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    I'm a KZer in CSGO, I love Rap (Eminem specifically and yes I'm a Stan ;D), and a COD competitive player.
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  1. KZ and TTT but mainly KZ
  2. My feelings weren't hurt at all. I was annoyed. Think about it, someone randomly feels the need to just start a bunch of bullshit slandering your name for no reason, and you ask them to stop and they don't, wouldn't you get annoyed? Especially when some of the community you're in starts doing it, too.
  3. ya ik, its retarded, i didnt even know what it was until someone showed me lol
  4. You're in GayZ climb discord, you know all about what those retards do to annoy me. You did this on purpose. If you truly don't know whats going on, your friend Summeriscold started a bunch of rumors and lies about me not wearing masks in public during this pandemic, and buying shungite. For whatever reason he felt the need to start this bullshit around me, and it spread among the KZ community and I've asked multiple times for this to stop, and they didn't so I left multiple discord servers to avoid this, but some of them followed me and continued to do it, and they were banned because of it. I've never had any problems with you, although you essentially supported the bullshit that Summeriscold started, which is why you were banned from the SNG discord. I wouldn't mind if you were unbanned but you should know when enough is enough.
  5. There really isn't a way to get better at KZ other than just playing the game. Sure, you can learn things by watching tutorials to show you how to do things properly, but really just playing the game and pushing yourself to beat PB's is the only way to progress, in my opinion.
  6. This literally just happened to me, and the thing is, I knew the actual DIngus person. IDK what happened to him but seems he either got hacked or turned into a hacker. Keep spreading the word!
  7. i didnt know it was questioned as admin abuse, but if they banned me for an hour by abusing power i would just report it to the forums rather than appealing a very short ban
  8. Even if you didn't do it, its only 1 hour.. just take it and when you can join back explain yourself
  9. its just kinda weird that only an hour after this appeal was made, your account was made and the first thing you post is that this appeal is valid.
  10. @ff did you make that account just to say that the appeal was valid LOL
  11. Pretty sure we have this map, you might've nominated it by typing /nominate kz_adv_cursedjourney - which is bugged for some reason and by manually typing a nomination, the server cant find the map. You have to actually find the map by going through all the maps, tediously. We're working on fixing this atm.

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