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  1. Due to the amount of support prop surfing receives in the poll from a sizable amount of players, I have decided to keep it allowed for now. However, further discussion challenged me to consider alternative ways to allow for prop boosting while eliminating the downsides as much as possible. This is what I came up with a few days ago, and further discussion on the topic only left me more torn between leaving the rule as is vs. disallowing prop boosting altogether; however, I do think this compromise has the potential to be a beneficial addition to the server, and as such, it has been implemented. Prop surfing is allowed, but do not surf to unreachable areas of maps that give you an obvious advantage over other players. Doing so will result in slays or a ban. Prop surfing around the map is only allowed for 15 seconds, or roughly enough time for you to move quickly across the map or go up to take a quick peek around and then get off. If there are any further concerns or opinions on this issue or any other, feel free to message me, post here, or start a discussion in the TTT Discord server.
  2. Yes it does, it applies to all areas of the map
  3. Good morning everyone. Recently, the topic of prop boosting has been a focus of debate in the TTT Discord server, with some people believing that the rule should not have been changed and prop boosting should once again be disallowed. I'd like to see a more inclusive discussion occur before I make any decision regarding this rule, so if anyone has any opinions or thoughts, please don't hesitate to include below. Here is the current rule regarding prop boosting: Prop surfing is allowed, but do not surf to unreachable areas of maps that give you an obvious advantage over other players. Doing so will result in slays or a ban. I will also include screenshots from the discussion we had in the TTT Discord for context. Thanks in advance gamers
  4. +rep rage is a hella qualified candidate for this position. since his sg days he has been a complete whore for jb and I have total confidence in his ability to operate the server. good luck my man
  5. congrats homie g! well deserved
  6. What do you wish for Christmas this year, despite Coronavirus? not a big gift guy, would like to build a new desktop soon and maybe my fam will help w a few parts. that'd be nice Aside from a knife skin, what is your dream CS:GO skin that you wish you owned? ak-47 wild lotus What is your favorite SNG Server and why? obviously TTT, it's comm-heavy, versatile, and in general a hella fun place to spend some time. thanks for the event homie :)
  7. ttt jensyl my fav kind it’s been fun gettin to know ya a bit over the past few months homie, I’ll pop in on your ts channel more often
  8. welcome to the forums homie. hope to see TTT become a new regular for ya
  9. Klitch

    Cya homies

    sad to see ya go homie, wish ya luck in the future. come back and say wassup sometimes
  10. hey homie welcome to forums. hop on TTT sometime and we’ll ball out
  11. You're still being banned for duplicate account due to the fact that your brother is still banned. last time you got permed was the same issue ^ @ Diam0ndz
  12. These ban appeals often take a few days to process, be patient and don’t make another appeal :)
  13. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7w3aFHYHOj6JujY6G30yqc?si=06gMQaKLT3GtlukDLFAPcw go nuts - i recommend listening from the most recent
  14. ur a retard ig and on forums, I’ve learned not to expect anything more from u bye -rep
  15. welcome to the forums homie, see ya on ttt

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