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  1. +rep very nice boi and is good with community and knows rules
  2. Its gonna sound cringey but smoking. Not vaping but like weed. It's made my life so much easier. I can concentrate more on homework on studying.
  3. Player Name Sunless Steam ID STEAM_0:0:448483203 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198857232134 Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 16 Why would you be a good Super Admin? I used to be a super for JB but recently stepped down because i just found it as boring and not really fun. So i started to play on all the other servers (except mg) and i put a lot of time into awp and it was really fun. I think ill be a good add the the super awp team because i have experience being a super on a harder server to admin on and i know most of the community. Do you understand you are applying for advanced Awp permissions? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
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