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  1. Where has everyone gone from the csgo servers? Does everyone just play different games now or moved or from gaming for school etc? It just feels weird everytime I randomly open the forums because even if this sounds "cringe" or whatever, a few of my funniest, happiest and or just my best memories come from the TTT, JB and other SNG servers along with the people who made it such an enjoyable and fun place to be in every single day. I hope someday soon this community gets back to where it was and even bigger and that everyone is doing well where ever they are in life. And since
  2. if you ever decide to do a valorant tourney lmk, immortal 190 up atm
  3. Gtfo nerd


    happy bday

  4. hmu ill cash you out. no set price because it depends on what it is but more then anything looking for bayonet/m9/kara and cases
  5. Congrats to all 3 of you, happy to see you guys where you are now :)
  6. Diamond 2 (high elo just dont play enough for immortal) Reyna, Jett, Pheonix, Brim main i dont snipe / shotgun vandal > phantom hardstuck gold 3 on main but d2 on smurfs. (just because i played placements with bronze n silver friends on main) if you main cypher quit the game for the good of everyone
  7. That's kinda rough my g, I haven't even played here in a minute and iv'e changed believe it or not lol. but even if i haven't played it's nothing against you m17 i just couldn't see you as an operator, because you were extremely similar to me when i was toxic af and i personally believe you still will be and it won't create a good environment for TTT. Neutral leaning towards -rep
  8. Im good, gonna make everyone upset and get back into the community soon