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  1. instead of a slay what if it removed 10 health every 5-10 seconds past 3 or something. they'd be dead by 1-2 minutes if they killed no one
  2. I don't like delayers, I like this though. maybe make it 3:30? kill afks by 2 sort of thing also with less populated days the time frame may be tight. 3 could work but what if it varied between 10 and 15 at a player count threshold @sleepy
  3. +rep Vegan's a great admin v helpful and uses perms appropriately gl my guy <3
  4. He’s not making it seem like that at all he’s just acknowledging the FACT that you have occasionally rdmd a decent bit in the past. You’re making it harder on yourself by getting so defensive, start off next time with an apology and an acknowledgement that you messed up.
  5. add it so i can be one of those scammed idiots fr tho that'd be fun
  6. Klitch

    Good Rules!

    Ay welcome to SNG homie glad to see you around today.
  7. i actually can’t believe you commented this without at all knowing about my knowledge of jb lil excessive for me pointing out one flaw homie, idk why you’re heated about this lol
  8. it’s more than a convenience on ttt it’s also the only in game punishment you can receive (excluding comms) unlike jb. not saying it shouldn’t be on jb but your argument that it should be bc it’s on ttt is stupid
  9. you need some meat on those bones homie. only 49 songs for your main playlist? how do you not get bored
  10. p much anything that goes hard except techno trash. i try not to listen to the songs i like working out to when i’m not bc it gets me less hype at the gym
  11. Klitch

    Ban THis kId

  12. make a proper report in the right section or your shit's gonna keep getting denied js ^^
  13. whenever a map dl doesn’t work for me I just grab the .bz2 download link from console and plug that into chrome and put the file in manually
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