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  1. plzzz add Prison, Hunger Games, Prop Hunt (Block Hunt), and Factions, they're all really popular and really fun.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday BB! :peepoLove:

  4. HBD

  5. I think this would be good for the SNG KZ community because people who are 'regs' will be more active and grind for it. It would also benefit our top players to grind for top times in this more private server as well.
  6. Xeno

    Selfie Topic

    Dont make fun of me, im sensitive ): Kappa
  7. Xeno

    xeno badmin

    agreed, but its fine, im sorry for doing it dawg
  8. Xeno

    xeno badmin

    Hi, I remember you in the server like 8 hours ago I think, I honestly don't remember rdming you, I rdmed in that session but when I did I slayed myself. If I did rdm I apologize. P.S. I'm not a TTT admin btw, I've played like 1 hour of TTT in my life on GMod. I'm an admin on KZ :) Edit: I just saw the notes on the rdm, I'm sorry /:
  9. +rep I was on the TTT server for the first time today and he seems like a good dude :)
  10. Xeno


    welcome feller
  11. +recs: @Ballistic Bacon @Spk@Thing 1™ @proobs
  12. Player Name Xeno Steam ID STEAM_1:0:98547634 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/XenoKZ/ Age 18 Admin Recs Guest Why would you be a good admin? I've played KZ for the better part of 2 years and I have played in SNG Kreedz server for almost a year. I know the rules and guidelines in KZ servers. Active Servers SNG Kreedz
  13. whats good dawgy, I might apply for admin again :)


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