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Found 13 results

  1. LINK TO VID: youtube.com/watch?v=c9N0XDYj0qw&feature=youtu.be Hey. Just wanted to post this LJ tutorial for any of the new people who are struggling / new to KZ. It's a quick (rushed also) video explaining pre strafing, Edge, DA,OL, Sync etc. Feel free to ask questions directly to me on the KZ server. ( I don't check YT Comments or SNG often) Thanks. lj_vid.mp4
  2. Pretty clean run, on a new map too (Lost 9th Place to a Canadian who got 4th PRO time. I'm now 10th again) and Shoutout list: @bae- @Champi0n @ebyssal @Ballistic Bacon @Hachi @Sleepy and all my followers too
  3. I got banned from the kz server for using turn/strafe binds even thought i wasnt. when i joined i kept getting killed by the server so i couldnt do anything. the i got kicked for suiciding too many times then when i tried to reconnect it said i was banned. i dont even have strafe nor turn binds.
  4. So here i am again with a kz run but this time its something good. So this is a run on the map xc_umbrella_global and its Rank #15 Global. I could get a much faster time then this as you will see at the end when i chock for days... Also i know the quality is bad.. Sry for that.. #TeamConcrete @lymbo @ebyssal @San @Patman @SighT @Pedro Deuces @Ballistic Bacon @mjong99 @hz @thyme @forge @fern @The Underused Character @Ban @Doug Dimmadome @j3nsyl @Velox And @mjong99 now im faster then you with 5 sec...
  5. Hi we are going to add some non global maps for the kz server and we are looking for map suggestions for maps we should add. If you have a map suggestion please put the name on the map and the link for it, so we know 100% its the right one you want.
  6. hope u guys enjoy this tutorial i try to be as helpful as possible :thonkang: tagging my kz brothers @fern @lymbo @Concrete @San @Soil @FaZe nobody @mjong99 @thyme @fern I also hit this at the end of the previous map so I can count it in the streak okay. wasn't recording so only ss.
  7. Hello Everyone on SNG, i want to show you all a run i did a KZ map with the name kz_abstruse_od2. This is not even close to a TOP #20 Global time but it was fast so i want to share it with you guys. Can forget my KZ bois @ebyssal @San @fern @lymbo @mjong99 @Soil @forge @FaZe nobody @thyme if someone wants to know what TOP #20 is on the map its 5:34.17
  8. Just me on kz_tradeblock_go and getting this run: [KZ]「SNG」 San @tfwnkgf finished with a PRO TIME of (02:28.16). Improving their best time by (-00:22.56). [GLOBAL] 「SNG」 San @tfwnkgf is now #19 (PRO) on kz_tradeblock_go! [02:28.16, Tick128] http://plays.tv/video/59206bfb4c604b40cb/-global-sng-san-tfwnkgf-is-now-19-pro-on-kz-tradeblock-go-02-28-16-tick128-first-global-d (YT IS BEING A BITCH) Shoutout to my KZ boiz: @Concrete @ebyssal @FaZe nobody @lymbo @forge @fern @thyme @mjong99. (im still mad because the choke at the end) TFWNKGF
  9. The KZ Climb server needs to be updated to KZ Timer version 1.87, otherwise the server is not connected to the global kz timer. Next thing is, we REALLY NEED somebody with z flag on the kz server to delete cheated jumpstats and cheated/bugged maptimes!! Also some commands are broken: sm_bhopcheck sm_ws
  10. Hello this is just suggestion for the server when it comes to rtv and voteing maps. When it comes to rtv a new map should we add a timer before you can do that, like 5min before you can start rtv. And when it comes to Voting for a new map should we add a 5 sec count down before you can vote, that indicates that a vote is going to happen. Want the Players from the KZ server opinions.
  11. This is strictly for suggestions to improve the kz server
  12. Over the past number of months the KZ server has become pretty popular. However it has been in dire need of some attention for a few months now and I don't see it happening so I feel I need to make this post. The major issues are as follows: 1. Server lag There is a constant server lag when there are ~12 or more people in the server and it becomes unplayable when the server population reaches the mid 20s and above. I'm not sure if other SNG servers have the same problems or what it is related to but maybe a reduced player cap to limit the lag might be helpful. 2. Maps The map pool is very poor for a server this popular. Despite the server being on the global kz whitelist, there are very few maps available and many of them are old versions that are no longer used or broken unfinished maps. There are currently 294 in the global map list here and many more that could also be added. The maps can be found on the workshop or downloaded from the kz-climb global admins list here. I have spoken to admins many times about this, every time I see one, and nobody wants to bother with it. This is the most important issue since it affects people playing on the server for the long term. 3. Cheating Due to the lack of admin attention there is a lot of cheating as well as the majority of the top jumpstats being cheated. Almost every time I come into the server there is at least 1 person using macros, ahk scripts, or other cheats. It's well known that there are no admins ever around so people know they can get away with anything. At the very least removing the cheated jumpstats would be great. I enjoy playing on the KZ server and have put a lot of time into it so I feel like I need to bring these things up again. I have seen a lot of popular servers die out because they are ignored and I'm hoping that won't happen in this case.
  13. Kz_rise, that map is very original and amazing to learn. Timescape is a great map too however I'm not sure if that one is in the rotation yet or not.
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