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Found 19 results

  1. Well I thought this was funnier in my head but when i finished i realize it ain't that funny but im trying to learn to edit also shoutout @Noodlesssss @ Diam0ndz
  2. Hi I'm Satu but a-lot of people who know me call me Connie. I've been playing SNG for about 2 months, and I just found out about the SNG Forums so I came here and gave it a try. I like playing SNG because most of my friends play here since they left TWW. (Tango World Wide) The games that I like to play on SNG or mostly surf and JB. I mostly rebel than actually follow orders since I get bored most of the time. I like listening to music, the music I listen to is chill lo-fi music, and my brother actually produces it on soundcloud. (synamane <-- if you're interested) Thank you, and have a good time!
  3. On jb_obama_v5_beta drugs spawn mid air preventing movement
  4. I've played the jb server for a little more than a year and I understand the rules pretty comfortably, however, when I get into the Warden position on certain maps, I have a feeling that is almost comparable to learning how to drive a car... And like driving a car, there are some people who are naturals... and others that are a bit stiffnecked and extremely cautious of the position, they're in. The first thing to those learning how to warden...Look up the rules page: The whole point of this post is for people who are Decent-Great-Amazing Wardens to give Examples and Tips on how they get comfortable being in the "Drivers Seat" and help those who are just starting to learn how to be a Warden. What were some things you worked on? and to those learning how to become a better warden, I hope this helps a lot!
  5. ph0nix


    For new players that first join the server should have to get a certain amount of hours on the server to be able to be on CT. This prevents MFK's or any rule breaking on CT. Any player can basically join the server and be a guard, this means that they most likely haven't read the rules yet. With the certain amounts of hours it lets the new play be able to read rules or get familiar with the rules from all the surrounding players.
  6. Do you think freeze crouch knife the ground should be a thing.
  7. @chicken007 and I are discussing what to do with a guard that kills someone asking for a repeat, slay the guard, or the warden. What we would like to know is how JB players feel the guard should be punished. This will probably be the first of many posts, keep up with @chicken007 and I for more things we want input on for the new rules. @Amanda @Flowey @Roadkiller02 @Lex @Roadkiller02 @CountrySideDonkey @Bird @Official | Wolf @godface Please @ anyone you feel is a JB player that would want to add input to this post.
  8. We really need to fix the mic spam on jb because most of the time when the wardens are talking there mics are shit or they just plane and simple are talking so quiet thats hard to hear
  9. Put names 0. SERVER NAME 1. WORST ACTIVE PLAYER 2. BEST ACTIVE PLAYER 3. BIGGEST TROLL ------------------------------------------- 0.TTT 1. Yeah 2. Malala 3. Yuki
  10. Hello, I am Not A Cop, and i have been known on the JB server as a pretty good warden, and I would like to share what I think makes a good warden. I would say the first and most important quality a warden should have is the perfect amount of strictness and leniency. It is important to be strict because the t's will just rebel if you keep giving them pardons, and it is also important to be lenient or the t's will just hate you as warden and beg for you to stop being warden even if you are completing rounds. Start of the round I believe that the t's need to be out of cells as soon as possible. My logic for this would be that it gets the officers (cts) the best chance of killing the already rebelling t's. It helps them chase the rebellers as soon as possible. Another reason is that all the t's are usually caught off guard by the cell doors opening so soon that they either commit to a horrible rebel choice, or they simply don't rebel in fear of dying so soon in the round. Middle of the round If the warden is checking for guns, the warden should always be out of sight of the t's. The t with the gun, if one has one, will search for the warden because if he kills the warden, it is a no warden freeday, and that is usually the goal for rebelling t's. I really want to get this striaght. If a warden says shift walk follow warden, it is not 5 seconds of whatever you want to do. It is 5 seconds to start the order (being frozen for 5 seconds then shift walking following warden). So if you are a warden and you tell the t's to shift walk follow you, don't let the t's bumrush you for the first 5 seconds; instead, kill them if they do this. Get your t's from Point A to Point B as quickly and as direct as you can. Wardens who get off track usually end up losing their t's in the process. Playing games is suppose to be the big part of being a t. So when you are warden I would suggest playing multiple games per day as warden if you have a map such as dystopia, or moonjail. Also, when playing these games, be lenient on the rules and make the activities fun. NOT FIRST REACTION LAST REACTION EVERY ROUND End of the round When you have 3 or 4 t's, don't delay the round with another game. You should just play a game like odd man out or FRLR for lr. When it is lr, just have fun and relax. You just had a stressful round of rebellers and hardheaded cts. MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF BEING WARDEN!!!!! Don't follow any of these rules! Just have fun and enjoy the game! I hope this helped the community in becoming better wardens. I will try to reply to any questions or concerns you guys have! I might even make one on how to be a good officer (CT) let me know if you want me to! Thank you for reading!
  11. SUGGESTIONS After 45 seconds of not moving at the START of the round you should be kicked. (Ik Chicken was talking about this but..) New players should not be able to play on ct automatically... Like after 1 or 2 hours of playing they can guard up. Make it to where people can't queue hop.. this is a big issue on certain maps because 2 cts basically join at the same time and when you look in chat it says 1 joined before but you don't know if they guarded into the ct spot. As well make it to where people can't talk while dead on the first round. I know a lot of people don't think its a problem when people talk while dead on the 1st round but it really is. If there is no admin on people will just talk over the warden and not care. MAP FIXES On Clouds if a warden opens up the cell doors with the menu then a T or CT closes the door the VIP island bridge wont come back up unless the warden use the menu. (i'm pretty sure that this is the reason why the VIP bridge glitch happens not too sure) On Jb_waterside_v2 most of the games just don't work. The buttons are really broken and I think a good fix is to just take the map out until it can be fixed or a new version comes out. @chicken007 @Mr.Derp
  12. f12

    Speed & Teddy

    Player(s) In Game Name: Teddy & Speed Player(s) Steam ID: Speed - STEAM_0:0:118990345 Teddy - STEAM_0:1:206543752 Reason For Report(s): Speed - Mic spamming/blowing into mic. Teddy - There is no rule saying you can't be CT without mic but there is no reason for him to CT without the intent to warden. For the days he did warden he only called warday. Teddy was not with the Warden at all times, and seems to be always setup for last CT and/or LR. Evidence: 0:00 - 0:30 is when Speed was mic spamming/blowing in mic. The rest is of Teddy being a completely useless CT. Not being with Warden and waiting to set himself up for LR/Last CT. Took me 4 hours to record+edit+render+upload leave me alone The .dem is if you want to look into more. (its roughly 18 minutes long) demo1_no_mic_cts.dem
  13. Idea #1 - More maps! Here are some maps that I have found that are really cool @chicken007 http://gamebanana.com/maps/193415 - JB canceris beta 3. A really cool map its like distopian but 100 times better I personally think the community would like this map a lot. http://gamebanana.com/maps/192329 - JB monopoly. It's just jailbreak but on a monopoly board which is pretty cool because we don't really have anything like this. http://gamebanana.com/maps/184230 - JB Mountaincraft. I am pretty sure we had this map and i'm not sure why it was removed but it is a really sick map and I also think the community would really like this a lot. http://gamebanana.com/maps/190046 - JB Uzay istasyonu v1. This map is pretty original because its out of space which in my opinion is pretty sick and also this maps main color is black which not a lot of maps have. Idea #2 - Warden chat! So what I mean when I say warden chat is a chat that only the warden sees like a admin chat but for warden. Lots of players have had problems in the past with typing pardon in chat and the warden ignores it. The warden menu can be a chat were only admins and warden can see it and maybe the color of the text would be in dark blue or something that is not a chat color currently. This will hopefully help with the problem of players with no mics who want to gain a pardon or ask warden something. Idea #3 - The Jihad bomb! The T bomb is a tool that many players have been requesting. What it does is one random T spawns with it and when you press E it explodes, when it explodes it can kill other Cts around you but it also kills you its like a take one for the team type of thing. (Cts can also restrict bombs) Idea #4 - New Warden Menu Additions! Personally I think that there should be new features in the Warden menu. The menu right now is not very cool at all. Currently it has "Toggle Cell Doors" and "Pardon Ts" which clearly is not a bad thing. The feature I think we should add is different colored beacons. Like for example you can have 1 beacon that is red and another that is blue etc. Also, Wardens need to have [WARDEN] before their name when they talk not when they chat. When they chat is still useful but I think when they talk it could help prevent talking over warden.
  14. I. So, Jailbreak doesn't really have anything too Special about getting credits. We only have a couple methods of getting credits such as !bet, killing people, and getting credits for playing. I think that we should have more ways of getting credits such as Gambling. 1.) We could have a !coinflip system which would be a basic coinflip like 50/50 2.) We should have a !jackpot system where you would put credits in the jackpot and whoever puts more has a chance of winning. 3.) In addition I think it would be cool to have a item in the shop that you can buy that will give you higher chances in sertain jackpots like a extra 2% win chance if you pay like 8,000 credits something like that. II. I think adding new maps to Jailbreak would make a lot of more players join. Not saying we dont have enough players just it wouldn't be a bad thing. It is always the same maps everyday and I think that getting new maps might help that. Here are some maps that I think would be great to get - https://wiki.csgo-jailbreak.info/Jb_peanut_v3r http://gamebanana.com/maps/184618 http://gamebanana.com/maps/193424 http://gamebanana.com/maps/194386 Thank you for reading this hopefully these changes can be made @chicken007
  15. Dreamliest

    Trash ct

    In game name : "noobulated" Steam id : STEAM_1:1:195970231 Reason why : Not listening to warden , doesnt know rules. Proof : http://plays.tv/video/58e03f3725aee826a6/bad-ct Again sorry for bad audio , still trying to fix , but u can clearly see how he is not pursuing (what the warden tells him to do) And just walking around ( Not being with warden) I think he should atleast get a ct ban of 30 -60 min
  16. Dreamliest

    Angel bait

    in game name : "☽nekotheangel☾" Steam Id : STEAM_1:1:178532716 Reason why : Massive bait. Proof : http://plays.tv/video/58d481e1b65724ab52/bait
  17. So, who do you guys think are the best JailBreak Rebooblers? (TOP 5)
  18. im sorry for gun planting pls may i be un ct banned
  19. on all jb maps, the soccer ball only moves when shot with a gun so ts cant play without a gun and ts with a gun is like giveing a fucking child candy would like if fixed

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