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Trial Admin (Deathrun)
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  1. Colin, I respect the fact that you are trying to be real here, however there is more problems with BigAuguMan than just me. Sure he likes to pick on me more than the rest however, notice how I asked you how much evidence I would need to perm mute just because I want to try and make the deathrun community a more positive place and not have to tell new players to mute him because of the amount of toxicity he conveys. My second problem with this is the fact that someone told you that I say "oh your activating? i'm gonna ban you", which one, I don't say and I do say that "I don't care if you activate, that is how you play the game so do whatever you want". I would really like to know where you are getting your information from. If I were admin, every single time I would issue a punishment I would consult with a higher up admin if the evidence I provide is in fact enough for the punishment that I would put out, unless the reasons are clearly obvious like a Server crashing threat. The main reason I want admin is to try and grow the community of deathrun on sng back up. I have ideas that may be implemented and improve the deathrun experience for all players, new and old.
  2. My favorite memory of deathrun is coming home from school everyday in the summer and just watching aqua blaze through the maps with no competition and trying to get just at good as him. Where is aqua now boys, nobody knows.
  3. I will 100% be participating in the events. Sound like fun baby g man.
  4. Wong, I know you might not speak great english but you should put more effort into your mute appeal because that can be a major factor in your unban.
    Amazing video 10/19 looking forward to seeing more content.
  5. +rep I think mythin is a really respectable dude and just pretty nice in general. Would be cool to see him mentoring some new admins :D.
  6. This seems interesting, I think I might try the pickcrafter game :D.
  7. Definitely deathrun (:.
  8. Brodie.R.


    You should be playing deathrun >:).
  9. you actually come on the server and be extremely toxic and then micspam with your soundboard so I am confused as to why you wrote this.

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