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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I mean honestly AU was doing fine till some minor bugs arose. With that being said, if we had an Operator *cough* @winter *cough* the server would have been fine to stay up... It's definitely a disappointment but oh well.
  3. Uh if you can give me one valid and fair reason why you thought that would have been okay I'll change my mind. Here's the thing, you cant, killing all the T's before leaving? That's just downright stupid... -rep
  4. Thanks for everything you’ve done for SNG. I hope it all goes well for you, good luck August!
  5. I know where Yerm is coming from with this suggestion for sg. The playerbase was already overflowing before the f2p update and it’ll still overflow if the server was made prime only. And the SG servers get very very toxic and loud especially after the f2p update. It doesn’t help that admins get a shit ton of messages saying “ban *hacker* “ every 5 minutes. I know it’s an admins job to do so, but it’s not worth the time if we can make SG AWP prime only.
  6. Lambos and ferrari’s are some basic ass dream cars. Porsche 718 Caymon S ain’t bad
  7. Working for 100m sprint finals. I’m one position off and a 16 milliseconds too slow
  8. Wave

    Admins in jb

    Well said. People need to look at things from an admins perspective. We’ve given plenty of time towards the server. Things can get real fucked real quick, but you can’t expect us to watch over you like hawks. Forgive us for prioritising one thing over administrating for a minute or two... like to ask us not to tab out is just ridiculous.
  9. Wave


    Nah the issue is, say a low ranked player uses a bayonet towards a higher player, they take 25, but, if a high rank player uses one on a low, they take 2-5. And either way, low ranks take about 9-15 anyway so the bayonet seems like an unnecessary advantage. This is just from what I’ve seen, nowadays I tend not care about points. A perspective from high ranked players who care about points is a good one, and currently that includes Tyler (topic starter) so to see him speak up about it should be influential Also between @winter and I, we’ve both talked about how unfair it is, because of the point system and we’ve both wanted it removed for quite some time...
  10. Wave


    It isn’t meant to be like that, and fixing that would be a big help for the community and leader board management.
  11. On the AU 1v1 server, rather then there being section off parts of whole maps or completely custom maps, the map pool is filled with whole casual/competitive/preset maps. (Dust II, Mirage, Nuke, Cache etc.) Fairly sure this has been like this since the semi-recent Danger Zone update. (EDIT : Apologies, forgot to post this via the bug tracker link, my mistake...)
  12. My dpi & sens used to be 3000 & 9 but recently I lowered it to 1500 & 2.
  13. Wave

    Ban Appeal: kai

    -rep appealing for the first ban would have been smarter.. but to evade 3 times is a lot.. you’ve broken rules more than once even if it was more than a year ago..
  14. I’ll stay neutral because I don’t really know you but from what I’ve heard it seems like you’ve just caused issues for the admins. So I’m not sure that you coming back is the best option.


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