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  1. go in your maps folder and search kz and delete all of them so you can download the newest version of the map next time you join
  2. @Milky stop prop boosting dumbass
  3. +rep seen rage on jb a bit, rage is nice man. good luck
  4. +rep its about time bruh. good luck
  5. I use to play gfl which had that and ppl would abused it all the time. -rep bad idea just tell the ts to shut up, oh wait you cant speak over 10 decibels
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/id/7654263456234/ yea mines better, da background moves
  7. +rep Adding back good maps that people like, unlike noodles adding random minecraft Turkish map. Good Luck
  8. +rep Fun and active player to be around, think mini games is a good fit for him. good luck
  9. +rep active fun player to be around and knows rules good luck
  10. +rep If he gets op hes will add long street back, and hes open to feedback from the jb community on which maps they like and dont want. Good Luck
  11. +rep OG player. Has years of experience playing jb and would add good maps in the remove the shit ones. when you get op add jb_LongStreet back good luck never thought you and smashy would get fucking admin

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