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  1. watchin this shit is funny to me idk why
  2. PFFT no jkjk definently a fat +rep this guy has done so much w/ diamonds on trying to help TTT he's been very useful and I really think he deserves it.
  3. you haven't met the requirements 20 non spammed posts 3 recommendations 1 being a operator or higher
  4. l o l +rep funny guy *only problem this guy smells like dick cheese no cap *
  5. happy birthday bro

  6. mans has definently improved, he's upped the activity and I think he's ready +rep
  7. he's 11 and better than a lot of admins shits crazy +rep
  8. boooooo u suckk edit: jokes aside he's a good admin I think he deserves super +rep
  9. Player Name bottomfraf Steam ID STEAM_0:0:183874436 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/bottomfraf/ Age 17 Why would you be a good admin? From the start of SNG coming back I've been trying to be extremely active in general and try to enforce rules. I've wanted to help this server get to a better place than it is right now. I feel like super is the next step in the right direction. as an admin I've been able to help many people in many instances on TTT. I come on daily and try to keep it so that the players can actually have some fun w/ out being rdm'd. ty for takin the time to read gl to anyone else who applies Server you are applying for TTT
  10. Bottomfraf


    imagine catfishing holy
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