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Found 12 results

  1. Freezy

    Profile bug

    Hi guys, love the new theme btw. But ever since the new theme, when i try to click on my profile it gives me this error: [[Template core/front/profile/profile is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Any fixes?
  2. When you play your first game you can see the wardens beacons
  3. You Will respawn and randomly have 2 or 3 knifes
  4. So on zombie day if you redie as a zombie you can block the bullets of other people helping the zombies that are still alive. This is really dumb because i seen people abuse this before by blocking bullets to get people in small spaces.
  5. Earned 10k credits legit + gifts had only purchased items majorasmask, turquoise weapon colour evil clown mask and gold name colour, logged on next morning and I had lost around 4-5k credits.
  6. Think

    i found a bug

    whenever i equip my custom knife it gives me a zeus so i equipped and requip my knife give me a zeus.
  7. Alex


    When I was gun tossing earlier today when the T lrd me and I immediately lost my knife. I tried to go the /give command so I could get my knife back so it would be a fair LR. After it failed me and the T had no way of getting a nade so the speed would be the same. This has been a bug for a long time but was never truly an issue considering admins could do /give [player] knife. I think its about time that we fix it especially now since admins don't have access to /give. I know we have the new plugin coming in and just want to make sure this does not happen anymore to other players. If you
  8. I saw someone jumping of the map ( in clouds ) while in lr : Pokeball battle , he lived and got 8440 hp ... U can see it happen here : https://youtu.be/9aIo0f409z4 Thanks to Markisdabom for recording
  9. Everytime I go on the kz server it crashes, my game immediately closes once it hits retrieving server info, can someone help me??? thx edit: validating files did not fix
  10. Self explanatory video when you become the creeper you do not die/kill others when you are supposed to explode and your player model goes invisible. A long with someone being teleported to out of the map and the map will go on till time runs out, rtv'd, or an admin slays all shown in the video below. @Glancelot @iCamp @Mr.Derp(sorry for the bad quality videos plays.tv doesn't work rn)
  11. I have noticed a glitch in the death run server. Sometimes when you are on the terrorist side the game will switch you to counter-terrorist with this message: 「SNG」| Chase88 [Happy Holidays!] has been moved to Counter-Terrorist to balance the teams! Now the problem is once this message appears the players on the terrorist side are switched over to the counter-terrorist side and there becomes no terrorist. Also, this happens right at the beginning of the round, so instantly the round ends and restarts. I am not sure to what the cause of this is, but I do know that it doesn't only happen on
  12. Recently we were switching maps and for some reason when we got on ba_jail_canyon_go we were unable to view the chat box, the hud, and the scoreboard. It wasn't just my game messing up, but it was everyone's game. Here is a picture of the bug: