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Found 20 results

  1. ART CONTENT OMAGHERD! 1. Miles Morales as Spider-Man 2. Red Power Ranger from Power Rangers in Space 3. Twitch from League of Legends, Banner included lol Don't try to take my art, and say its yours. Other than that hope you like them !
  2. ART GIVEAWAY OMAHGERD! I'll be drawing 5 winners as usually, the winners will receive a a 500x500 sketch of there favorite character/animal/or thing. To ENTER: 1. Comment if you have missed my art content, and why? 2. And tell which of my sketch pieces have you liked the most. 3. Rate my Venom piece 1-10 Winners will be drawn November 9th, if you are one of the winners remember to DM me what you want me to draw! Have FUN!, Love You Guys <3 Art Below: VENOM (Still A Work In Progress)
  3. This is a watch guide for people that want to get into watches and want some ideas on what to get! - WHY YOU NEED A WATCH WHEN YOUR PHONE CAN TELL THE TIME? - First of all, you don't NEED a watch, a watch is a luxury. But they aren't as much as you'd think. Second, they look great and show that you are mature and time matters to you. Third, its quick, stylish and conversation starter. Last, its traditional and shows class. - LETS GO OVER SOME BASICS - -What to avoid. MVMT, Hugo Boss, Daniel Wellington, Michael Kors, Armani, Nixon, The Fifth, Vincero, ETC. (Chinese made) You want to avoid watches that are mass made with unknown/bad movements. Some don't last more than a few years and you really aren't seeing the return on investment on these. They look OK but they generally don't last or have premuim materials. They usually are as much as premium watches and usually cost the makers 5-10% of what it goes for retail. So overall avoid these brands. -Maybe brands that are for the name not money Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, ETC. These watches look nice and really show your how much money you got, they usually have OK movement and will last longer than some of the brands above, but you are paying a huge premium just to have . So personally, these are maybes, they look cool and usually have Swiss movements but you pay for the brand not the movement. -Why is movement / where its made so important. Location of production gives a watch value and quality overall. The Swiss and Japanese governments have huge standards on what movements they allow production on and this shows in their watches. They will generally last a long time and are made with only premium materials. This also determines resell value, ones with decent movement sell for more and some even double or triple in value over time and can make a great investment. Movements can be made in house(less common) or by a popular movement company, this will determine base price. -Lets go over the two most common types of movement Quartz and Automatic Quartz movement is battery based, and usually last 4-10 years on a single charge for most decent brands. They are extremely common and very accurate. Automatic movement is a movement powered by the motion of the users body. There's a weight located on the back of the watch that winds the watch as you move. Usually less acurate and prone to shock, but can last 5-25 years without work done on it. Generally less common and has a high price premium -Hz / Frequency This is the amount of time a watch ticks per sec / min. 1hz = 2 ticks per sec. The most common is 1hz and 3hz which is a standard in cheaper / sport watches. The higher the hz the smoother the hands. Rolex is usually around 4-8hz Higher hz rates don't mean more accurate, there is a trade off where watches will lose some accuracy due to shock/ imperfections in the watch movement which is very common, even in some of the most expensive watches. Some of the highest frequencies come from high end bulova and grand seiko watches. -Glass/Crystal Watches "Glass" is usually known as crystal, even tho it may not be made a crystal. Most cheaper watches use plastics, high resistant glass, and polymers. Most decent brands use high end mineral based crystals or true sapphire glass. You want to stick to watch crystal hardness of 8+ on the moh's scale. Real sapphire being a 9. This is to prevent scratching, discoloring and to give resell value. -Water resistant Some watches have great water resistant of 200 meters, which is usually labeled on the watch as bars; 20 Bars being 200 meters, etc. water resistance is very important in a expensive watch but doesn't always determine value. some cases / movements are limited when it comes to pressure and will crack / act up in certain conditions. But I'd stay away from watches that don't have water resistance. -Cases This is the "body" or outside of the watch. Usually made of some type of metal, such as stainless steel or gold. This is all up to preference but the material will determine scratches. Id stay away from plated watches, you normally pay a large premium on gold, when its not worth much more. It also doesn't really add resell value. Stainless steel is very common and can be really good because it can be polished and cleaned up for cheap and last a long time. -Faces This is all up to preference, but this determines most of the value the only thing the watch controls is the time (sec,min,hour). Everything else is known as "modules" such as the day/month mod. Modules look great and can be cool. But they generally get more pricey as you add more. One of the most common and expensive mod is known as a "moon phase " and shows the face of the moon on that day -Displays / Open spots Displays are backings under the watch that can only be seen when taken off. They are really cool, because you can see the movement, but generally more pricey because its made of crystal as well. Open Faces are watches that don't have faces and allows you to see the movement. Open hearts are watches that have holes on the dial to allow you to see some of the movement. -Bands I HIGHLY recommenced when buying a watch, to choose always choose the metal band and to get a leather one later. They usually will be the same price at checkout but getting a metal band afterwards can be pricey. While leather bands are usually sub $40 -Best watches I recommend and have owned SK007 - $185 The best watch ive ever had and the worlds most famous/known watch. Fredrique Constant Moon Phase Open heart - $1800 Really stylish and looks great. 1964 King Seiko Hi Beat - $2500 Really old vintage watch that looks great with anything and has smoother movement then a rolex WATCHES I RECOMMEND AT DIFFERENT PRICE POINTS Seiko SNKL23 - $70-80 Seiko SNK809 - $120 Any orient moonphase watches - $150-195 Fredrique Constant Automatic- $300 (but adding moonphase/anything else makes it alot more) Nomos Automatic - $1000+ -BEST BRANDS TO LOOKS FOR SEIKO, GRAND SEIKO, KING SEIKO,SWATCH,MARATHON,CASIO,TISSOT,CITIZEN,ORIENT,FREDRIQUE CONSANT,NOMOS,ROLEX, ETC. These brands are worth the money and keep value overtime. But at the end of the day get what you like and don't let others sway your choice. Just keep value and longevity in mind when buying -THANK YOU FOR READING AND HMU IF U NEED RECOMMENDATIONS FOR WHATEVER TYPE U LIKE. U CAN ALSO PUT UR PRICE RANGE DOWN AND I CAN JUST SUGGEST SOME BELOW
  4. These three drawings you are looking, i did for my coworkers kids (being the awesome artist i am) as a christmas present for them.. I put a lot of hard work into them, so i hope you guys/girls like them.. so i can boost my ego even more jk lol But anyway, Love you all <3
  5. First drawing, is a sketch of my Original Character Kovu Second drawing, is a sketch of Kazeshini(Zanpakuto in Manifested Form) from Bleach
  6. First One is Kirito from Sword Art Online Second One is just a random sketch I did that came out pretty good Third One is my new personal Logo, and it is bossin Hope you guys like them, Love ya <3
  7. OH MY!, 7 more new drawings by me which include the ones who won my art giveaway First 3 drawings i did for myself Fourth is for @PatienceJR , you asked for a turtle so i gave you the "ahhh" turtle lmao Fifth is for @Satellite Heated Naan, here is your Griffin, hope you like it Sixth is for @Flowey , here is Meliodas Seventh is for @The Underused Character , here you go i hope its as good as,or better than the lain drawing i did for you Love you Guys/Girls <3
  8. sainyn

    Art Giveaway!

    Gonna do an art giveaway! I’ll be taking 5 lucky people, who will be able to ask what they would like me to draw, the canvas is gonna be 500x500 All you gotta do to enter is just comment: 1.What you like most about my art? 2.What you would like to see more of? The deadline to enter will be December 1, cause that’s when I’ll be drawing the winners Good luck Guys/Girls!!
  9. These are the last for now, no more requests for the time being... sorry guys, but I hope you like these Love you Guys/Girls <3 First one is for @Toast๑ﭥ, here’s your toast with sunglasses Second one is for @Lukaii, I hope this is the way you wanted it Third one is for @Sleepy, a sleepy panda for you :3 Fourth one is for @Google Fiber™, hope you like it lmao Fifth one is for @pichajay, hope you like it Sixth one is for @Spooky CLONE, hope you like it did a little more the just a helmet Seventh one is for @Sixredfish, hope it’s good Eighth one is for @Velox, you said to draw anything so here you go haha
  10. I've noticed so many people in the community sharing there logo's/drawings so here I go. What is your opinion on this?
  11. First one is for @dun , I hope you like it bro Second one is for @Pengu , hope it’s good enough for your profile Third one is for @7/11 is bae,since you asked awhile ago for Kaneki Kun, here you go lol Love Me!
  12. The first one was drawn for @Satellite Heated Naan , suggested by @Champi0n ❤ , hope he likes it XD The second one i drew for @gir , cause i think he needs his own unique gir pic, drawn by yours truly
  13. Thank you for the support, feed back is much appreciated. BTW if your looking for hand drawn art of (realistic) you, or a the anime character of you. Im kinda in that type of mood. The song that gave me inspiration for these
  14. Thank you! to all the people buying my art and all the people supporting it! Means the world I went through a lot of shit this week so it kinda showed in my art, but i still think its pretty cool HMU if u want something like this as well!! Feed back is appreciated!
  15. Did two for myself ( Nightwing, and Jason Voorhees for Halloween :D) Kakashi for @Champi0n ❤ Obito for @Hachi Hope you guys/girls like them, and if you have any other characters/ideas let me know
  16. Here are some of the few drawings that I like the most of what I have drawn ( down below ) Also hit me up with some ideas/characters to draw please..
  17. Hello i'm .Fate and i'm making profile pics for free. If you want to you can +rep me on steam!
  18. checkout my art page on instagram, cause i cant put all of the images on here lol. https://www.instagram.com/zepolsketch
  19. My steam profile if you want to add me to talk: http://steamcommunity.com/id/w33b-p0w3r/ Can anyone make me profile art? Spray art? I would like something weaboo-ish and relating to tokyo ghoul . Ask questions or suggest down below! (or u could add me on steam)
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