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  1. but didn't you just accuse me of groom underage kids for the last 6 months now you act all high and mighty. then you make it look like we the bad guys. + how am i suppose to message you when you block me on discord :/
  2. what about the old giveaway you never did :badpost:
    Great video but please stop hacking in rust
  3. that shit funny af + Damn that pizza was good as hell. As well i would like to say i didn't nuke the discord i didn't even have perms shit was funny tho.
  4. we would be a good op but i never see him on personal so idk i am changing my old post to a plus rep
  5. i dont really think he would be a good op for jb considering he is not super active we active some times
    i very much liked the non sus and wooper asmr videos previously and glad to see a squeal ASMR_Sus.mp4.3104be4681d9c7439eaa0aead9b91e03.mp4 not_sus_btw.mp3.be69cf2446f0e957a89a4cf50efdfa57.mp3
  6. BIG +rep he is a gamer and knows how to be a good admin and has lots of experience from slayers gaming

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