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    A short report

    1) August 2) STEAM_0:1:643053 *NOTE* PLEASE READ ALL EVIDENCE BELOW*NOTE* *PREFACE* I think it is very important that @August replies to this post. It is incredibly important to the continued success of SkynetGaming*PREFACE* ****It is also very important that the entirety of the community is given the opportunity to read and comprehend this report before any further action is taken against August or other members of the SkynetGaming Community. Thank you.**** 3) At approximately 1:20 PST Wednesday, July 3, a heinous act was committed on the SkynetGaming Jailbreak server(*JB). I started my day wanting and waiting for the JB server to go online and fill to fruition. As it did, I was excited and ready to join in for the first time in years. Jailbreak is the pinnacle of CS:GO entertainment and has led to great successes in my life. Counter-Strike Jailbreak has enabled me to waste many thousands of hours of my life indoors, enjoying the comfort and safety of playing with friends and my fellow prison brothers. (I'd like to thank my many friends I've made for the fun). Anyways... in wanting to revive my dead Jailbreak career I proceeded to join the prisoner side. Many may know me as an expert navigator, long jumper, and demonstrated athlete in and out of Jailbreak servers across the Internet. My exciting Jailbreak career began in 2012. 2012 was a fantastic year for all things having to do with first-person shooters. My preferred game, back in the day, was Combat Arms an exciting shooter and arguably the starting point for my professional Jailbreak career. While popular gamemodes like Search and Destroy and Team Deathmatch kept the game alive, a gamemode known as Quarantine Regen. The purpose of Quarantine Regen was to (like JB) escape the opposing team of zombies. Here I learned how to actively run away from zombies, using expert movement, strafes, and long jumping.(yeah I know, I was almost pro.) Anyways... it was a beautiful morning to play Jailbreak, SkynetGaming offers the perfect balance between hardcore Jailbreak(as I am a world-renowned Jailbreak superstar) and casual gaming(as I struggle with mornings). My game slowly loaded in as I quietly ate my favorite cereal -- Lucky Charms. Lucky Charms, objectively, is one of the best cereals on the market. It offers an exquisite balance between sweet(the charms) and savory(the other part??). While my game chugged along loading(one of the worst parts of loading into a community server) I wondered what life would be like as a prisoner -- would I struggle with dumb CTs who would proceed to freekill me for simply being too good at Jailbreak or would I struggle with wardens unable to keep me in my cell(yeah I'm just that good.) Anyways... The server finally loaded. This was my domain. This was my home. My cell, my home. The server was poppin'. I was ready to pop off(pretty much like I always do, I'm really that good.) I played a couple rounds, had to get my Jailbreak juices back flowin' from their long rest. Papas_Kingdom wasn't my favorite map of all time however I was excited to just be back playing my favorite gamemode. HOWEVER, that's when it happened. A cheater, a hacker! What was this person thinking? They must thought cheating was the only way to beat me(yeah, I'm that good) However I had the server staff on my side. They'd ban the hacker, return me to my glory. However I was mistaken, the spinbotter quickly picked off two CT's, he span and span(if you're not familiar with popular CS:GO cheats, spinbotting is a method involving a script that quickly moves the camera in a 360 FOV to have ultimate game sense. Spinbotting also makes it incredibly hard for the user to be hit by regular people(I'm pretty sure I could hit the shot)) Anyways... I decided to speak up. I was not going to allow this cheater, this hacker, to steal my glory. I immediately reported it to the admins. (((Please pull the logs))) I repeatedly said, "Excuse me, Mr. Admin, this guy is clearly spinbotting, I'd appreciate if you removed him from the server as soon as possible. Thank you very much." However the admin were simply ignoring my chat messages, I don't know if this is due to lack of training(see below for server admin training methods) or simply were abandoning their positions as admins of the SkynetGaming Network. Anyways... I repeatedly made the same contention to the admins -- "Excuse me, Mr. Admin, this guy is clearly spinbotting, I'd appreciate if you removed him from the server as soon as possible. Thank you very much." However they continued to not listen, this is where I got my angry, I changed my tone -- "ADMINS. BAN THE HACKER. PLEASE." Respectful but forceful, my forte. I continued to pester the admins however nothing was done. This is my main issue in writing this report. Following the departure of the cheater from the server(obviously he was starstruck)THEN the admins proceeded to ask me about this "cheater" I was talking about. Yes, in quotes they said "cheater." Either it was due to them being incredibly disrespectful or frankly ignoring the existence of cheaters on CS:GO Community Servers. Anyways... The admins continued to write-off the cheater, simply saying -- "I didn't see him." This statement from the admin present at the time has led me to believe that SkynetGaming needs consulting about server administration practices and correct employment of these practices. HENCEFORTH, I am proposing SkynetGaming accepts my offer of administration consulting service for Jailbreak.(My resume is attached at the end of the report). Simply, I believe my experience and continued hope in helping others makes me the prime candidate for a consulting position. I recommend all Jailbreak admins attain to my services training regime. My services have demonstrated time and time again that they are effective improving one's servers administration team and overall provide a deeper character building vital to success in the real world.(I hope we all can agree that being an admin on an online server is the first step into being a world leader in business.) Proposed Training Plan -- Kush's Kunsulting Services & Applied Administration LLC. DAY 1: Initial Meeting with all JB Admins - Make team goals for training - Communicate present server issues - Share training regime(I am a firm believer that successful administration starts away from the keyboard) - GOAL 1: Successfully order a coffee or drink from a barista(and provide proof of the drink) - GOAL 2: Complete a 5K in under 16:00 minutes.(Should be easy to do for SkynetGaming administrators) - GOAL 3: Hold the door for another citizen(can be done in tandem with ordering a coffee or drink) DAY 2: Online Computer Based Training(CBT) for all administrators - Specially designed for Jailbreak admins - Years of knowledge only attained by playing thousands of hours -=-Please DM me for information regarding my training regime and other questions regarding my consulting services-=- 4) See above.(Evidence embedded in report) Sincerely, Living Legend // JailBreak God // Ex Combat Arms Professional // CEO & Lead Consultant // Concerned and Newly Active Member of SNG // -=-Kush-=- Signed and Dated -- July 3, 2019
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