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  1. stop comin online i see you creepin homie :shakeneyes:

  2. you would lie because u dont like me and when you false banned me (cuz u didnt like me) the owner made u unban me
  3. i was muted but not for threats it was micspam
  4. flamewater is literally lying he hates me because i would also LR and shotgun war him in the face and troll him I was not mad I was just doing climb on a freeday and someone sent the IP it was a joke
  5. i was joking around all day saying dumb stuff and he had a distaste for me that he made very clear, I was not warned or anything, just banned on the spot he didnt like me to say the least
  6. In-Game Name: dudeman (now its bruh) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:93440281 Name of the Admin that punished you: diamond Reason why you got punished: "ddos threat" Length of your punishment: perm Reason why the punishment should be lifted: someone sent an ip in chat so i jokingly said "sending packets" and i got perma banned I was unaware that jokes were handled this seriously and would like to play some good ol jailbreak again
  7. dudemannn

    hi again

    good job @dudemann couldnt have got here without me here every step of the way
  8. Player Name bruh Steam ID STEAM_1:0:93440281 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/Uncle_Dolan_4777/ Age 16 Why would you be a good admin? well I personally consider myself the coolest guy on the server because I don't know a single person who dislikes me and am well liked and know the rules well Active Servers jailbreak
  9. -rep very toxic can get mad and make unwise decisions
  10. I accidently quoted that, new video proving it If it's not enough I will add you on steam and make a steam group chat and we can all talk in that Sorry I couldn't find the DM thing and this is the only way to talk sorry VID_20190625_140958.mp4
  11. Video of my laptop and donkey kongs pc VID_20190625_134037.mp4
  12. No the mute wasn't mine to begin with so I needed to explain that So yes it's for the mute
  13. wow thats pretty rude also I will send a video in of me walking to both the computers to prove it
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