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Found 1 result

  1. Ight boys, so if you didn't already know I'm in the military rn. Since I signed up with a bonus, I will get 10,000 usd after this summer then I'll get the other 10k over my contract. I decided I wanted a motorcycle with the money. Tell me which bike you like more and why(if u want). Please keep in mind that the ones I chose are starter bikes so don't let the CCs let you think I should get a dif bike. Oh I'm also buying a helmet and I need to figure out which color way I should go for. If you have suggestions to other bikes lmk, my price range is <5500 usd and the CCs should be around 300 Suzuki GSX250R 249cc Ninja 300 ABS 299 cc Helmets Exo R420 Snell certified.
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