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  1. Sunless


    i was there when it happened dont know why he left but
  2. Let's play find the difference!!!
  3. Happy birthday 

  4. Whenever I see him on he's enforces rules and I have not seen any people complaining about him +Rep
  5. Sunless

    [RUST] Giveaway

    Friends and getting matterials
  6. When more people get credits will you increase the number because I'ma high baller and I need at least 15k raffles
  7. Why did you change your name? To make people think that's it's not you? So your past reputation doesn't bite you in the ass? -rep don't want you back on jb causing cancer @dylTheir is a 30 day wait period to change your name and secondly you have talked to me in the chatbox. Your were very toxic to people who did not see your point of view.
  8. I did say on your other post that you just remember to slay them the next round but I change my mind this is much easier than remembering to slay everyone. And can it add up like the /slaynr on ttt? Ex: /slay sunless 2
  9. Just do it you're self the next round lol
  10. Welcome to the fourms Played with you last night your fun to play with
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