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  1. Congrats to all 3 of you, happy to see you guys where you are now :)
  2. Diamond 2 (high elo just dont play enough for immortal) Reyna, Jett, Pheonix, Brim main i dont snipe / shotgun vandal > phantom hardstuck gold 3 on main but d2 on smurfs. (just because i played placements with bronze n silver friends on main) if you main cypher quit the game for the good of everyone
  3. That's kinda rough my g, I haven't even played here in a minute and iv'e changed believe it or not lol. but even if i haven't played it's nothing against you m17 i just couldn't see you as an operator, because you were extremely similar to me when i was toxic af and i personally believe you still will be and it won't create a good environment for TTT. Neutral leaning towards -rep
  4. Im good, gonna make everyone upset and get back into the community soon
  5. Yo if anyone wants to buy a 1 year discord nitro code for paypal hmu.
  6. crazy to think its been that long
  7. shots


    gg qtpie
  8. I mean thats literally just not true. For reference I was the warden when this round occured, and have the video of what happened. Basically I made t's choose left or right and one of them would die. I put "right" in CT chat which is the one that was supposed to die. Then I did what I usually did which is jokingly say before I shoot the proper people, I say good luck or something along those lines to the people who were safe to cause more t's to die, and bucket thought I was being serious because he wasn't paying attention and shot the left side which is the side that was supposed to be alive. Even though bucket doesn't always follow the rules he's never to my knowledge intentionally done something idiotic like MFK. It was an innocent mistake so its a +rep for me If any staff want video of it just @ me. EDIT: My dumbass was recording discord the whole time but atleast theres the audio behind what happens which still helps his case a decent bit.
  9. shots

    Biggest Simp?

    you're right, hes desparate.
  10. Title says it all, Dodgeball is a shit LR that more times then not results in delaying the round. If not removed maybe some things that could make it better. if anyone has any suggestions
  11. shots

    JB Stuff

    thanks for clarifying that first part for me Some wardens look at leaderboard and try to avoid choosing their friends for a hard game if their going by scoreboard or go closer to someone they dont like. I think it'd be a good rule just to add so no one could complain about that
  12. shots

    JB Stuff

    1. Literally easier if theres a rule that they have to go top to bottom when using scoreboard so no one can call out favoritism. 3. Even though sniping puts you at a disadvantage some CTs are special ed and cant use one but grab one anyway, then end up baiting the t's and dying and ruining the round. So no restricting snipers isnt pointless (with good reason). 4. Didn't know that, but for the people that do mess up they shouldn't be punished for something that's not even that bad. 5. Once again ill say it since you didn't read what i put SOME PEOPLE WANT A 50/50 CHANCE AND THEY DONT WANT 10 OTHER PEOPLE TO GO INTO A RAFFLE AGAINST THEM. 1. Not even because you got "picked once" im saying this as a general thing and it would just be overall easier if this were to be a rule set in stone. 2. Warden hogging is annoying when you have the same CT take warden 4-5+ times in a row when theres 4 other CTs that are regulars and know what they are doing and want to warden for a round or two. Also gives t's a new warden to try and kill every few rounds. 3. What are you even saying. Instead of typing like a "SPASTIC FUCKTARD" try to calm down and type in english so my dumbass can understand. 4. When did I say they have a spas attack at last guard? I'm saying if they literally just accidentally click the wrong one they shouldn't be punished. 5. Same with this one, don't know if you're agreeing or disagreeing.
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