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  1. -rep icamp can do no wrong
  2. Epi

    A short report

    Can we please for the love of god just ban all jb'ers
  3. +rep fuck forum posts dudes a good kzer give him admin
  4. nomination lag is something that has always happened and in my experience is not exclusive to just our server. I don't think there is an easy fix to it, people really just need to be more careful about when they make nominations.
  5. he makes a compelling argument
  6. I play with Thing a lot in kz, hes a cool guy and hes on often. Would be a good super he should get it +rep
  7. Shits from 2016 unban the boy, also ill @ lymbo for ya @ lymbo
  8. Epi

    Neon Revolution

    I am entering because i dont want anyone else to win, not because i want it. thank you give it please
  9. Epi

    [KZ] rtv broken

    RTV goes, lets you vote, says (rock the vote has spoken next map is _________) then does change, rtv'd again and it said it was going to change to a different map (not the one initially voted for) and then still didnt change. Devs please fix
  10. Thank you kind lady, give please
  11. Wanted to give a quick thank you to @ Diam0ndzfor putting in a lot of work the last few days in finishing up the remaining issues that needed to be addressed. I am pretty sure that for now all of the listed problems have been fixed, all that is left is for the api-key to be added to the plugin but other than that I think kz is good for now. Thanks devs, but not you @ Rachnus.
  12. We need KZTimer-API plugin asap please thank you
  13. Another bug. RTVing does not work for some reason now. vote comes up and you choose map, it says "next map will be (map voted for)" then nothing. Sometimes rtving a second time will change map but not consistent sometimes you just have to wait for the time to expire which is annoying. plz fix ty
  14. First off thank you Diamondz and August for the work you've continued putting into the servers we all appreciate it Rachnus is worthless. Most of the main concerns have been addressed, but here are the current issues in KZ. Main issues (things that preferably could be added soon) - add !extend (time) command for admins - add !map (mapname) for supers (or if its already added fix it because it doesnt work or spk hasnt been given proper perms) Secondary issues - Chat colors and jump stat colors still interfere with each other, and many of the jumpstat colors are just incorrect or dont change to the colors when they should. - Chat (tick) noise, I checked and all other kz servers have it off. I know it sounds like a non issue but it really is annoying. Request -Give the kz admins access to some !KZadmin commands, specifically the one that allows for resetting timers cause timer tech is gay but often very important. (obviously this is granting more perms so idk who makes that decision if it is okay thought id just throw it in again )
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