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  1. +rep we need more unbiased interviewers. *cough* chicken *cough*
  2. Sunless

    JB Stuff

    Dont repost just put this in your original post like I'm confused why you didn't reread it over 1. I mean if wardens do this and your at the top like tuff shit. Just do the game and the next person has to worry. Wardens have been doing this for a long time because it's a lot faster then to go into warden menu, dont think this should change 2. Surprised this is not noted in the rules but yes it should say 3+ 3. Why? Like sniping puts u at a disadvantage. Restricting awps or scouts is pointless 4. It already is an option and if you want to change it do !jbsettings (i think is the command) and there you can choose if you want to automatically last ct or be optional 5. I mean instead of doing this just up the amount we can !raffle. Maybe 5k and not 500
  3. Nice cant wait to see who is chosen for the council
  4. Sunless

    Merci SNG

    Goodbye had fun whenever you came on JB while you were drunk and thank you for all the work you put into SNG
  5. Sodality doesn't mean anything anymore and everyone gets only 1 tag now (plz fix)
  6. Sunless


    Worse kinda snake 🐍
  7. Sunless

    free money

    can i have ?
  8. Sunless

    Selfie Topic

    yoooo Richmond? I used to live near there
  9. Sunless

    Who's the Hig?

    You heard the man let's get em

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