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  1. seems like a nice kid with good intentions. as noodles said he has a drive to be on the server to help out, not just to play with friends. good luck man, +rep
  2. Player Name Klitch Steam ID STEAM_1:0:148064856 Steam Profile URL https://skynetgaming.net/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=redirect&url=http://steamcommunity.com/id/klitcher/&key=9b9b8ccef4972d20dc743e3fbadb1ad11327e4df442fe7717c78667e8873dbe9&resource= Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 20 What is your current rank? Operator Why would you be a good fit for Mentorship Team? I find that many new admins for TTT can get a little confused in some of the more dicey situations or be unfamiliar with the various options for handling such situations. I consider myself to be very well versed in both the TTT rules as well as the general rules applied to each server, and the commands that are used frequently by admins are second-nature to me. Helping new admins become familiar with these rules and commands is something I think I’d do well. Which servers would you focus on teaching new admins in? TTT Do you have and actively use a microphone? Yes Have you read and met all requirements for this position? Yes
  3. Klitch

    Merci SNG

    definitely enjoyed getting to know ya a bit in SG and now here. thanks for what you’ve done, still excited to see how you’ll help in the future. gl w your more important stuff homie, hope it works out for ya
  4. +rep there is 0 reason to deny this, gl homie
  5. Klitch

    Introducing me!

    welcome YO i hope to see you around TTT sometime
  6. Klitch


    my schedule is fire but im taking gen eds rn so it’s boring af. also trig sucks
  7. Vote for the new default map for TTT pt. 2!
  8. I’ve created a new poll to include 3 small/medium sized maps after hearing a lot of input regarding highschool being way too big. For a starting map, where often only 2-5 people load into, a large map just creates problems with people chasing each other around in circles while the round is dragged out. These three maps are the best options imo, if another suggestion gets overwhelming support it can obviously be considered. ^^^^
  9. I think Teenroom would be a perfect starting map as well, it's a great size and is fun but not too popular. If anyone has a better suggestion that gets a lot of support I can take out some of the least-voted maps and bring it down to two top maps to choose from.
  10. Seems to work fine other than a small amount of lag. If any issues arise with it I can look into another version.
  11. Hi there. I wanted to let you all know of some changes I've made to the current TTT rules, as well as what I hope to do with the map cycle very soon. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regarding the rules, I've added some clarifications that I believe will make the rules more clear-cut and easier to understand. Below you can see all of the changes I made to the TTT rules -- sections in green were added or enhanced, sections in red were removed. If any of these changes are unclear, please let me know and we'll consider other ways to present them. 1. General Guidelines & Server Rules (Punishments - Admin Discretion) Do not change your name while you are alive during a round. This could be for many reasons, including avoiding a KOS. Doing so will result in slays from an Admin. <-- Clarified to disallow all name changes while alive. 4. Innocents/Detectives Rules (Punishment - Admin discretion) You are allowed to call an official “live check or KOS” at 2:00 using the !livecheck command. Verbal live checks can be called throughout the round, but players are not required to respond. T’s may also call both of these. <-- Wording was clarified to include the !livecheck command. 7. Traitor Acts Actively prop blocking players. Must warn the player to stop prop blocking two times, 2-3 second intervals in between each warning. Actively door spamming/blocking players. Must warn the player to stop door spamming/blocking two times, 2-3 second intervals in between each warning. Entering a Traitor room not accessible to innocents. KOSing a player for appearing to open the Traitor room is considered RDM. 8. Traitor Baiting (Punishment - Admin discretion) KOSing yourself or declaring yourself as a Traitor or a “T” is considered T Baiting and other players will not be reprimanded for following through with a KOS. Repeatedly KOSing yourself or declaring yourself as a Traitor when you are actually an Innocent will lead to slays from an Admin. 11. Basic Commands !tttrules → Brings up the current TTT rules. <-- Removed due to the command not existing 12. TTT Terminology T rooms→ Traitor rooms. Only traitors can enter these rooms under normal circumstances by pressing a specific trigger to open the door to the Traitor room. Many of these rooms can be opened from a distance, so you may not KOS someone if it appears that they opened the door. The full page of TTT rules can be found at this link. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Onto the map cycle. Firstly, I think a change in the default map for TTT would freshen up the server and break the monotony of server crashes always bringing us back to princesscraft. I've selected 5 maps to choose from as the new default map, and you all can choose above in the poll I've created. When I was choosing the maps I tried to select enjoyable maps that are not already played all the time. The default map tends to get a bit dry after a while, so I'd hate to choose one of the best maps we have and subsequently never choose it during map votes. As far as additions and removals of maps, I have a 5gb file of TTT maps that I will be looking through to add/switch out over time; I'll add onto this post with more information in the coming days about what new maps to expect. However, I do have two that I will be adding to the list today and one that will be removed: Map Changelog (Additions in green, removals in red, fixes in yellow): 1/3/20: + ttt_peachcastle_v1_fix + ttt_minecraft_2018 - ttt_minecraftcity 1/5/20: + ttt_breakthrough_v1 + ttt_druglab_v3_2 + ttt_floodzone_2 - ttt_lost_temple_go_v1 - ttt_lttp_kakariko_a4_csgo - ttt_gunkanjima - ttt_cabin_fix_v2 (thanks @Extacy) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope that these edits to the rules and map cycle will improve the server, but if any of you have any concerns or questions, feel free to let me know.
  12. +rep bork is incredibly fun to play with and is very well versed in the rules. He’s always keeping the server fun and enjoyable for all. good luck my man

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