West Flanders ) Here you get payed every month to go work u can earn from 1100€ to 1400€ or more , If you want to rent a house the most price is in Roeselare like 400-600€ in a month, if you want to buy a house you can count on minimum 170.000€ the traffic is cool here,.. I hope i helped you out with this information if u need more just let me know! Greetingz KaZiK
  8. Welcome to the community! enjoy your stay!! If you have time , come & say a hi on the deathrun aswell! Greetingz KaZiK
  9. Seen you on deathrun! Nice guy! I like you Also Welcome to my friendlist!! Hope to play more with you Greetingz KaZiK
  10. Hi , some of you prob seen im less on the deathrun server, no offensive against the server but im moving out the house to the new house so im a kind of busy gathering all stuff to move out easily & fast so i hope i can play more then again Hope to see you guys soon again! Thx for ur understanding KaZiK
  11. Top 3 hits 1. General Levy ChampagneBody Hit 2. Hit 3. Show me your favourite hits!! Greetingz KaZiK
  12. +rep He is a nice player, Friendly to everyone, his a good player to be admin , i believe he can do this seen you in game ur a nice player keep it that way! xd Greetingz KaZiK
  13. Okay sure, I ill install that playtv right now to use it next time can someone pls pm me how this works? Thankyou Greetingz KaZiK
  14. I dont want this map to be removed either its awesome map!! Greetingz KaZiK
  15. Hi admins, i joined the dr server & Soundgamers STEAM_1:1:188586061 was mic spamming we told him to stop but he continued Little demo about it short after that Diamonz joined & told me to report him Thankyou for helping the community Greetingz KaZiK micspam.dem
  16. I dont know but if you want i can contact the dude so he can try it again? Greetingz KaZiK
  17. Hello, i was this morning on Deathrun server a player "Dave" STEAM_1:0:50570384 He said !freerun it said all traps deactivated but somehow he could still activate a trap? it doesnt work always but he did this time Can someone chek at this? Greetingz KaZiK
  18. Hi i wanna tell you guys my favourite movies Straight Outta Compton ( Dr dre , Ice Cube, Eazy E) About starting their life in a music carrier The intent ( Movie about drugdealers etc Dumb & Dumber 2 ( idiots crossing the country in a dog van Deadpool 1 & 2 ( Funny Ninja everyone knows him i love him show m eyour fav movies
  19. Yes i know but i mean it wont close the first couple years coming maybe i had to be more clearly sorry KaZiK
  20. I would try to help & get up sng again Why would we give up? if everyone loves this community it wont go down ! so enjoy the stay keep donating keep having fun I dont think sng will close the first couple years otherwise FML :'( :p KaZiK
  21. Indeed its annoying, So thats why i ask maybe it would be awesome to fix it? Greetingz KaZiK