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  1. Yakult

    end of year exams

    *studies everyday* *exam day* *heavy breathing* *answers confidently* B ? *gets D*
  2. HEIGHTS still heights did i say Heights ? or nah
  3. Reading ban appeals and admin applications in the forums
  4. your moms pussy and you Fries with Coke
  5. Neutral leaning to + rep I think he has improved a lot from his last app and is more informed about the rules now but he can sometimes be a little too nice because 1 time when someone literally screamed into their mic after you've given them warnings you muted him which is nice but when he asked it to be removed you immedietly removed it
  6. WARNING !!! Lower your volume IGN: Merry Waves and - cool duck Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:179247466 - cool duck STEAM_0:0:183202682 - Merry Waves Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2018-11-10 10_30_21 PM.mp4 Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2018-11-10 10_31_49 PM.mp4 Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2018-11-10 10_33_28 PM.mp4 Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2018-11-10 10_34_27 PM.mp4 Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2018-11-10 10_51_57 PM.mp4

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