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  1. yo dawg u still kinda cute tho

  2. I respect your experience and interest but honestly I’ll just say the same thing to you I said to m17 forever ago — show your interest in a tangible way for this to be considered imo gl hombre
  3. i dropped a pita pizza on a camping trip sauce-down in the dirt and there was a grasshopper in it when i picked it up pulled him out but im p sure he lost a leg or 2 in there i ate it if that was unclear
  4. Yeah my guy this is complete bullshit, no way around it -- especially considering one peek at your ip shows you were permed for scripting and then banned by console on 17 duplicate accounts You can entirely rewrite your explanation to be truthful, or you can remain banned
  5. Accepted, welcome back to SNG
  6. uwotsumfukm8

    1. Klitch


      ur weird bro gtfo my profile you slimy lonely bitch

    2. Jensyl


      I'll remember that next time i decide to be nice and visit ur dead profile on a dead forum >:(

    3. tie


      Where's my fucc wtf

  7. Accepted for interview shoot me a message on Discord whenever you get a chance and we’ll set a time — Klitch#4318
  8. If you are reading this, you are likely considering applying for an official position in SkynetGaming. On behalf of the Staff team, I'd like to thank you for your interest in our community! With that being said, please take time going over this thread to understand important information detailing our application process and requirements for each specific rank. Application forms should not be filled out via creating a new topic. Please apply via the application system here: https://skynetgaming.net/apply/ Applications not completed through the application system
  9. Appeal accepted, welcome back to SNG — don’t make the same mistakes that led you to be banned in the first place
  10. Klitch

    Its time.

    glad I could be a part of the team w ya and get to know ya better homie, gl in your endeavors and stick around 🤝
  11. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  12. Klitch

    Ban Appeal: kobi

    can u retards stop comparing dick sizes plz this is denied for the time being given that this is your second cheating ban on SNG servers and you are consistently a nuisance in many ways, despite what you may say in your appeal. reappeal no sooner than 2 months from today with some actual experience not being this way