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  1. Buying all cases for paypal or cs skins hmu.

    1. B0xerZ


      shut up

  2. Player Name shots Steam ID STEAM_0:0:448550748 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/sh0tz/ Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 17 Admin Recs Tubby, Sixredfish, Jay, Powerfulpie, chikey, Thing 1 Why would you be a good admin? Firstly, I want to start this off by saying I already know I have an extremely controversial past on SNG and that iv’e made some stupid choices whether it be to when I used to be admin, or before or after when my demotion occurred, But I ask when reading this think more of more recent encounters with me rather than back then. I’ve been playing SNG for almost 3 years at this point and am very familiar with the community as a whole regarding JB and TTT. I play at least 2-6 hours a day and when I'm online, I try my best to reinforce the rules where possible and help if I can when it comes to new or old players. I am still toxic at times but it’s never serious toxicity and is always just playing around with friends and players to try and make the server a little more enjoyable for everyone. I’m fully aware and know the rules to JB in and out and if I am ever in doubt of what I think a rule means / is I will most often then not go to a super+ to confirm so. Thanks for reading, shots Active Servers JB Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  3. +rep, was super before and knows the rules. and has upped his activity as of late.
  4. you've been playin for a while on JB good to see you made a forums acc finally
  5. -rep, In my opinion you're overall complete cancer and that really says something coming from me with the past I have on here.
  6. not gonna lie thought you were already admin. +rep
  7. neutral for reasons there were here before edit.
  8. +rep knows rules throughout and is a long time player
  9. If you're looking to sell any of the knives for paypal hmu. We can use Hachi, Camp or someone like that as an MM if you want.
  10. shots

    Special Days

    Once again iv'e said it multiple times those are just suggestions that came into my mind that could be a possibility, Majority of the community wants Zombie days removed which will probably be the case thankfully. Never said anyone complained about and days besides Zombie days, and it doesn't need some tinkering it needs to be removed. Warday is my own opinion for what I said and for the shooting anyone 20-45 seconds after it starts I just want it to be put in rules so its finalized so no one argues about it. T's mainly win jihad days for the fact that the cts are pretty trash almost every round. But if you get a CT team that knows what their doing they will win the day 70% of the time. HnS is better then zombie days and it'd be good for when zombie days most likely get removed to replace it with a new day. and besides zombie days are the same in most parts because not many people try to kill the zombies anyway they just hide and hope not to be found. Just remove it is what most people want
  11. shots

    Special Days

    Wasn't playing when that was a thing so thanks for telling me Put it into a rule to make it final so no one can argue about it and it saves admins time dealing with people saying they for false slayed. CT's wouldnt get rocked, im not asking for a big nerf literally just something where I can't spam a zeus 24/7 and anyone that comes near me is dead. Even though it is pretty even now I feel as if, if you have CT's that are all regulars and know what their doing its too easy for them to win
  12. My point in posting this is that I have barely EVER seen admins enforcing this rule and it makes it so that everyone just sits back and waits for CT’s to expand I mean 20 t’s vs like 5-7 CT’s, t’s will have the advantage in numbers every round even if their pushing blindly for the example you used there’s multiple ways to get to the other side of portal in clouds and the same thing could be said about CT’s, you think CT’s wanna call a war day just to be killed by people camping a portal when they expand lmao
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