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  1. Bottomfraf

    Moving on

    gl w/ life man I'm gonna miss you fr :(
  2. known this dude back when I started, he's chill and knows rules overall would be a great admin +rep add to recs if you want
  3. mic check dumb kneegah

    happy bday :peepoLove: :50cent:

    1. Bottomfraf


      ty bro

  4. u got a mic dude?

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. hbd bottom hope it's a good one 

    1. Bottomfraf


      thanks <3

  7. my fellow bean man :(
  8. Bottomfraf

    Is a babbyy

    congrats bro
  9. I really like you Azecko I think your a great person and all but I honestly don’t see you anything beyond a super admin. You’ve been an admin for this server for a long time but I don't know if operator is good for you. I feel like maybe you wouldn't do as good as others in the position. I'd rather not try and repeat what everyone said but I'll say it again anyways, I feel like maybe the power would just maybe go to your head. I know people will say " operators don't get shit " or stuff like that but they do. They're the last thing you have to apply for before it's just being promoted off of how you do and personality. I feel like maybe you aren't ready and I'm sorry but I'm just going to be honest. I have a bad feeling that I'm going to go ahead and trust that you shouldn't be operator. You're a good guy honestly and you've done a lot for the server but maybe operator is a little too much for you. Thank for reading I know this is a little late to respond with. If you want to go deeper into this msg me on disc or some shit and I'll respond to you there instead of spamming on here. I really don't think I'll be changing my stance on this. -rep
  10. Klitch is a very good guy and I don't think something such as " time " or " too early " is enough to -rep him. He's a good super and is active. Out of the 3 I feel like Klitch is the better option no matter how many times I look at it. i really think he'd be a good operator. I think he has enough experience. +rep

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