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  1. Zoroark Salamence i always thought these two were pree badass as soon as i saw em in the pokemon games. My goal was to at least get one of em in any pokemon game released. (I like zoroark's first evolution zorua just as much.)
  2. +rep cool and chill guy, knows his shit and enforces the rules
  3. you are making quite a ruckus around here huh.. the rules are on the forums and im pretty sure (correct me if im wrong) that there is a !rules command in game for most of our servers.... just smarten the fuck up man
  4. +rep element is a very nice person, and was always nice and hilarious towards me and other people while on the server before he was banned. give the man a second chance
  5. If i recall, you said this on brodie's admin app, "I have been acting like an ass and I have been stupid with my sounboard, however, I have stopped after a short bit and have been doing nothing asshole-ish for a while now, unless just generally shit talking and messing around with others on the servers" "I can't excuse my actions cuz I was just being a straight piece of shit" This you?
  6. +rep yethirr, knows his shit and has experience... would be a very pog admin if i do say so myself
  7. knows his shit, and knows how to handle all situations, and is also quite active has to be a +rep fo shoooooooo
  8. among us over fall guys fo sho bunch of cheaters on fall guys, A FUCKING PARTY GAME MAN
  9. oh god here we go but srsly this is an obvious decision, been here long and knows the rules. +rep
  10. +rep an obvious decision man.... mans been on kz day in and day out, and has been an admin for quite a bit. knows his shit. good luck brotha
  11. not a lot of effort put in at all... at least have more than one sentence for your reason on why you should be unbanned. seriously it honestly looks like you dont care at all. (you have appealed at least 4 times or more in the past too... you should know better.) and an admin put his input on your situation, you can explain that you are supposedly, "new" when it happened etc. but no need to tell him to stfu. what a joke. doesn't really help you in this scenario bud!
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