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Found 20 results

  1. me= Freezy. Freezy nice and funny. Freezy like rap and cool stuff. freezy also like sng. sng best server.❤😊😊😊
  2. Hi. So, um... I play TTT. And anyone on that server will tell you that I always end up killing myself from fall damage on my T rounds. That is the only interesting thing about me. Bye bye.
  3. zp~


    hey, wassup. Its zp and uhhhh, yeah, im new here, kinda, not really but yes. anyways, wassup. i just wanna formally introduce myself to all of you, adn umm yeah. hi and um im nice and uhhhh, umm shit. i dont really know what to say but uhhh yeah. HI
  4. I had to leave the server due to school and other issues that came up in the way. As the school year is almost to an end, I will start being more active on the Jailbreak server. Once it is Summer, I will be on as much as I can.
  5. Yo whats up guys, I am 2Warm2Luv aka Parker and I am a new user to Skynet. I am a very outgoing fun mature person. I just turned 16 and I live in California. I go to a private school and I am a class clown. I love to have fun and I am a likeable person. I play well with others and I like to help players out. I have a lot of experience on CSGO and especially jailbreak. I have owned two CSGO jailbreak servers that have gone very well but I closed both of them down due to financial reasons. I used to play on a JB server called SlayersGaming. I spent around 600 hours on that server and it was one
  6. Hi guys. I'm Dy - joined jb today and wanted to hop on the server. Little background - Upper staff at TmF Gaming and HoE Community before their closure and quit gaming for a year. Recently fixed my computer and am looking for a new community sooooo hi. ama EDIT: It's Dy (Dee-y)
  7. I mean, I'm kinda new, joined the community a while ago but thought I'd make an introduction today. Hope you all have a good winter! <3
  8. Howdy Ho, I'm FlubberGasket, I made the name before I knew of the clan, so sorry If you thought I was impersonating, I'm Friends With @I'm Tuba , hope to have a fun time with you guys.
  9. Arctic Freeze


    Oh what to say. I've made so many of these for different communities but have never gotten good at this. Well for starters most people call me Arctic and I have a wide range of things I like, from Cars to Anime. I'm currently learning C++ and I am in the process of joining the United States Air Force for Computer Systems Programming. I mostly play PUBG and soon Destiny 2 starting this coming Tuesday (If anyone is looking for a clan who will be playing Crucible non stop PM me). Alright before this becomes TL:DR I'll end this.
  10. Hellooooo everyone! I would like to take the time to introduce my self to you all; my name is Pawzy! I love to play CS:GO and especially love to have 1 v 1 battles and have fun times on TTT servers! My favorite TTT server is of course, our TTT server because we have great Admins like OKrapP here to enforce rules and regulate players in a polite manner! I am 15 years old; my birthday is on the 26th of March in 2002. I love to play Basketball with my friends and also am a big Airsoft/RC enthusiast! I also run a small YouTube Channel. I am new to Skynet Gaming, but once I meet the requ
  11. Lux

    Uh, hello...

    Hey I'm Lux, you might have seen the destroying you on the 1v1 arena server or last year on the death run server... I'm not new to SNG at all but I've never been on the forums. I really like your servers so I thought I'd get a little more active with the community. Anywayy, I'm a SEM but I'm very good (Just ask Silent even though he will probably say I'm shit). I like to play community servers and better my skills and stuff and play mm or faceit occasionally. And that's about it... well hi
  12. Boop

    Boop's Intro

    Hello, I'm Boop! I'm a Gold Nova 2 and I like to play MM a lot with people I meet on the server, but I sometimes solo queue. I started playing on the 1v1 server about two days ago, and so far, the community has been very welcoming and friendly!
  13. Hi. I'm brgr. Add me on steam as well, I need you in my life!~ http://steamcommunity.com/id/burgerM/
  14. ??????- ? ?? ????????? ???????? ?? ? ????? ??????? ??? ???????? ?? ???? ?? ???????????? ??????????? (???????? ???? ???? ???? ??? ??????).????????- ????????, ? ?? ??????? ?? ???? ?:???? ?? ??:????.???????????- ?'? ??? ?'? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? ??? ????'? ??? ????????.???????- ? ??????? ???? ????????? ?????? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ??????? ????????. ? ???? ???? ?? ????? ??'?/???????.
  15. Sup fellers. thought I'd make one since others have. Anyway it's been quite a while! I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get to where I am now. @Pedro Deuces @iCamp @Ken @Sn1p3r El33tz @lymbo @Pandark @Blur @KingjiN @near3 @Nikeaj @vitamin @i1997sora Sorry to anyone I forgot to add to the list! Everyone on SNG is awesome. Well, Im 17. 12th grade. final year yay. I like to ride dirtbikes. current dirtbike is a 99 xr 100r, hoping to upgrade to a cr 250! My snapchat is : Jenningsjohnsto If anyone needs anything you're free to add me on steam! I current
  16. Haavex

    Oh hi

    I see all these super cool señors making some top quality posts so I wanted to give it a try, considering this is my first true "Hello I am a person and could be interesting post". I think people like me, hopefully as much as they like pie; and yes before you ask I am a scalie/furry thing that people don't like kinda maybe sorta (Thanks Lucifer [kappa]). So as the inquisition outside my window rolls by you better ask quick if you want to know about the secret life of kinda secret. A possible yeet can be made here, - Haavex
  17. Hello my name is Genetic, I usually play on mg, I just started playing back on sng a couple days to a week ago. Other games I play are Overwatch/Warframe. I occasionally play Rust but my PC can't handle it that well. I'm not a tryhard q-q. Im pretty bad btw. Well thanks for lookin at dis c;
  18. Hey guys what's up, I hope you all of you enjoy the constant flow of new members since !ws and !knife was added. Yaaayyy Squeakers!! But serious talk... You may not have known that the previous operator of the ScoutzKnives server has resigned for his own reasons. He was a great a guy and always will be; Excelling at his job and helping anyone who needed it. We'll miss you man <3 So I have been promoted to be the Operator for the ScoutzKnivez Server. I'm VERY excited for this position and ready to get to work on the server as soon as possible. I will be open to requests or ideas
  19. Hi! My name is Gallette. My real name is Celsty. Things I to do - Play Basket Ball, Eat (obv), Have Fun! MY favorite animal is a Cat! Some of my hobbies is playing Video games (of course) And Donating to the poor. I hope You guys liked my intro to this awesome community!
  20. HELLO ALL! My name is Dirty Dog and i only play on the AWP servers (If you were wondering lol). Im pretty quiet, like i rarely ever talk in the servers but when I do it's really funny to hear the reactions of how deep my voice is. No, im not 40 years old... I suck at CS but like to have fun, I'm in college, and i LOVE cars hehe!