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  1. Hi and thank you for the super spot and I just wanted to thank all the people who helped me be a better admin. @Alexthank you for all of your input @Patmanyour definitely hacking one day I'll have that video @MERICA YEE YEE @ Diam0ndzthank you for all the work you did for the servers @Jayyyyy thanks for all the help when I was a server admin @TwinPlayz your crazy @Sixredfishthanks for the operator+rec @Extacy extacy=de sinc @redderfry grats on op @Warden Flamewater thank you @gabetry hard @Noodlesssss fun playing with you on the servers @Rage gg on super you deserve it @Bottomfraf not mic gang @Comf your kos always no matter my karma @chicken007I'll do better races dont worry @proobs funniest laugh ever @Toast๑ﭥ best warden @The Golden Medic ok at awping @B0xerZ kinda fag @brogei still have that clip @Chiken you still have to give my streetcred back...1k @Jensylthanks for the banner @Thing 1™ no mic gang @M17 I miss m17 days @Tubby admin abuse @erik :] sucks not living in cali @Trumpet your a good ct @7/11 is bae Rip. Fun to play with on jb @Dark really fun playing with you If I missed you sorry you can yell at me later
  2. So he was joking about getting banned and lawl banned him for saying that? Why? Lots of people joke about that. Lol
  3. I'm super now and thank you too all the people that helped me be a better admin

  4. Be gone thot Ya a little late but America is always celebrating
  5. Ez done 4 when I get home I do all of them
  6. Sunless


    Naw man stupid idea, just recall the minigame
  7. Sunless

    Firework day

    Watching spiderman
  8. Sunless

    Best mouse

    I'm using the bloody al90 really good so far. Much better than my old one https://www.bloody.com/en/product.php?pid=10&id=100
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