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  1. shots


    gg qtpie
  2. I mean thats literally just not true. For reference I was the warden when this round occured, and have the video of what happened. Basically I made t's choose left or right and one of them would die. I put "right" in CT chat which is the one that was supposed to die. Then I did what I usually did which is jokingly say before I shoot the proper people, I say good luck or something along those lines to the people who were safe to cause more t's to die, and bucket thought I was being serious because he wasn't paying attention and shot the left side which is the side that was supposed to be alive. Even though bucket doesn't always follow the rules he's never to my knowledge intentionally done something idiotic like MFK. It was an innocent mistake so its a +rep for me If any staff want video of it just @ me. EDIT: My dumbass was recording discord the whole time but atleast theres the audio behind what happens which still helps his case a decent bit.
  3. shots

    Biggest Simp?

    you're right, hes desparate.
  4. Title says it all, Dodgeball is a shit LR that more times then not results in delaying the round. If not removed maybe some things that could make it better. if anyone has any suggestions
  5. shots

    JB Stuff

    thanks for clarifying that first part for me Some wardens look at leaderboard and try to avoid choosing their friends for a hard game if their going by scoreboard or go closer to someone they dont like. I think it'd be a good rule just to add so no one could complain about that
  6. shots

    JB Stuff

    1. Literally easier if theres a rule that they have to go top to bottom when using scoreboard so no one can call out favoritism. 3. Even though sniping puts you at a disadvantage some CTs are special ed and cant use one but grab one anyway, then end up baiting the t's and dying and ruining the round. So no restricting snipers isnt pointless (with good reason). 4. Didn't know that, but for the people that do mess up they shouldn't be punished for something that's not even that bad. 5. Once again ill say it since you didn't read what i put SOME PEOPLE WANT A 50/50 CHANCE AND THEY DONT WANT 10 OTHER PEOPLE TO GO INTO A RAFFLE AGAINST THEM. 1. Not even because you got "picked once" im saying this as a general thing and it would just be overall easier if this were to be a rule set in stone. 2. Warden hogging is annoying when you have the same CT take warden 4-5+ times in a row when theres 4 other CTs that are regulars and know what they are doing and want to warden for a round or two. Also gives t's a new warden to try and kill every few rounds. 3. What are you even saying. Instead of typing like a "SPASTIC FUCKTARD" try to calm down and type in english so my dumbass can understand. 4. When did I say they have a spas attack at last guard? I'm saying if they literally just accidentally click the wrong one they shouldn't be punished. 5. Same with this one, don't know if you're agreeing or disagreeing.
  7. I mean if its literally just a different type of font he used, aslong as it wasnt spamming the server or anything like that or a spambot. +rep *EDIT* If you were banned for xray like diamondz says -rep*
  8. shots

    JB Stuff

    Basically what I mean on #3 and 4 #3, Wardens are not allowed to restrict guns for their CTs and or force them to use a certain weapon. But they should be allowed to restrict snipers (awp + scout) if they know the CT is bad with the gun and or it will not work out with the game / plan he has for the round. #4 When the 2nd last CT dies, a menu pops up with the choice to either start last CT or continue the round. What Im saying is that if they accidently press to continue to round but proceed to kill as if they were last CT, solong as theres no favourtism in their killing (they kill whoever they see) it shouldn't be counted as freekill, if that explanation helps at all #5 Yeah, I already know /raffle is a thing, Im talking about /coinflip. Where its just you vs another person with 50/50 odds. Raffle is used alot and with that I suggested on voice and to admins multiple times and almost none of them didn't like the idea or a new way being added to gamble against other players because it adds more thrill and competition sort of to the server. #4 When the 2nd last CT dies, a menu pops up with the choice to either start last CT or continue the round. What Im saying is that if they accidently press to continue to round but proceed to kill as if they were last CT, solong as theres no favourtism in their killing (they kill whoever they see) it shouldn't be counted as freekill, if that explanation helps at all
  9. shots

    JB Stuff

    This thread is basically just gonna be a mixture of thoughts / suggestions, etc for the JB server. 1. Sometimes to choose random prisoners wardens will go from top to bottom OR bottom to top of the scoreboard, instead of using the random T selector in the warden menu. They should have to use only one of the 2 at all times so they cant target someone out thats closer and or farther to the side of the scoreboard they pick. 2. I'm not sure if the rules specify this or not but they should if not. Next to the warden hogging rule it should say (Warden Hogging Counts as 3+ rounds in a row) or something along those lines. 3. Warden Rules #12: "Wardens may not tell CTs to use a certain weapon." While I agree with this rule, They should be allowed to restrict snipers (with a good reason) 4. Last CT through menu. This is something that iv'e seen mess up quite a few people, while the menu removes all confusion I think if a ct accidentally pushes that he will continue as warden then starts to last ct there really shouldn't be a problem with this if he makes it obvious they didn't mean to click no. 5. This is more directed towards developers, but there should be a coinflip command added to JB and even all SNG servers to flip your credits with other players. with a minimum of 100 and maximum of 5-10k I feel like most people would really enjoy this, and even though I don't know anything about coding and stuff along those lines this seems like a pretty simple thing to do. Most of these are just things that iv'e thought about for awhile and wanted to make into a thread, if you have a different view on any of these tell me so I can see it from a different perspective than what I see it from (. @Noodlesssss because op)
  10. Razer Blackwidow Chroma Logitech GPRO Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum. I swap between them depending on what im doing and where i am
  11. Every point you made is true and all you're saying is straight facts. Look at it this way. If he is to be unbanned and acts like a complete retard again won't he just be perm banned again with no chance of appeal because hes had MORE than enough warnings about it. I'm sure one of the higher ups would have no problem with doing it to him. From what I know from SNG for playing for such a long time is that most of the admins and or higher ups always say on SNG everyone should get a second chance (even in some cases when their like sushi). He's been banned for more then a year i'm pretty sure, so if he is to be unbanned let him come back into the servers with a 2-4 week mute and or gag and see how he is after that.
  12. +rep one of the most non toxic admins ik on the server and he knows the rules
  13. I'm pretty sure it not only crashes someones game, It crashes the whole server and makes it reset to the default map which is obama. but yeah it crashes mine. and it should crash everyones (if you've been on recently)
  14. shots

    Questions.. @_@

    1. What country do you most want to travel to? 2. If any, what language would you want to learn? 3. Favorite color? 4. One of your regrets? 5. If any whats a quote that you like / go by? 6. What did you say as a kid when someone asked what do you want to be when you grow up? 7. Favorite food? 1.Japan 2.Japanese 3.Purple 4.Not trying my hardest in my 9-10th years in highschool 5. "If your absence doesn't affect them, your presence never mattered to them." 6.Doctor 7.Sushi (edit: idea from rain btw not tryna steal ideas or anything)

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