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  1. Klitch

    Surver rules

    "Do not impersonate an admin or any player."
  2. reminded me of the stranger things theme
  3. I’d say a retard could see that this isn’t cheating but this ban proved me wrong ^
  4. Hi ttters. @as'was kind enough to suggest something to me that I think would be a great addition to our server. We discussed an idea to break up the current map pool into two different sections, with one consisting of all small/medium sized maps and the latter having all of our large-scale maps. The first section with the small and medium maps will always be available in the nomination pool. However, the large map pool would be designed to unlock after a certain amount of players are on the server. What this would do is prevent some of our biggest maps from being played when there are only a very small amount of people on, causing players to unintentionally delay and dead players to sit and wait out the remainder of many rounds. Personally, I think the player limit should be set to 12, so that at 12 or more players on the server, the large map pool will become available. Additionally, I think this would encourage players to invite their friends in order to reach their favorite large map. This is just an idea, and is not yet in progress, but I'd like to see what you all have to say about this regarding any disagreement or ideas for improvement. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After seeing so many positive reviews of this idea, I've talked to Diam0ndz about a few different ideas to be implemented to the server: • The map pool will now be broken up into two different sections. The first, consisting of mostly small and medium sized maps, will have 29 maps in it. The second, with all of the large maps, will have 16. The 16 large maps will not be available to nominate until there are at least 12 players on the server at the time. • The map vote menu will include 7 potential maps instead of 5, and the last option, currently titled "Don't Change" will be changed to say "Extend Current Map." • Finally, as @Malala suggested (as well as the change above ^), the necessary percentage needed to rtv a map will increase from ~45% to ~60%. These changes are not yet in effect, but will be very soon, and hopefully they will help in keeping TTT fresh and fun for everyone who plays it. Regarding the new sectioned map pool, the map changelog included in a previous post (linked below) will now depict both sections for convenience. If anyone has any suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out to me or post a suggestion here on forums.
  5. I will look at it tonight and see if the differences are significant enough to warrant swapping it.
  6. :100cent:

  7. +rep Extacy would kill the game in this position gl homie
  8. Player Name Klitch Steam ID STEAM_1:0:148064856 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/klitcher Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 20 What is your current rank? Operator (TTT) Why would you be a good fit for Interview Team? I'm interested in joining the Interview Team because I'm completely versed in the rules and specifics of TTT and I'd like to be able to help prospective TTT Super Admins fully understand difficult situations and provide substantial benefit to the server as a whole. In regards to other servers, I have a solid understanding of the large majority of rules and with some review, I would be comfortable performing an interview for these servers if necessary. Additionally, I'm confident that I will remain objective and unbiased towards all candidates, judging them solely off their qualifications and their potential benefit to SNG. Do you have and actively use a microphone? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  9. Won’t lie it kind of slipped my mind. We mostly focused on the prices for Innocents rather than Traitors but in this instance, we should just make vesthelm 3k instead of 2k for both Traitors and Detectives. As for Innocents being able to purchase this stuff, we should have only vests available for 3k, no helmets individually or through vesthelm. I personally can’t change this stuff, but maybe @ Diam0ndzcan take a look at it this weekend.
  10. wrong server but good admin would be a great super, also very active. +rep

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