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lloyd last won the day on February 27

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  1. been chillin, pree much just been work, work out, play some games, and sleep..
  2. one of the best rounds back then imo, def a +rep
  3. neutral.. imo you still got some work to do, you do have a comm history and whenever you are on, I dont exactly see you enforce rules, whether you were on awp or JB. But I do think you are improving gl on your application anyways g
  4. lloyd


    grats my g
  5. never really had a problem with you on awp... personally, it was quite rare to hear you speak or do anything retarded on the server. your rep has only decreased cuz of your brother imo, so i dont see anything wrong about an unban. +rep
  6. yo i bet he a brown shirt with no badges
  7. lloyd

    yo its me

    welcome brotha
  8. lloyd


    yall are hilarious
  9. welcome... yall are corny btw
  10. lloyd

    hbd g

  11. +rep one of the most chillest guys i have met, and knows his shit.. good luck brotha
  12. lloyd

    Nairb = 🍊웃


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