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Found 6 results

  1. This is a bit late but what's your favorite candy? I personally don't have a favorite, I'm not very picky with my candies. If I was forced to eat one candy it would be Kit Kat, don't hate
  2. Azecko


    Who's going trick or treating? If so what are you going to be? If you don't participate in Halloween anymore what will you be doing instead of going out? I personally won't be participating because I think I'm a bit too old but I'll take my little sister, she's super-girl. Afterwards I'll go hangout with my friends and do fireworks.
  3. Few questions about the halloween modle's: First, when are they going to come out? Second, what are they going to be? And last, how much credit's will they cost?
  4. Did two for myself ( Nightwing, and Jason Voorhees for Halloween :D) Kakashi for @Champi0n ❤ Obito for @Hachi Hope you guys/girls like them, and if you have any other characters/ideas let me know
  5. Rose

    Scary Experiences

    As everyone knows Halloween is coming around and I was curious if any of you guys had anything scary happen to you, for example with the supernatural. I have quiet a few stories that I’ll just post later today that still bother me to this day. Please share! I love reading scary stories
  6. I am excited to announce that we are adding items to celebrate Halloween! Here are the items we are adding, along with the prices. All of the items listed below are only buy able until October 31st, 2016, and after that you will never be able to purchase them from the store again. Witch Mask, Price 30,000 credits Jack O Lantern, Price 30,000 credits Halloween Tracer (VIP Only), Price 20,000 credits Once again once these items are removed from the store, you will never be able to purchase them again, not even from an owner. If you decide to trade/sell these items, we will not refund them to you, so be careful what you do with them. *If there are any bugs, please let me know.
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