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  1. lol hate to say it but I don't think jb will ever be what it use to be and the only way it'll have a chance of coming back is if there was a change that made it fun again which is obviously easier said than done
  2. +rep he knows what people want and will actually contribute
  3. I suck at these so sorry if it's shit lmao I've been a member of sng for as long as I can remember really and it's been a big chunk of my life honestly. I've had tons of great memories and enjoyed my time here but I think just like everything else, it's time for me to fully move on. Gonna miss all of you and if you ever wanna talk just dm me on disc. gonna give a little shoutout to boys @Duckyy @why @B0xerZ@redderfry@george. I'm not gonna tag them all bc it's basically half of the server. I really am gonna miss you guys pce.
  4. Well as most of you can tell by this title, my discord is disabled currently for dming 6 people within 2 hours.... I'm trying to get it back right now but I just wanted to make this post incase any of you dm me on discord and don't get a response back for like a week maybe longer. ( I hope not ) https://gyazo.com/5c4a167d887c10a878aebcfd4fad94bd see you guys in 7.7mil responses. Also Crazy#3289 is my temp disc if yall need me.
  5. Bottomfraf

    Moving on

    gl w/ life man I'm gonna miss you fr :(
  6. known this dude back when I started, he's chill and knows rules overall would be a great admin +rep add to recs if you want
  7. mic check dumb kneegah

    happy bday :peepoLove: :50cent: