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  1. Pyrex is wrong and should feel bad
  2. I was in a cell across from energise was tp'd out by zia and he asked why he was tp'd then got a 1 week silence mega +rep
  3. I had assumed it wasn't a map minigame on airship, but still, a permanent ct ban for this fuckup seems like a lot
  4. In-Game Name: Bean De Le Green Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:49934846 Name of the Admin that punished you: Tubby Reason why you got punished: MFK Length of your punishment: Permanent Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I took warden on Undertale and essentially put all of the t's into the VIP cell and told ct's to throw grenades in to kill t's until there were 3 left. I myself only threw 1 grenade, damaging 5 t's for ~50-20 damage each, then just let the other ct's throw grenades. I was under the assumption that this game was allowed, because on Airship, the same game is played often. Another reason i think this ban is unfair is that I was banned for mfk, even though I didnt kill any t's with grenades. I'm sure people have logs of the round, and there are definitely people who can tell what happened in the round. -Bean

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