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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy bday

  3. BTC has gone down around 2k in one week. RIP to me including anyone else invested in it rn. 

    1. redderfry


      just wait for it to go back up :4Head:

    2. shots


      Obviously, But that means until it goes back up theres no point in my spending my BTC or ill just be losing money. Which means anything I have in BTC is basically useless rn

  4. long ass time player made a stupid decision +rep
  5. Instead of acutally paying for Logitech stuff why not just SE code it and get it for free smh How did you get the codes though out of curiosity?
  6. I used to use the name "CSGoat" but I realized it was stupid and shots was one of the names that came to mind when i was thinking of a new one
  7. shots

    Favorite color!

    Between 3 Purple, Pink, Blue
  8. shots


    I dont start for 3 weeks tf
  9. Like dun said if you move around alot and travel get a laptop but if you rarely go on vacation or move houses get a PC
  10. shots


    dm me please
  11. What would happen if you join then just leave the discord, Would you have to link your discord account ingame so that it can track if you are still in the discord?
  12. even though he knew what he was doing was wrong and still did it. He was an active player on SNG and usually the only rules he would break are mic and chat related ones from what I saw. +rep but lower ban to 2 weeks - 1 month with an added fact that if he is perm banned again he stays permd with no chance of appeal
  13. shots


    I remember making money off credits feelsbadman Welcome @julia
  14. +rep even though we've had a rough past together i cant deny you know your shit when it comes to rules and admining even tho you can be edgy at times it shouldnt affect your admining skills (idk if your edgy still since i havent played much)
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