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  1. Good evening people of SNG! In celebration of the holiday cheer over the next month, the Event Team and I are pleased to present the SNG CS:GO Wingman Tournament! WHEN: - This tournament will start on December 26th, 2020 with the first game being held at 3:00pm EST (date/time subject to change). - Most likely, the entirety of the first round will be completed within the first day. If this is not the case, it will roll over into 27th before we continue into the second round. - Following the completion of the first and second round, Event Team members will coordinate with semi finalists to schedule games on Monday the 28th with the finals being held on Tuesday the 29th (dates subject to change) TEAMS: - Teams that wish to participate in this tournament must sign up at this link by December 19th, 2020 (date subject to change). - Minimum of 2 players at sign-up with the option to include 1 sub, all players must have a registered forum account & must be a member in our Discord, with 1 teammate having been a member of SNG already. - Must have a team name that complies with all of the rules listed below. - Registration caps at 16 teams, first come, first serve. RULES & INFO: - All games will be streamed on Twitch with a 30-second delay. - All SkynetGaming General Server Rules apply. - General: No cheating/ghosting, no game throwing (fun in rounds is OK as long as your teammate is OK with it), avoid excessive trash talk, no racism/sexism/other things against Twitch TOS. - In-Game: Standard 2v2 competitive rules. Maps are decided via a vote system that will take place before each game. Sides will be determined via a coinflip. All games are BO3. Matchups will be chosen randomly and posted on the registration post 1 day after registration closes. - If a sub is needed in the middle of a game, the team will be allowed a 10 minute pause to make the switch and signal they are ready. After that time frame, the team will be forced to either forfeit the match or continue on as a solo. Players that weren't registered as the official sub will not be allowed to participate (subject to change). PRIZES: 1st: $70 USD 2nd: $50 USD 3rd: $30 USD All prizes will be distributed evenly between teammates; if a sub player does not participate in the tournament, no prize money will be awarded to them. Have fun and best of luck to all who join
  2. BEFORE REGISTERING: - Read this and all of the information within. Put "YES" beside the rules acknowledgment once all participating players have read the main post. - Ensure your team has a minimum of 2 starting players. 1 optional sub player can be included in your sign-up. All players must have a registered forum account & be members of our Discord, with 1 teammate having been a member of SNG already. - Captains should be able to respond to all messages (on behalf of themselves and their teammate) from the team or staff within a timely manner. Please put "YES" in the acknowledgment section next to the Captain's name. - Registrations are handled on a first come, first serve basis. No exceptions. - 16 teams will be permitted to sign up for this tournament. REGISTRATION FORMAT: TEAM NAME: CAPTAIN Forum @ | Steam ID | ACKNOWLEDGMENT ("YES") PLAYER 2 Forum @ | Steam ID SUB (optional) Forum @ | Steam ID ANY off-topic or non-registration comments on this post are not welcome; all irrelevant posts will be hidden, and continued disregard for this rule will be met with warning points.
  3. Good afternoon people of SNG! It is my pleasure to give you all some info regarding our upcoming events as well as provide an opportunity for you all to suggest new event ideas or give insight into what you'd like to see sooner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First and foremost, the Event Team and I have decided on a CS:GO Wingman Tournament for our Christmas event in which teams of 2 will compete for monetary prizes in a 8-team (minimum) bracket. All information regarding this event including dates and prizes will be posted this weekend and will also include the sign-up format for teams that wish to participate. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Secondly, given significant community interest made clear over the past few weeks, we will be setting up the Event server as a ScoutzKnivez server for a whole weekend. During this weekend event, players will have opportunities to win various prizes based on a number of criteria, including VIP, CSGO skins, Steam gift cards, and more. We will also be using this event as a "trial-run" of sorts to see how an SK server would fare in our repertoire of CS:GO servers. This event does not have any set dates yet, but I have created a StrawPoll for people to vote for which weekend works best for them. Given that this event will take place over both days of the weekend, only two weekend options will be available to vote for. Additionally, the weekly event will not be held on whichever weekend is selected. Vote now at this link: https://strawpoll.com/uzxwhphbw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lastly, we have come up with some ideas for medium-sized events that are easier to setup and can be done more frequently. So far, the three potential/future events that we have discussed are a Rocket League tournament, League of Legends 3v3, and an Osu! tournament of some kind. All three games are free to play with some being more versatile in their game structure than others. Instead of choosing which ones we're going to do next within the team, we'd like to garner feedback on what the players would like to see sooner as well as any other event ideas they may wish to share. Feel free to comment below which of these events (if any) you'd like to see sooner rather than later, potential event ideas you may have, or any other feedback you wish to share. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feel free to reach out to any Event Coordinator for clarification or anything else regarding this post (@ Klitch @Noodlesssss @Mythin @tie @Box @colinkr)
  4. Hey everyone! The SNG Event Team will be hosting weekly community events and we want your recommendations on what event(s) you would be interested in. These events will be held every week on a Saturday at 9pm EST / 8pm CST / 6pm PST. Please make sure to check this post every week as the post & poll will be reset and there will be a new selection of events for everyone to vote for. This week's game is currently UNDECIDED! However, it will be held on Saturday, December 12th @ 9pm EST / 8pm CST / 6pm PST. Any announcements will be made in the SNG Discord server when the event will start. Many of us will be in the SNG community discord voice chat during these events, so (even though it's not mandatory) be sure to join us there and have some fun! If you have any questions or event suggestions, you can contact any Event Coordinator (@Klitch @Noodlesssss @Mythin @tie @Box 🎃@colinkr) Have fun everyone! Weekly Mini Events post by Noodlesssss.
  5. Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on this post, I've been sort of busy with school and other obligations, but I'm happy to announce a couple of things today. First thing's first, as many of you have noticed, I have once again @Klitch has stepped up to fill the position of Event Lead following my promotion to Director. I'm very excited to see what events this team will bring and I'm looking forward to working with this team to do some great things. With that being said, here is the current list of Event Coordinators: Lead: @Klitch | Steam Profile Coordinator: @Noodlesssss | Steam Profile Coordinator: @Mythin | Steam Profile Coordinator: @tie | Steam Profile Coordinator: @Box | Steam Profile Coordinator: @colinkr | Steam Profile Coordinator: Vacant Spot Coordinator: Vacant Spot Feel free to add any of them or PM us on the forums if you have any questions or concerns! Lastly, I'm excited to share with you all a new idea that the team thought of: Weekly Winner! As many of you all know, the team has decided to host small, weekly events on Saturdays @ 9 PM EST, and Weekly Winner is our way of rewarding the members that have the time to join! Each week, after the event is over, a winner will be decided on by the team (unless of course the weekly event happens to be something like a Movie Night). The prizes are as follows: A discord role directly below higher staff (does not grant staff permissions) A forum bar (designed by @Comf!) accompanied by a crown as well as a particle effect next to your name for the week Your choice of 1 month VIP or 5,000 credits A permanent custom aura (designed by @ Diam0ndz) (More prizes to come!) I know this wasn't the most climactic or dramatic update, but I know that this team will continue to impress, and I hope to see many of you in our upcoming events! Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions
  6. Hey all! It's about time the event team actually does some stuff, eh? To start, this one is going to be a little bit of a smaller event post. This one is just going to be about the mini event / weekly events that is planned on being hosted every week. The purpose of these is to just have a night every week where the community can come together and vibe with some low cost, quick and easy games to put together and just have a good time. To be clear, it's not going to be a super serious time (there will still be the standard rules applied), we just want to have a set time to come together and play some games with the community. We plan on having them every week on Saturdays, at some point later in the evening. The exact time is something we're taking suggestions for from anyone, since we want to know what works best for you. We attempted a simple trial run with Among Us this Saturday since the game is easy to set up and run, but we should have made the post beforehand . Hopefully the coming weeks will have a much better outcome. Overall, our current list of games that we have thought of are below. We will absolutely take recommendations for further games (or to remove games) if you have any suggestions. skribbl.io (Free) Among Us (Free on mobile, $5 on Steam) Town of Salem (Free if you had an account previously, $5 on Steam) Golf With Your Friends ($12 on Steam, cheaper on sale) Cards Against Humanity (Free) Uno ($10 on Steam, cheaper on sale) Spyfall (Free) Jackbox (Free for all participants) Tabletop Simulator ($20 on Steam) Pummel Party (Free, @Elegy) Movie Night (Free) All these games are current suggestions we have and don't need to just stick to one game for the night. If people are wanting to change it up halfway through, we will. Finally, we do want to make it absolutely clear that while this will definitely be meant to be a fun time, there will be no tolerance for genuine harassment or anything along the lines of that. If you are being a problem for the people participating (griefing, cheating, harassing, etc.), there will be consequences. Banter is fine as long as it doesn't escalate to an actual altercation. All thanks goes to @ Character for writing this post up
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