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  1. Denied. It's your responsibility to be familiar with the rules of whatever server you are on BEFORE you start playing. As colin said, it could have been a week for MRDM, but it isn't, so take this lesson and move forward wisely
  2. A reminder to all to keep your petty beef and personal problems off of applications — if your opinion is stated you’re welcome to edit your post and add on to it or change it
  3. First event went great, remember to keep voting weekly for which game you'd like to play next -- the poll will open back up after the Among Us event is complete.
  4. well tonight is the chance for people to have a squad to play with for a fat minute, I’ll be hoppin on at 9:45pm EST or so to host some games with the event team
  5. both are pretty fun when you have a good group of people to play with. fall guys requires less people, teamwork, and strategy so it’s just less stressful in general and more for just fucking off for a bit. among us is fun as both crewmate and imposter, obviously takes more strategy but it’s not terribly hard to figure out a good play style after a few games. I have both and like both
  6. +rep knowledgable and active, would enjoy seeing more from you in different parts of SNG
  7. Klitch

    n word

    welcome g, see ya around the servers
  8. Accepted for interview. Join Teamspeak around 9:15pm EST on Thursday, 9/3 for your interview
  9. Accepted for interview. Join Teamspeak around 9:00pm EST this Thursday, 9/3 for your interview
  10. Klitch

    TTT Rules

    TTT Rules 1. General Guidelines & Server Rules (Punishments - Admin Discretion) Ghosting is strictly prohibited No claiming areas or rooms No unreadable names (contain 2 or more English characters) Prop surfing is allowed, but do not surf to unreachable areas of maps that give you an obvious advantage over other players. Doing so will result in slays or a ban. Prop surfing around the map is only allowed for 15 seconds, or roughly enough time for you to move quickly across the map or go up to take a quick peek around and then get off. Do not camp in an area for more than 45 seconds. (Switching rooms and camping will be considered staying in one area.) No glitching or hacking of any kind. Spawn AFKs can be killed at 3:00 in the round. Anyone can be tazed without permission. No spamming of any kind, includes spamming E on doors. No HLDJ or software alike. Server SNG rules apply at all times. No changing your name to avoid KOS. This will get you punished by an admin. No map exploiting Exojump cannot be used to get to places that would normally be impossible to get to 2. Ending Screens & Roles Assigned Innocents - Survive until the end of the round or eliminate all of the traitors in the round. Detectives - Actively search for Traitors and defend innocents. Traitors - Kill all players except for fellow traitors. Innocents Win - Innocents and Detectives have killed all traitors or survived until the end of the round. Detective Win - All Innocents/Traitors are dead or survival until the end of the round. Traitors Win - All Detectives and Innocents are dead. 3. Ghosting (Punishment - Admin discretion) Giving out any information about the game to other players while you have access to explicit information using any method of communication. 4. Innocents/Detectives Rules (Punishment - Admin discretion) Do not RDM Do not cause damage to other players without a valid reason. (Includes objects on the maps) Do not call KOS without a valid reason. Do not Traitor bait. Do not kill players based off verbal orders/warnings. Able to kill players if KOS is valid. If KOSed and you know it is false (no logic behind it/KOSer lying about reasoning), you may kill the player who KOSed you. Detectives must see a player to tell them to freeze and must also have a tazer. Give three warnings with warning numbers. There must be 2-3 second intervals between each warning. You are allowed to call an official “live check or KOS” at 2:00 using the !livecheck command. Verbal live checks can be called throughout the round, but players are not required to respond. Tʼs may also call both of these. Detectives must taze or let the person they told to freeze go in 3 seconds You must ID all the bodies if you are the last innocent and there are at least two Traitors still alive. Do not assist Traitors. In the last minute of the round, you must be actively moving and changing areas. (Shift walking will be okay.) Following through with an obvious false KOS will get you slayed. An obvious false KOS would be like someone calling a KOS on someone for no logical reason; in other words the KOS is intentionally used to get innocents to kill each other. 5. Traitors Rules (Punishment - Admin discretion) May not kill or damage other Traitors unless acting in self defense (includes using map objects). T's may call KOS on anyone without reason. Warn fellow Traitors of traps or bombs. Do not delay the round. You must ask for permission to hint or KOS your fellow Traitors. 6. Random Death Match (RDM) (Punishment - Admin discretion) (RDM) When an innocent or a detective damages or kills another player for: No valid or logical reason. How the player is moving and talking. Disobeying an order. Pointing a gun at someone. Killing someone without directly seeing them commit an action. (example - Player hears another player get killed with an AK-47 in the room next to him, Player then continues to shoot the next player he sees with an AK-47. This is a Suspicious act, not a reason to kill someone. Player did not visually see the crime.) Using logic on the other hand is allowed. If you hear someone kill a player, you have ≤ 3 seconds to be on the scene in order to kill them, surpassing that time margin allows room for error. When someone claims someone else is a Traitor. Two people consenting to kill each other will still be treated as RDM. (Example - Two innocents consent to have a knife fight and they proceed to kill each other. This will be treated as RDM.) (Not RDM) Killing a player that is committing a Traitor Act. 7. Traitor Acts Firing towards people or crowds of people, unless in self-defense. Throwing frag or fire grenades around or towards other players, unless in self defense. Damaging or killing players using weapons or map objects, unless for self defense. Declaring KOS order on innocents. Planting bombs (C4) or detonating the jihad vest. Actively tailing other players with explosive items. Hiding traitor-only items. (C4, blackhole grenades, etc.) Hiding evidence. (Un IDed Bodies or disposing IDed bodies permanently) Blatantly ignoring or leaving bodies unidentified. Must warn the player to ID the bodies two times, 2-3 second intervals in between each warning. Destroying or disposing of a health station. KOSing yourself is a form of T baiting and doing so will get you punished with slays by an admin. Using or carrying Traitor weapons like the flamethrower or one hit pick axe on PrincessCraft. Entering a Traitor room not accessible to innocents. KOSing a player for appearing to open the Traitor room is considered RDM. An exception to this rule is if an innocent went into a Traitor room before roles were assigned(e.g., ttt_minecraftcity_dark_v2). Traitor baiting. Claiming to be proven when you are actually not. (False-proving) Actively prop blocking players. Must warn the player to stop prop blocking two times, 2-3 second intervals in between each warning. Actively door spamming/blocking players. Must warn the player to stop door spamming/blocking two times, 2-3 second intervals in between each warning. 8. Traitor Baiting (Punishment - Admin discretion) Making it look like you are a Traitor when you're actually an Innocent. In regards to shooting, shooting at or near a player is considered T baiting. Shooting a breakable or movable object near a player is allowed if doing so is for a legitimate purpose, if just to cause confusion it will be treated as T baiting. Shooting at anything outside of a 5 player model radius. KOSing yourself or declaring yourself as a Traitor or a “T” is considered T Baiting and other players will not be reprimanded for following through with a KOS. Repeatedly KOSing yourself or declaring yourself as a Traitor when you are actually an Innocent will lead to slays from an Admin. 9. Suspicious Acts (Examples) Any traitor-like act that is not listed under Traitor Acts is a Suspicious Act. Throwing smoke, flash, or decoy grenades around or towards other players. Accusing players of being traitors for illogical reasons. Moving bodies. Intentionally deviating attention from a traitor. Giving false information about a player. REMINDER stating "if I stop talking KOS so and so" is NOT a valid reason to KOS, but it IS a valid reason to call suspicion. 10. Equipment Rules Decoy Teleporter - Do not use the grenade to teleport into unreachable areas. DNA scanner requires 2 innocent bodies in order to call a KOS. Only 1 detective body is required to call KOS. 11. Basic Commands !radio—> Pulls up a panel of quick talk things. Certain commands can only be executed when looking at a player. Useful in a bind for players without a mic. !tvoice—> Activates Traitor voice chat so that only traitors can hear voice chat from you. Useful to strategize. @ in team chat—> Need to talk to an admin? Type @ in team chat and your message to privately message any admins on at the time. !menu—> Pulls up innocent, detective, or traitor buy menus. Special items can be bought from these menus for each role. Typing rtv in chat→ Rock the Vote to change the map. !nominate in chat → Nominate a map to the voting list. !drules → Brings up the detective rule menu. Useful if you accidentally pressed yes or no to being a detective. These commands can also be used in console by typing sm_<InsertCommandHere> (Example - Bind (key) sm_tvoice) 12. TTT Terminology KOS→ Kill On Sight. Anyone who is called KOS may be killed immediately. T’s can call KOSes. RDM→ Random Death Match. Attacking someone for no reason and causing damage. RDM is usually only noted if it resulted in someone getting killed. However freely damaging someone is still considered RDM. T rooms→ Traitor rooms. Only traitors can enter these rooms under normal circumstances by pressing a specific trigger to open the door to the Traitor room. Many of these rooms can be opened from a distance, so you may not KOS someone if it appears that they opened the door. 13. Situational Rules Logic can totally override certain rules in extremely rare situations. The following are some of the rare situations: Having a secondary weapon not obtainable on the map. (Primaries can be picked up from other people, secondaries are not dropped when someone dies if they have a primary) If there is a certain amount of Traitors left and you call a live-check or KOS and only that amount of people responds, you do NOT have to ID the remaining bodies. That is enough logic to KOS the remaining people. If a Detective DNA scans a body within 3 seconds of that person being killed, they then may call KOS on the killer. 14. Shop Items Do not KOS off of shop items. (I.E KOS the pikachu head) If using any shop items, you run the risk of being identified by your shop items. It is your responsibility to equip or unequip shop items. If you have any questions regarding the current rules message the current TTT operator: @Klitch
  11. I agree that 10 months is a long time to be banned for an mfk, and I don't believe you had any deeper malicious intent towards the server or anyone on it. Ban appeal accepted and ctban removed, please note that if you ever do this again you will be permanently ctbanned without a chance at appeal. Have fun gamer
  12. congrats homie, been fun watchin you walk a tightrope between intentionally pissing off everyone and actually being a good super and bringing solid ideas to the table. ik you’ll kill it g
  13. Klitch

    Im asian :)

    hella proud of ya g, can't wait to see what ya do for jb
  14. Klitch


    wassup man I've seen you around on Teamspeak and awp before, glad to see you've joined forums. hit up any staff member if you need anything hombre

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