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Found 16 results

  1. Counter-strike Global Offensive 2021.03.14 -
  2. Hey so it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these right? Maybe we can change the frequency of these bhop updates for the better... Either way, at some point derp bought blacky’s remake of bTimes, bTimes 2.0, for the AU server and with plans to eventually transfer the NA server to it as well. I will say it is better than bTimes 1.8.3 when compared black and white, but there is a few things I don’t like about it that other people agree with me on. Until now, we have run rumour and I’s bTimes 1.8.3 csgo port, but the way that version of bTimes queries the database, it
  3. I have spent a lot of my time recently on the bhop server and have noticed that the time for each map is very short and that longer maps like arcane are almost impossible to finish if you cant bhop very well. Now im saying this just because I cant do it I can I have just heard that people get really mad about it. That's all. Pikachu
  4. the sng bhop server is complety broken. the only map that works is bhop_arcane_v1 .every time we change the map the server crash then it goes back bhop arcane. please fix
  5. I have been playing the bhop server on SNG for a while and as everyone know there has recently been problem with the server. However I think it is a great server. One thing I would like to see added and even other people that I have asked if they would like to add this, is a personal record bot. To be able to see your own record without having to try and beat the world record. But instead you have a bot that works to be able to see your own personal record. It would just be convenient to add this in for people that have not played a map for a while or just need to remeber the route they did.
  6. Hello inhabitants of SkyNetGaming, Let me introduce myself, my name is David but I go through the in-game name of Nobody. I'm an aspiring bhopper, apprentice of jug or as you may know him as wonky_dicc_jug. I spend most my days hopping around and I must say it is time well spent. It's a fun way to relax after a long day of work and school and seeing yourself progress is what keeps you hooked. I'm a cool person to meet, and I like to have fun. I play an assortment of games. If you want to play feel free to add me and we will work things out. Thank you.
  7. Bhop will be up today on new timer, unless something happens and can't. So if you couldn't tell bhop and course(course might have been doing a little worst, but it doesn't matter anymore) have been struggling for a while(yes i know @Kel this is an understatement, it's over now, so yea...). So, what timer is it and why now and not back when I first came to SNG? We now use a timer called bTimes. bTimes was created by blacky for Counter-Strike:Source. This is not his new 2.0 that he has recently started selling, but it is basically the same thing and is based off the last released
  8. I actually spent like a solid 2 and a half months trying to get this record since valve fucked crouch boosting. EDIT: The part at the end where my screen goes black is because of my player's head having a collision with the map's skybox.
  9. So recently the server records ( wr ) havent been popping up whatso ever When you try to spectate the server record replay bot its extremely slow motion so its a hassle to sit there for lets say a 20 second record but the bot takes around 40 seconds to a whole minute Also ( from me and a friends experience ) on some maps that we dont have bonus times it will say that we do and some instances it'll say that we have the record when we actually dont.. Is anyone working on these issues or will it be like this forever ?
  10. Today I am pleased to announce the release of our new TAS Style. TAS means Tool Assisted Speedrun, the idea is to try to get the most optimized time possible. The TAS style allows you to use the TAS menu, which lets you "rewind", "pause", and "fastforward", allowing you to optimize every single jump of your route. New Commands: !tas - Switches you to the TAS style(also can be done through the style selector, !style). !tasmenu - Toggles the visibility of your TAS menu. Video example of the TAS plugin: If you have any questions feel fre
  11. Isaac


    Hey guys, Isaac here. Just wanted to know when and if credits/shop will ever be implemented into the bhop server. I also wanted to recommend a sort of bonus for completing the map. Let's say every time you complete the map for the first time in a session on any mode you are given 20 credits for a tier 1 map. This of course is only once a session no matter the style. You could complete the map on normal and get the bonus credits then complete it on lg and not get the bonus. I think that for each tier you would increase the amount given. Tier 1: 20, Tier 2: 40, Tier 3: 6
  12. Soon I plan to release another update to my timer, I plan to improve the methods of getting statistics regarding players times, and other general improvements. Planned Changes: Adding an official change log Actually updating version numbers Better more improved timer ranking statistics So what's the point of me saying I am updating the timer before I release it? I want to know what timer statistics you guys would be interested in being able to view. Examples: Better method that is less convoluted for checking players PB on other maps. checking maps
  13. Before I joined SNG I was ready to release a new bhop community I planned on calling StrafeLegacy, but i decided to join SNG so clearly that won't be happening in the foreseeable future. After discussion with iCamp, I have decided to release a whitelisted private bunnyhop server for good players called "[SNG] StrafeLegacy Private BunnyHop" for grinding maps for times. For anyone curious the name comes from "2001: A Strafe Odyssey" it was planned originally to be an unofficial revival of it, this server was one of the early bhop servers on csgo, and in my opinion one of the best. Essentially t
  14. Today I am pleased to announce that I have fixed all the known TAS and HUD bugs in addition to revamping the Timer chat color scheme! New Features/Bug Fixes: Fixed all known TAS bugs Fixed all known HUD bugs Complete redesign of the Timer chat color scheme If you have any questions feel free to ask me on steam or reply below.
  15. I am pleased to announce the opening of SNG's Bhop Server! I want to personally thank our newest Bhop Developer @-Hypnos for joining SNG and devoting his time into Bhop! SNG Exclusive Timer - Replays for all Main and Bonus Styles, !replay and !breplay - Custom Timer HUD - Time color changes from yellow to orange to light red as you get closer to WR time - Time color changes to blue when you can't beat wr, but you can beat your PB - Styles - Normal - Sideways - W-Only - Hsw - Scroll - Low Gravity