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  1. +rep all I have are amazing memories of him yelling at kids, would like to see him return
  2. +rep chase is really talented and hes really trying to bring pop to servers this is a no brainer. (P.S. @Chase88 dont keep commenting on your post with your work, edit your post and put the work there so people can see it as examples of you work and dont have to scroll down)
  3. I didn't know who he was before but recently I played TTT with him and was really run to play with, I had a great time. Good luck not getting banned again. 👍
  4. Cant wait to see who comes back
  5. I like to change mine a lot but I've had this one for awhile
  6. When I recorded this when I first started playing SNG 2 years ago
  7. +rep reformed I dont know who the nark is that took the video. Its been a really long time and jb needs pop
  8. +rep ive been on deathrun for the past couple of days and broge has been on every single time. Hes putting in effort to pop the server also.
  9. That rona caught you slippen man Get well
  10. +rep sucks to see so many good admins leaving jb 😢 but salty is really good at keeping the server calm and he is really fun to play with.
  11. Welcome to the forums Fun on servers