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  1. Ban appeal accepted, welcome back
  2. Good afternoon people of SNG! It is my pleasure to give you all some info regarding our upcoming events as well as provide an opportunity for you all to suggest new event ideas or give insight into what you'd like to see sooner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First and foremost, the Event Team and I have decided on a CS:GO Wingman Tournament for our Christmas event in which teams of 2 will compete for monetary prizes in a 8-team (minimum) bracket. All information regarding this event including dates and prizes will be posted this weekend and will also include the sign-up format for teams that wish to participate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Secondly, given significant community interest made clear over the past few weeks, we will be setting up the Event server as a ScoutzKnivez server for a whole weekend. During this weekend event, players will have opportunities to win various prizes based on a number of criteria, including VIP, CSGO skins, Steam gift cards, and more. We will also be using this event as a "trial-run" of sorts to see how an SK server would fare in our repertoire of CS:GO servers. This event does not have any set dates yet, but I have created a StrawPoll for people to vote for which weekend works best for them. Given that this event will take place over both days of the weekend, only two weekend options will be available to vote for. Additionally, the weekly event will not be held on whichever weekend is selected. Vote now at this link: https://strawpoll.com/uzxwhphbw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lastly, we have come up with some ideas for medium-sized events that are easier to setup and can be done more frequently. So far, the three potential/future events that we have discussed are a Rocket League tournament, League of Legends 3v3, and an Osu! tournament of some kind. All three games are free to play with some being more versatile in their game structure than others. Instead of choosing which ones we're going to do next within the team, we'd like to garner feedback on what the players would like to see sooner as well as any other event ideas they may wish to share. Feel free to comment below which of these events (if any) you'd like to see sooner rather than later, potential event ideas you may have, or any other feedback you wish to share. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feel free to reach out to any Event Coordinator for clarification or anything else regarding this post (@ Klitch @Noodlesssss @KING KAZMA @Mythin @Box @colinkr @CurryAssassin)
  3. why tho, all you do is intentionally annoy anyone who seems like easy bait and then turn bitch mode when you get clapped for it pretty evident imo that your “remorse” is fabricated for the sake of being unbanned and continuing your retardedness
  4. 1. waffle 2. seasonal + some grass and trees 3. messy most of the time but organized in specific areas
  5. Denied, it's your responsibility to follow the rules when on SNG servers. You can re-appeal no sooner than 2 weeks from today.
  6. Klitch

    Hey, I'm Gay

    welcome to the dream team laddy, watch yourself or I might tp you into a wall again
  7. Klitch

    yellow now

    congrats idiot if you ever move me in teamspeak again I’m deleting dr
  8. Klitch

    am green

    congrats ugly! excited to see ya in this position, green suits you well
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