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Found 3 results

  1. cool duck found a sticker with a key to activate windows after crying for over 3 years about activating windows!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grand Theft Auto V 2020.11.24 -
  2. Once apon a time duck said he was better than @Awaffle at ladder hell, they both agreed to race on ladder hell. Right before the race started duck was practicing on ladder hell he realized he was bad and really scared,  so he rtv the map and said he was scared of ladders. Duck was so bad he decided to get on a alt account and try a ladder cheat coded by @TRASH ISLAND D9 the ladder hell god. @cool duck was caught and was global kz banned for 3 months. Awaffle offered to hold his hand through ladder hell and any other ladder map but cool duck refused and keeps saying hes not scared of ladders. About 4 months ago I saw a rare sighting of duck on ladder hell crying for help. Please help the cause and help @coolduck face his fears of ladders!!! https://steamcommunity.com/groups/duckcantcompleteladdermaps If you think this isn't real your scared of ladders to.
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