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  1. I was just looking for a name one day and I thought what are my too favorite things and it happened to be smoking and penguins so thats how i got my name.
  2. I agree with this as well I play a lot usually and there are arent enough admins with school and work as well as other things to take care of all the servers. I know that finding admins is hard and people that know the rules are few but if we could get some more active admins it would be nice to say the least.
  3. Okay so i think people misunderstood i didnt spray him as he was walking in the room he was already in the room they open it and i shoot them all.
  4. Like i said six you dont have to open the door going into the t room deermined by rules is KOSable so I had full rights to kill you
  5. yes but bung as rules state being in a t room is t activity and I can KOS of that so therefore i can KOs six and kill him as well as the other t and the inno that was in there.
  6. And thats what I did chicken I killed 2 t including six and one inno because they where in that room.
  7. That is what i said thats why you cant KOS of that room we are litterally playing the map right now
  8. So if you are talking about the t rooms on maps such as princess craft the room is accessible to ts winch is why it you are not able to KOS off of that particular t room that room is only considers for ts because of the t only teleport in it
  9. I would like to say that I didnt call KOS becuase you walk to the the ttt room I called KOS becuase you where in the t room dark was withm me too and he called the KOS on you before I called a KOS on you
  10. So six went into a t room and i kill him another t and an inno. But they where all i t room on the map community bowling. In the rules its states that Entering a Traitor room not accessible to innocents That is a traitor action meaning that i can kill them off of it so there for I shouldn't have been slayed for the two rounds because he said that i rdm him and that i had no reason to kill him. I asked other admin but no one was higher than six so they said they couldn't over step. I personally think six was mad i killed him but what do I know im so random pleb who happens to play this ever. I have no video of this but there we plenty of admins on. List of admin on at the time: Sixredfish Lemons Bung Dark People have misunderstood what I have done they think I sprayed them down as they entered the room no they where already in the room I entered and shoot all of them.\ So again I KOS him when he was in the room he I remeber he was shouting he was stuck in the door Not only that Dark had also KOS him before I did I just said what dark did.
  11. So on zombie day if you redie as a zombie you can block the bullets of other people helping the zombies that are still alive. This is really dumb because i seen people abuse this before by blocking bullets to get people in small spaces.
  12. I also like this Idea although I know this is never gonna happen people really like the deathrun severs and I played the deathrun server time to time but I cant anymore and there are no other good deathrun severs. But as you the developers can see there is a real want for the deathrun server and some for the admins also agree with this as well.
  13. So I think we should remove arcade version 3 because we already have version 5 on and have both maps is unneeded for instance you can play the maps back to back and who wants that.
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