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    Detroit, MI
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    I'm a KZer in CSGO, I love Rap (Eminem specifically and yes I'm a Stan ;D), and a COD competitive player.

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  1. Xeno

    Selfie Topic

    Dont make fun of me, im sensitive ): Kappa
  2. Xeno

    xeno badmin

    agreed, but its fine, im sorry for doing it dawg
  3. Xeno

    xeno badmin

    Hi, I remember you in the server like 8 hours ago I think, I honestly don't remember rdming you, I rdmed in that session but when I did I slayed myself. If I did rdm I apologize. P.S. I'm not a TTT admin btw, I've played like 1 hour of TTT in my life on GMod. I'm an admin on KZ :) Edit: I just saw the notes on the rdm, I'm sorry /:
  4. +rep I was on the TTT server for the first time today and he seems like a good dude :)
  5. https://gyazo.com/99499343f316849611d9f299f797c36a
  6. Xeno


    welcome feller
  7. +recs: @Ballistic Bacon @Spk@Thing 1™ @proobs
  8. Player Name Xeno Steam ID STEAM_1:0:98547634 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/XenoKZ/ Age 18 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? I've played KZ for the better part of 2 years and I have played in SNG Kreedz server for almost a year. I know the rules and guidelines in KZ servers. Active Servers SNG Kreedz
  9. whats good dawgy, I might apply for admin again :)
  10. SNG KZ server is back up and running so I might as well hop back on the Skynet train! widepeepoHappy
  11. Hapoy bdayyy

  12. happy bday buddy :) 

  13. Xeno

    Admin App./KZ

    Hey guys! I want to cancel my admin application for the SNG KZ server. I lost all motivation to play KZ ever since my PC fucked up and costed me my spot in the tourney. Petty thing, I know, but I'm just a competitive person and that kind of stuff just doesn't work well with me. Any admin op. just delete my admin application please. Thanks! I will still be in various discords and paying attention to KZ but not playing it.
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