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  1. bro it was crazy when u clicked on that one guy then clicked on the other
  2. bro 100% respect to you, my current & old school had IB while it isn't super hard my current school since there are so little classes and no cap the IB coordinator is retarded. she lied to me when I asked about transferring to another local school for their superior IB program and said they "don't accept out of school transfers" anyway back to the point everyone I know who did IB had so much homework / work ethic so props to you
  3. so basically most of us are high schoolers in the US so I reckon y'all have taken ap tests what ap tests have you guys taken and what are your score predictions? I took Physics 1, I think I got a 4ish I also took chem and I think I somewhere between a 2-4 it was a struggle chief
  4. Conner


    whens the server coming back up? - don't give me that Soon TM bullshit I wanna hear a general time frame e.g. (2-3 months) why did the server go down? why was the discord deleted? why have the forums been down? how come none of the admins I contacted would tell me anything / had no idea why or when the server would come back up?
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