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Found 23 results

  1. Well I thought this was funnier in my head but when i finished i realize it ain't that funny but im trying to learn to edit also shoutout @Noodlesssss @ Diam0ndz
  2. Recently i have realized that the warden on jailbreak is only able to place down 1 pointer at a time! Honestly its not a very big thing but it would be cooler if you can place down 2 different markers. How this can be used! -place 2 pointers down with some distance in between and get a un-stack shoulder going -place 2 markers down to make a quick vote EX: all t`s that want to play soccer go to my Red marker all t`s that want to play Dodge Course go to my Yellow marker -place 2 markers down to show where to start and where to end on a custom parkour (Obama climb) or a
  3. Finta

    MFK on JB

    This guy that I have never seen before got on the server and went on ct. He said "no admins no rules" and started mfking everyone for 3 rounds in a row and got off before an admin can get on. I did not get a recording because he got off but I have console proof. Here is is 64 id and profile. Another note: He was in a call with an active community member that changes his name a lot. He told this guy to do all of this and changed his name after his friend got off. (Friends on steam, we heard it in echo etc) His profile:
  4. Yo whats up guys, I am 2Warm2Luv aka Parker and I am a new user to Skynet. I am a very outgoing fun mature person. I just turned 16 and I live in California. I go to a private school and I am a class clown. I love to have fun and I am a likeable person. I play well with others and I like to help players out. I have a lot of experience on CSGO and especially jailbreak. I have owned two CSGO jailbreak servers that have gone very well but I closed both of them down due to financial reasons. I used to play on a JB server called SlayersGaming. I spent around 600 hours on that server and it was one
  5. Hi guys. I'm Dy - joined jb today and wanted to hop on the server. Little background - Upper staff at TmF Gaming and HoE Community before their closure and quit gaming for a year. Recently fixed my computer and am looking for a new community sooooo hi. ama EDIT: It's Dy (Dee-y)
  6. For new players that first join the server should have to get a certain amount of hours on the server to be able to be on CT. This prevents MFK's or any rule breaking on CT. Any player can basically join the server and be a guard, this means that they most likely haven't read the rules yet. With the certain amounts of hours it lets the new play be able to read rules or get familiar with the rules from all the surrounding players.
  7. Hello you guys know me as Pengu but most of my friends call me Alex(for Alexander) I mainly play on the jailbreak servers, now a lot of you might be confused because there is an admin named Pengu on the server but you can always tell the difference because his name has a special tag in it(§ng) and mine does not. Now to get that out of the way. here is some stuff about me I'm 13 years old and I live on the eastern side of the united states, and I'm home schooled. I play online all day cause I have no other way to make friends and I'm hoping I can become a good part of the SNG community!
  8. I made this post because I want this rule changed because I think it’s stupid, anyway after the t has asked for a pardon and is denied and kosed by Warden after the whole round goes by I found the guy before lr and then lr was in commence and I killed him then I got slayed before he could lr but he was kosed which I think should be changed. Please change!
  9. Do you think freeze crouch knife the ground should be a thing.
  10. Looking for any vip knife willing to trade a m4a4 evil dayimo for the knife My in game name is: Young Versace
  11. Please provide the following 1: 「$ellout」 2:STEAM_0:1:129762664 3:armory camping
  12. Please provide the following 1:Neo Son 2: Steam url= Steam id=STEAM_0:0:42853125 Steamid3= [U:1:85706250] Steamid64=76561198045971978 3: Attempt to freekill attempt to last ct when 2nd to last ct slayed false orders multiple rule breaking screaming into microphone excessive call of freeday cancer.dem
  13. So in this little topic I guess I want to put my little take on the state of SNG Jailbreak, and if others could put their feedback I would love to hear it. Although there will always be issues with Jailbreak because of the unpredictability of the numerous players that get on there each day, which is fantastic that there are always new faces to play with, but that is not what I wanted to point out there. Jailbreak really doesnt thrive without a good CT side or a good warden. And personally that is the issue I have been experiencing a lot in the Jailbreak server. Especially in the early h
  14. Application Format 1. In game name- The Untold Story (joshuamilam1) 2. Steam ID- STEAM_0:0:111025505 3. Name of admin recommending you- Dream, CountrySideDonkey, Staff - godface 4. What age are you- almost 13 5. Reason why you think you will be a good admin- SNG is a big portion of my everyday life, I wake up in the morning and I literally go straight downstairs and get on the Jailbreak Server. 6. What server are you most known in- Jailbreak
  15. 1. Tobirama Senju (He changed it twice since then) 2. STEAM_0:1:196412844 3. MGP (mass gun plant)
  16. So I saw that we had a SK tournament, competitive tournaments, and many more but never a Jailbreak event. I was wondering why but I realized probably because there was no way to make it actually successful but I think I found/thought of a great idea that we could possibly do! A lot of you people are probably wondering how is this gonna work? Well i'm here to tell you ladies and gentlemen! How It's Gonna Work It's going to be a 7 vs. 20 match. 7 CTS and 20 TS It would have to be the best 7 ct players on the SNG Jailbreak server as of now and the 20 best LR/Rebelling pla
  17. Hello, I am Not A Cop, and i have been known on the JB server as a pretty good warden, and I would like to share what I think makes a good warden. I would say the first and most important quality a warden should have is the perfect amount of strictness and leniency. It is important to be strict because the t's will just rebel if you keep giving them pardons, and it is also important to be lenient or the t's will just hate you as warden and beg for you to stop being warden even if you are completing rounds. Start of the round I believe that the t's need to be out of cells as soon
  18. f12

    CT Breaking Vents

    Player In Game Name: FaZe Rain Player Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:192778614 Reason For Report: FaZe Rain was breaking vents as CT so he obviously doesn't know the rules and therefore should not be on CT. Evidence:
  19. THIS IS A VERY MINOR ISSUE I JUST HAVE OCD The water climb in the obama jailbreak map is extremely murky. this pesters the shit out of me. is this fixable? would I have to contact the map maker? minor issue minor fix?
  20. 1:Your In-Game Name Ace ;-; あえ 2:Your Steam ID (type status in console and copy paste it) STEAM_1:1:151315895 3:Name of the Admin that punished you RIka 4:Reason why you got punished I was mic spaming i have a shitload of mutes 5:Length of your punishment 3 days 6:Reason why the punishment should be lifted Not completly removed but i think 3 days is a little to harsh
  21. He told me to drop my gun i did and he killed me Mar_7,_2017,_7:50:06_PM.mp4
  22. Hey, so I've realized that in general a lot of people die when people call some orders, and spam they were freekilled, or just don't understand them in the first place. I'm making this guide to avoid future confusion among players on the Jailbreak server. I will be defining some of the most common terms used in it. Warden: The lead CT is defined as the "Warden", the Warden and only the Warden may give orders unless otherwise specified by the Warden. The Warden may place "Warden beacons" to indicate a location for the T's to take note of. Shift walk: This means you must be holding you
  23. Hey guys! i see the jailbreak server and i like the maps i haven't played yet. but some maps i played on other servers is fun too. here's the maps i would like to suggest: (Map name is Peanut) Good map. With fun games; Surf, Climb, Volleyball, Basketball, Jump Rope, Slide Race,Pool,Disco,Crazy Asian (But its a cube), Deathrun, Eazy and hard race, Death race, and more. map is pretty kind of big but not that big. also it has i think 4 secret vents and a warday area. good map for rebelling and a good map for ruling prison. For more further