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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. happy bday brother :peepoLove:

  3. Happy birthday busboy :peepoLove:

  4. Im dropping it here. ill let the community decide..
  5. some maps only have so many spots you can peek and shoot from.
  6. And with the tracers. If im scoped in on the left and i see ur tracer come across my screen from the right and i know "hey teres a main peeking spot people like to use on the right" thats where im going to scope in at and look at first before anything else.
  7. Because i either memorized where people peak or see where the tracers are from. if we play dust 2 for a month and you go long for 2 weeks. long is going to be one of the main spots i watch because you go there alot. Im going to scope in and wait, then if u dont come im going to reposition my self. its just like fort or the lego map. if you play it enough times you can kinda get and understand some of the main peeking spots. And be able to scope in and wait for your enemy to show.
  8. Im also place 29. Last weeks place 13. Im pretty sure if i was cheating 1 of the 20+ other admins would have said something. or brought my name around for cheating. Theres pleanty of admins on when im playing and we always talk and have a good time. Never once have i been convicted till now.
  9. and hearing and seeing where the tracers and listening for the steps are. if you can hear and see, you can kinda make a picture of where they are. Feeze is 10000x better than me and im convicted.
  10. I only fired 1 shot and you had already copied my Steam ID.
  11. Ive been playing for almost 2 years. Fort is one of the most played maps. its not that hard to learn where people will peek. or use game sense, after playing for that long. When i scope i hold it then if someone peeks i either die or miss. then i hold it and wait for them to re- peak.
  12. No I play AWP central. The one that plays on AU is from Singapore.
  13. Just waiting to see what looks like im "cheating"