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  1. why

    Moving on

    i'll miss u man
  2. lol demoted

  3. why

    MY INTRO!!

    welcome to the community man
  4. why

    Adios Amigos

    goodbye man, bye man.
  5. why

    Thank you SNG

    good luck on future and goodbye man
  6. why

    Is a babbyy

    congrats man
  7. happy birthday cheater

  8. happy birthday

  9. why

    Biggest Simp?

    its you dumbass
  10. goodbye redder <3

  11. are u retarded. I literally fucked half of your shitty team. You all combat logged cause u got scared of losing your loot. We wouldn't have burned down your houses if you guys didn't combat log. ?XD :)

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