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  1. I'm going to have to -rep he was personally going after rage for nothing and being completely toxic edit: forgot to say he was warned many times
  2. loves kz, always on it, knows all the rules, one of the most active kz players +rep
  3. leaning towards +rep old op definitely knows his shit just be a little more active
  4. +rep good guy would be a great super
  5. uh hello im bottomfraf i am a new admin xd My real names Ryan and I'm currently 17 years old, my birthday is on march 16. As you can tell already I'm pretty bad w/ naming almost anything but I try xd. I've been a long time player and joined sometime during 2016 and I just recently got accepted as admin. I just wanted to say hello to everyone xd. It's about times I finally clarify 1 thing tho, why I don't use my mic. The real reason I just simply don't talk is because of having strict parents ( my mom ). She doesn't exactly like the fact that I'm playing with you know strangers and that she wants me honestly to keep away from them, now if she even catches me not listening to what she said I'd have to quit gaming in general. Hope you all understand hope to see you guys in the servers dm me if you need anything xd
  6. okok ill take it xdxd
  7. big +rep bung is a fit for it and a previous super
  8. fat +rep definently deserves it, knows his shit about TTT think he'd be a great opp
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