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Main SNG Server

  1. This point system really is good in deathrun. It helps people play the game without causing trouble and it helps with t evasion because on t you get more points. good job guys :)
  2. Hello! We've finally fixed, adjusted and improved on the map timers. We as well have a place to track times for the maps and for yourself. Now, whenever you finish a map it'll show in chat. If you happen to have the fastest time it will show all players that you achieved that map's world record time as well as a sound byte to go with. we also added a command to check times for the map and yourself. If you do /viewtimes it'll give you options for the current map or all maps. then viewing overall best times or personal best times and lastly showing the records
  3. Player Name wooper Steam ID STEAM_0:1:215272159 Steam Profile URL https://steamcommunity.com/id/plsnoddosihavenofamilyxd Is your forum account linked to Steam? Yes Age 21 Why would you be a good Operator? Due to my years of playing the SNG deathrun server, my willingness to stay with the community through my discord ban and me still wanting to see deathrun in its former glory I feel I am still a good candidate for the operator spot for deathrun. I do however feel my activity has been an issue, but in response, with the latest changes I do i
  4. Every time I play DR I have pretty bad lag (Even though my ping is fine as is my internet connection) Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem but I thought I would report it. (Wasn't sure where else to post the issues other than here)
  5. Wasn't sure if this was supposed to happen so I thought I'd report it (See video) (Map is deathrun_airmap_run_v1) Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2020-09-22 13-30-54.mp4
  6. Liam

    Speed Cap

    As a player that has been playing deathrun for years on both garry’s mod and csgo, SNG has had one of my favourite community’s (ahead of community’s of which i have staffed on garry’s mod for two years straight on my 6 year old account), but the one feature of the server which i have always had a problem with is the speedcap. I personally feel that an increase of max speed by 150 would provide us with a perfect amount of speed. I have found myself in many situations where if i had a slight bit more speed i wouldnt have died. I know the chances of this change happening are very slim but im just
  7. So, there's a bug I found on DR (not sure if it's on all servers, but I doubt it.) Anyways, I tried marrying a player using /marry, and the player who I sent the request to did not receive it in !proposals. I revoked the marriage request so that they could send one to me, and sure enough, didn't show for me either. I hope the bug gets fixed soon, thanks.
  8. It's back and better than ever! (or not idk) Now, you can die to auto traps more than ever! Or just bait your teammates into them which is way more fun Yeah, so I fixed the T being able to kill himself and that one part after the "bridge" where you could die if you had twice gravity. (!dice) You can now switch between the three RNG auto trap (After first 50/50). On Soviet Run, the CTs can actually win now. Also some optimization. screenshots in 4:3 because I'm too lazy to go to game settings and change it for you: Included in download: deathrun_cocaine_fix1.bs
  9. If you had to be 100 percent honest: * What is your favorite Death run map? -What do you like about it ? - Are you good at it ? If I had to choose, I would have to go between crashbandi or dr_dojo. To be honest, at first when dojo was first released I did'nt like it to much, but once I started to get better at it, I stared to like it. For crash, it's just an OG map that I have always enjoyed. It's pretty easy and the traps at not that hard to bait.
  10. I felt like SNG was dying there for a while. Every server I joined started to only have up to about 10 people in it. I'm really only a Deathrun and TTT player, so I can't speak for the other server's, but it's been getting pretty popular again lately and it's awesome. Every server seems to have around 25 people in it and it makes it enjoyable. I don't know if more SNG advertisement has been going on, but Iv'e noticed a lot of new players. What ever it is the Staff and members of SNG are doing, keep doing it, cause these servers are alive and growing. I don't think I have to tell ya'll that, b
  11. Hi, as many of you may know smoking and flashing on the course of the Deathrun sever is against the rules! Recently I have noticed players smoking or using flashes on the course and have been punished by admins with a ban of 30 minutes or more. I do not agree with this rule as I find avoiding smokes and flashes while doing the course makes it a challenge. It is weird to me that something that is provided by each map and the '!Dice" command is forbidden and will result in a ban. As a former Operator I call on @Lukaii to get with the server admins of Dr and come up with a solution to this proble
  12. Lets Start Off Simple So many of you may be into the SNG deathrun server which is my personal favorite server by SNG. SNG by far is one of my favorite server hosts as it allows custom sprays, VIP exclusive items, and items such as masks, hats, and characters you can unlock instead of the old boring Counter Terrorist-Terrorist clothing. It offers refreshment away from competitive game play that overall lets you have fun and enjoy yourself. But recently as I have been on the deathrun server for over a week and a half, I have noticed a specific player threaten specific things from other peop
  13. In game name: god or bot SteamID: STEAM_1:1:80504559 Reason for complaint: He activated traps then did a freerun. I'm the only person who died making me salty And yes Lukaii I have a clip thanks to plays.tv 2017_08_11_11_22_26-clp.mp4 Or a link: http://plays.tv/video/598dcc77546ebfc91a/aaaa
  14. What do you guys think about deathrun, my personal thoughts is it really fun but there should be a speed cap. D:
  15. Deathrun Targeting/Favoritism Rules Recently there has been quite a bit of confusion when it comes to three specific Deathrun rules: targeting, favoritism, and griefing. So with the help of @sky, I’m hoping to put an end to all the confusion that surrounds these rules in this post. TARGETING: Targeting, the number one thing I am called on the Deathrun server for. Yes, the targeting rule can be a tricky one. However, once I’m on and spectating the accused person, I realize that he/she isn’t targeting at all. This has happened many times, and I’ve only
  16. Hello!! I am looking to get some of my maps added. I recently made a new map called dr_taiga_bunnybop and this map is my priority to get added. I made a pack of 3 maps. dr_taiga_bunnybop dr_taiga_weeaboo_v2 dr_taiga_weebRemake_v2 (there's a secondary version just in case the primary one doesn't work) http://www.mediafire.com/file/76ojwnkg5zapwap/dr_taiga+maps.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/vrv9cvg1841v91v/NO+NUDES+PATCH.zip Two of these maps were attempted to be added in the past and failed. I got new version that work on other servers. If anyt
  17. Guy shooting at people on the course in DeathRun. Pretty sure that's against the rules. Hit this boi with a PHHHHHHAT ban. Yer boi, koris.
  18. Currently on deathrun V2 hydro and bacon are mic spamming and were asked to stop but did not.
  19. Who all knows the secret ending on GoldFever?!
  20. The SNG deathrun server only plays a total of 3 maps Bandicoot, Princess Akaiii, and Princess boobs, we need more maps! or at least a map cool down so we don't play the same ones over and over again. Thoughts?
  21. Bug free, well known, fun to play, deathrun_poker_final5 is a quality map! http://gamebanana.com/maps/70536 Here's two ss's https://gyazo.com/825a2cc164f1c7c8a7a52bb5e0da1725 https://gyazo.com/fd1f040c90fd98a3bdb28f5119a11210 More suggestions: http://gamebanana.com/maps/182421 - deathrun_minecraftworld_fix http://gamebanana.com/maps/168283 - deathrun_classic http://gamebanana.com/maps/193325 - deathrun_blblblblblbl http://gamebanana.com/maps/186451 - deathrun_ecliptic (took me forever to find this one) @Lukaii
  22. Here is a map list for DR, in alphabetical order. I will try my best to keep it updated. TIP: Best way to find a map do "CTRL+F (map name)" Last Updated: 6/22/2017 Maps: deathrun_airmap_run_v1 deathrun_amazon_csgo_a deathrun_artic_beta2[1] deathrun_atomic_warfare deathrun_aztecan_escape_go deathrun_castlerun_ff deathrun_cb_egypt_csgo_v1 deathrun_cocaine deathrun_coldmetal2_fixed deathrun_dark_energy_enw_4 deathrun_darkwoods_csgo deathrun_deluxe_csgo_v2 deathrun_depot_enw deathrun_dust_2016_hard deathrun
  23. I was just wondering if there was a speed cap on deathrun because it seems like i'm not going as fast as I could!
  24. bolty


    I'm getting annoyed with all these new players on DR getting into speed when most of them aren't nearly half as good as me, and i think we should not do that and have good players in it. I'm not saying all of them are bad, but it doesn't make sense to me.. (no im not in speed)
  25. Yo yo yo people of SNG. There's a new sheriff in town. Sheriff being me and town being the Deathrun server. That's right, I'm the newest addition to the Deahtrun Admin Team! I'll be making sure to keep deathrun, along with any other servers I play on, as enjoyable as possible. I don't have my powers yet though because I'm a pleb and my router broke. Anyway, I have a few words for some of these nerds<3 @Rev, you helped me write my application, and thanks for chilling with me in ts when I'm lonely. @JonOnTheRadio, great dude to ask if you need advice. @Bas