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Main SNG Server

  1. wellll I planned to do some sort of event but I couldn't figure out what to do (or if that's even allowed) sooo i'm just gunna do the usual spin like everyone else FACTORY NEW Wildfire FACTORY NEW NEO-NOIR FACTORY NEW StatTrak™ Aetheris you know the drill just comment and ill spin 3 winners as soon as they are tradable Sep 07, 2020 (7:00:00) GMT then you can fight TO THE DEATH for which awp you want or something idk RULES *NO banned niglets allowed *No bribes *no ass pats or dick riding
  2. So today, me and @Isaac were discussing some changes and new features for AWP and we had a "High Risk High Reward" special round idea. This round would be a special round which can be voted for in the !roundvote menu. The main idea behind this round is that for the "High Risk" part, anytime you would die, you will lose the max amount of points (this amount is set to -15 on the server). For the "High Reward" part, anytime you get a kill, you would get the max amount of points you can per each kill (this amount is set to +15). This round would only be allowed to play once every map. I perso
  3. Hello, I am a real grill. I like to play csgo, and I like to garden. My twitch channel is here; I have a pretty dope cat named Nat. She is my baby. You can call me snow or December or whatever. <3 Snow Deathstar for admin 2020
  4. Round end music bruh. It would be much appreciated if round end music would be implemented on the awp server. Round end music good yes (: @ August how is this?
  5. Av1an


    Hey so can someone add the trail plugin and auras back I miss them, plus the creds I spent on them would be a total waste if we don't add them back.
  6. Hey so I've been waiting for a couple days now since they said they were going to wrap it up on Friday. When do you guys think or when does the tournament end? Because bruh I'm bored as (((H E C C)))
  7. Do sprays take a day or so after uploading them before you can use them in game?
  8. Long story short, I've tried to upload so many sprays already, but none of these is getting updated, same error is also happening to people on the awp east au server, i'm not sure bout the other servers tho, admin please fix
  9. Think

    i found a bug

    whenever i equip my custom knife it gives me a zeus so i equipped and requip my knife give me a zeus.
  10. Hey anyone know when the next west vs east awp battle is?
  11. Was wondering if you guys could possibly make a slow mo round
  12. Alrite, i'll make this quick and simple, a few days ago, SNG Au Awp East server disappeared, i have no idea what happened, a bunch of my friend cant play awp anymore, and for those to still "tries" to play on west, we get easily over 200 ping, admin plz fix. Thx
  13. Alright, so as many of the West players may know that I probably am on the server more than anybody so I have the opportunity of analyzing it more than anyone else. This has been the case for at least the past 6-7 weeks. However it has come to my attention that it is down way too often, especially compared to East. I know Death is a great operator, he is really kind and diligent, however someone with more expertise (*cough* Mr.Derp) should do something about the ridiculous amounts of problems. To help out the case, here is a list of things: - Deagle round: a) deagles aren't shooting the
  14. I used to always play the [SNG] 24/7 AWP Server for Australia but recently it has not shown up in server browser. I really love playing this server and I was wondering if the server is shut down forever or if the server is just temporarily down.
  15. Think

    AWP deagle

    hey you guys adding back awp deagle? its ear rape to the max but its alot of fun yes/no
  16. What's going on in awp west? What's new? Did they add any Halloween costumes or tracers?
  17. I was banned from all SNG servers on csgo, I want to know why.
  18. 1. .Fate 2. STEAM_0:1:1259773399 3. 5thquarterstaff, Jacrispy, Biggie Cheese, ARC, G0lden Blade, OzzY^ 4. 14 5. I have experience on Discord chats i follow the rules of the severs i play on. I feel that i can stop all the trolling in the awp severs. I can design if need too. I'm constantly on Awp east and west and other SNG servers helping new players understand the(gamemode)and the rules to the best of my ability.I muitpal hours on the awp severs gamemode and the rules to the best of my ability. I love the community! 6. Awp East, West
  19. 1. In game name- Kreeuz 2. Steam ID- STEAM_0:1:166348356 3. Name of admin recommending you- @_ZachAttack_ @SighT 4. What age are you- Currently 14 years old, but will be turning 15 on August 17th 5. Reason why you think you will be a good admin- I believe I have a variety of contributions to bring to SkynetGaming. I may not always be the most mature guy nor perfect but, this opportunity will help me grow not just as a person but a player. The reason I want to become an Admin is not just for me but for others, many players are braking the rules and are not being punished. T
  20. So like we need a new game mode inside AWP servers. I was thinking something like where you're scoped in and you can't scope out. This is like noscope rounds but with scoped in scopes.
  21. Ozzy


    Hey I'm Ozzy From the West Coast Awp server and I want to be apart of the forums I've been playing since 06/29/16 and I am 16 years old and have a pet goldfish named "Lion" I am currently unemployed but hopefully one day I'll start my own business and still remember my SNG family. <3 Referred by King Louie
  22. This new guy just hopped on and killed me once when we spawned on Bungalow (understandable). But then he started killing everyone through walls and also they were headshots and when I spectated him, it was clear that he was hacking. His Name is: krombopulos michael link to his profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198080616334/ Video: *Sorry for the music 2017-05-15-1317-26.flv
  23. Ok so a few people know this kid on the awp servers he goes by the name heezem I suppose?)http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198216721019/) So I've known him for a while I guess and he had gotten VIP and at the time I had a decent ammount of credits and He had offered to buy me VIP for 5k credits. I was hesitant at first but he told me stuff like "oh why would I scam I know you" and shit like that. So I gift him the 5k and he pretends hes buying it I give my steam ID too so he doesnt give it to someone else. After that he says oh I bought it and shit but i didnt get it then after talking
  24. Map Name: awp_verlies_night Map Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898694102 Screen shots: Nice Large sized map for awping - I personally made, sharing to get map added to servers : ) @Tully please consider this map, thank you
  25. Hi I'm Heemy. I am starting a new CS:GO team called OneTapKings. Add me steamcommunity.com/id/heemyalt