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  1. Rocket League has been growing over the past 3 years and I think it is time we realize what we need to invest in. Counter Strike is dying but Rocket League is growing. This means that eventually SNG will lose most of their players to other games. Saying this, I think its time to open a tournament organization for Rocket League. Their Esports have been doing well lately and have attracted a lot of attention. They are even having a tournament this weekend that is being broadcasted on live TV. ESPN even had clips from the last Rocket League Championship Series LAN in London, which was the best of all the RLCS LANs to date. The next RLCS LAN is even giving a payout of $1,000,000. That being said Rocket League is the new future of Sky Net Gaming. The amount of attention SNG could get would boost there success of this organization to where it has never been before. SNG in general just needs to work their way into new games. I hope you all will understand this is the future of SNG. Counter Strike can only go so far, so we need to extend our organization even further.
  2. So after hearing feedback about maps etc. I have removed the following awp maps: awp_l4f_puls awp_lego_fight_extreme awp_summer and awp_lego_x I then added 2 new maps: awp_iKoc_bpsa2 and awp_whiteout --> I am happy to say that I have heard mostly good reviews about these two maps, and I am open to anyone offering any other maps they think should be added or removed :). One of my ideas was to bring back awp_taj but I remember that map having bad lag issues which goes into the next thing I will talk about. LAG So I have talked to @Mr.Derp a couple weeks ago regarding the state of lag that awp west is going through, where the server will sometimes have normal ping for like 5 minutes, and then all of a sudden everyones ping goes up and everyones mic sounds staticky and everyone is telling me to fix it. Derp has told me that the servers get DDOS'd more than people think, and that the server lag shouldnt be going on for very long. Unfortunately, It has been more than a month that awp west is getting all of this lag, and after talking to many of my supers and regular admins, we suggest that awp west maybe get a different location (based in Seattle), or we get another server. I say this because for some, their ping goes up only a little bit. But for MOST the ping is unbearable and it makes the server unplayable and unenjoyable. If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions please mention them below, I really hope the lag gets fixed in the server and awp west can be normal again lol. Also here are the before pictures of how the ping is for most players on awp west: https://gyazo.com/81cb990253d0d1332528e6893d57eca4 https://gyazo.com/b9a83983eea5f2cdb14698b420ab55a3 compared to the ping now: https://gyazo.com/ab166c6b7bd9415c36bf840809c57366 https://gyazo.com/9bd6d934fe718667024a3d4bf98bdb38 P.S. Is there any way I can get the same voting system awp East has to West @higherups? Thanks
  3. Over the past number of months the KZ server has become pretty popular. However it has been in dire need of some attention for a few months now and I don't see it happening so I feel I need to make this post. The major issues are as follows: 1. Server lag There is a constant server lag when there are ~12 or more people in the server and it becomes unplayable when the server population reaches the mid 20s and above. I'm not sure if other SNG servers have the same problems or what it is related to but maybe a reduced player cap to limit the lag might be helpful. 2. Maps The map pool is very poor for a server this popular. Despite the server being on the global kz whitelist, there are very few maps available and many of them are old versions that are no longer used or broken unfinished maps. There are currently 294 in the global map list here and many more that could also be added. The maps can be found on the workshop or downloaded from the kz-climb global admins list here. I have spoken to admins many times about this, every time I see one, and nobody wants to bother with it. This is the most important issue since it affects people playing on the server for the long term. 3. Cheating Due to the lack of admin attention there is a lot of cheating as well as the majority of the top jumpstats being cheated. Almost every time I come into the server there is at least 1 person using macros, ahk scripts, or other cheats. It's well known that there are no admins ever around so people know they can get away with anything. At the very least removing the cheated jumpstats would be great. I enjoy playing on the KZ server and have put a lot of time into it so I feel like I need to bring these things up again. I have seen a lot of popular servers die out because they are ignored and I'm hoping that won't happen in this case.

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