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  1. killin the game homie nice work
  2. Hi Klitch, Thank you for your donation of 1.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks Skynetgaming.net
  3. yeah just had this for the first time today, only happened once for me though.
  4. hell yeah ty for your help homie these fixes will help out a lot
  5. Klitch

    Making ttt Better

    1. like warden said im p sure it’s not possible w this plugin 2. has also been looked at a bunch by devs but no fix has been found 3. should stick to the map created guns no reason for only people that know the trick to get a free usps 4. yes lemme help 5. yes
  6. happy birthday you fucking maniac

  7. it’s not a chain but this pizza place by my house makes some of the dankest garlic knots I’ve ever had. not too soggy, not too dry... just right also do you want the credits you won or no add me back on steam if you do
  8. Klitch

    happy birthday retardation

  9. Klitch


    life is hard but it also gets better if you have patience and determination to make a change. I’m not gonna counter all your points or anything bc ik it won’t help, speaking from experience. try to find some happiness in life, wherever that may be, and expand on it. good luck, hope to continue to see you in game
  10. Winners have been selected! Congrats to everyone that won :) 1st Tier - 30,000 credits (1 winner) - @ Diam0ndz 👻 (Selected AWP instead of credits) 2nd Tier - 20,000 credits (1 winner) - @xen, 3rd Tier - 10,000 credits (3 winners) - @ayu, @Toko, @Blueberry 4th Tier - 5,000 credits (4 winners) - @J o r d a n, @Sixredfish, @krispeerice TEMP, @Rose 5th Tier - 5,000 credits (6 winners) - @Earthling, @.Fate, @Spooksyl, @Zarn, @george, @Tubby If you won, I suggest adding me on Steam so we can get ig together and I can get your credits over to you. Prizes won't be delayed or forgotten, all will be done ideally by the end of this weekend.
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