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  1. Wasss good glad you like awp hope to see you on there one day
  2. damn haven't thought about red, yellow, white cords in a long time
  3. literally almost been a year since the last testing lol
  4. first of all that steam id is not banned, if you really wanna try to get unbanned make ur steam profile not private,
  5. wow people just cant wait 1 week
  6. Been playing the shit out of MW recently. Max level and max battle pass. Warzone is fun but it's too easy almost every game I win. Just waiting for season 3
  7. +rep I've known you for like 2 years and you didn't even ask me smh smh Add me to ur recs
  8. dont even do the giveaway, just give it to me
  9. At the beginning I couldn't really decide but now ima say -rep. Like what tie and Ron said that last ban appeal did not help you in any way. If you banned someone just for that then I wonder how many people have you banned falsely. I think you should get more experience as an admin before moving up to super. And get some confidence in being an admin dont ask other admins for how long it should be. These are basic things you need to know before you can even think about being a super. Just think you need more time as a server admin
  10. Been playin with lloyd a long time he the real homie He's fun to play with and is great at handling the server I think he's ready +rep
  11. Bruh your lucky I have to pay 3.45 per
  12. +rep +rep +rep please get rid of this shitty lr
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