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  1. Epi

    Moving on

    You are good man, you will be missed
  2. I know i am a retard and being serious in these forums is retarded so take this all how you want. However I know the demographics of this community is largely younger people such as highschoolers, and im sure many of you are really worried about the corona virus. I have also been pretty freaked out about it today, but I just want to put it out there to anyone who is struggling with the panic of this virus that everything WILL be alright. It will be hard, some of you might be personally effected by it, but keep in mind all news organizations make money off of sensationalization and creating a panic. I am not saying this is not bad, but just do not think this is an end of world disaster. Some of the steps countries are taking seem drastic and may make you feel the need to worry, however everything they do is to help and slow the virus down, and in the end for the most part makes you and your loved ones safer. I won't get into the statistics and everything cause as i said i am a retard with no expertise, however I do know despite how it looks in the government, there are professionals who have studied and prepared for events just like this for a very very long time. If this ever seems to scary or exhausting or anything, just take a break from it all. Turn off the news or close your computer, and take some deep breaths. Stay safe friends, give love to those close to you, and know it will slow down, it will get better. Everyone is dealing with this just like you are, and we will all power through it together. I wish you all good health and a great night. Sincerely, Your community boomer
  3. Fuck all yall bitch ass grey namers
  4. niggas thirsty for 20 posts
  5. Just dont add them to Kz please ty
  6. have you like fucked with the settings of your mic shit. I havent done it in a long ass time but i have a blue snowball and you can fuck with shit so it doesnt pick up background noise as much and stuff.
  7. anyone that votes bk is borderline homeless
  8. Epi

    Selfie Topic

    was a difficult pee in the airplane bathroom

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